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Rap Battle.

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Started: 4/3/2016 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap battle.



You probably think you're so fine
but your experience is inferior to mine

I'm a pro
You're a hoe

So let's go

show me what you got
Debate Round No. 1


Like a hurricane, i sweep towns.
All shall bow down not me but my creator.
In my logic you drown.
I make holes like craters.

You think you're tough enough to take on me?
I'll find your weakness and make you scream.
Agile like a flea.
Power like a lazor beam.

I my simple words have power like bullets.
Only takes one in the right spot to take you down.
You take on equals i take down the titans crushing their gullets.
Boy, don't be a clown.

I have no fear of death.
I believe even if i die i go to heaven.
So pull out your gun, you must be on meth.
Cause regardless i just schooled you like if you were eleven


You rap like a sonnet
if wiz came upon it

he would LAUGH

at the amateur
rap entrepreneur

bro I ain't a boy
ain't no Conroy or Delroy or Gilroy

I'm a girl and I can rap like snoop
you're just, well, a nincompoop

so step back, get off my lawn
you think you're all that
but you're just my pawn
Debate Round No. 2


Well ok "girl", you just make me hurl.
Those "bars" are a mess, get a ban.
It looks like you threw it in the blender to make a swirl.
So if you really want to rap, rap like a man.

2 1 3 2 2 3? What r those?
What laun?
Your noob really shows.
It is like i am a hunter and you a wounded fawn.

What happens to little girls that wander around big boys?
You have it right if it rhymes with grape.
You are a whimper i am a great BOOMING noise.
Run along b, don't just sit and gape.

I'm not even wasting my time on 3 more bars.


You say you're an expert
but you're just insecure

rap is art
rap is poetry
rap doesn't have to rhyme
even without it it can be sublime

you think you're a god
but let's review what you said

you are a sexist, not a feminist
said men did things better than women
but it's to be expected
insecure people lash out :/

don't worry, I'm not offended
I know that most "big boys" have self respect
unlike you

And I'm not afraid
You're all bark and no bite
but I'm not saying this out of spite

You're the one who threatened to rape me.

That's not winning.
That's being a psychopathic pedophile.
Debate Round No. 3


I am a warlord, my armies armed with ideas and words.
We have the intelligence of nerds.
And the strengeth of herds.

You see me rollin' in.
Better get out before i srtike again.
Hit after hit i through.
For every argument you stike down two appear in it's place.

Girl, i don't play around.
When i roll into town.
So don't frown when i come afer you.

When i'm through you'll be more than black and blue.
You'll be ash.
I take people down with a crash.
The big ones come down harder.
The small ones are crushed.
Nations are hushed.
At the sound of my rush.
To me everything is plush.
Mush, dogs kill.

Throw a line, it does the rest.
I am becoming the best.
I counter hard and fast.
You? Thing of the past.

To me you don't exist.
There is something to rapping you missed.

Skill of any kind.
I really don't mind getting a free win.

But writing this to attack you?
Waste of time.
Beating you is easy-peasy like squeezing a lime.
Picking up a dime.
Making a rhyme.
So maybe you'll think next time.
Before battling me.


You say "I don't exist to you"
Then why are you carrying through?

Make up your mind
Or turn on your hind

when I come to town
nations aren't hushed
in disgust

when I come to town
they scream, like a child at a clown

you put up thin walls
to pretend you have balls

but we both know
that you ain't no pro

you can be fake
but that don't give you no cake

all it gives you is an empty life
Is that what you want? A life full of lies?
give up your knife

you can throw everything you've got at me, I have tough skin.
because I know I have the advantage
since rapists never win
Debate Round No. 4


Because noobs don't freakin' give up.

They always think they have good stuff to say.
But it comes out as neeeeeeigh.
Carppy lyrics leave you as prey.

My teeth are swords, my claws are spears.
I have not existed for many years.

But i have discovered overall.
Thatmost people are just a giant goofball.
I strike like Darth Maul.
I hit so hard your head will might never fall.
Someone to you tried to make a call.

It was Birdman, he wants his shi* lyrics back.

Well you said it best, you can only terrify towns.
My heartlessness limits my facial expressions to frowns.

Occasionally i laugh, i do.
But it is at idio** like you.
Go wither little, feminist poo.

I leave myself completely open.
My offense is my defense.
And it is darn dense.

When you block a shot, two come in it's place.
But all you do girl is move your da** face.
You don't have any pace.
My force is like a mace.
Then when i finally bring ultimatum i am takin' you to my place.
Puttin' you in lace.
Fudge grace.
The rest is self explanitory.

I am pro now.
I destroy, you see how.
When do i not flow?

My life isn't empty, using girls like you fills that.
And laughing on hoe i got you into my van with just a cat.

I have a peircing weapon.
Your tough skin doesn't stop sh**.
And we do always win, before the cops get here it is done.
We've had our fun.
Little girl or weak woman all fear my gun.
But your next hon'.


If wiz rapped that he liked to rape girls, he'd be in jail.
Now you are rapping that, and I will win to no prevail.

I will not waste time and good rhymes on someone who turns rape into a comedic song. Good day. Remember to vote for me guys! The person who did not endorse rape!
Debate Round No. 5
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by brainFreeze 2 years ago
i would vote for mangolife here...
Posted by mangolife23 2 years ago
Well I think it was supposed to be a 'joke' but you never know with eminem
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 2 years ago
At least i didn't mean it.
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 2 years ago
He actually did that?

My faith in humanity has gone past lost.

I only have faith in my god.
Posted by mangolife23 2 years ago
More like how Eminem bragged about raping his mother in a song.
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 2 years ago

Either way it is somehow appropriate for a rap battle.
Posted by mangolife23 2 years ago
I guess
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 2 years ago
I don't know the proper words to explain but you get.

You know what i am trying to mean.
Posted by mangolife23 2 years ago
Uh thug life is not rape just so ya know bro but I get it
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 2 years ago
I am not actually sexist.

I was being street thug life.
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