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Rap Battle

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Started: 8/18/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Con Starts

Basic rules apply

view this debate >>>

For the criteria and how to judge rap battles

Con will pass her final round to even out the rounds


I'm not sure how to start this blasted craziness, or shall I say wretchedness with bull
Mikal here's jist trying to keep thinkin up words, why, he looks like he got no soul
He forgot to take off work from vacation to play this super rap battle of a bowl
"Oops, does this count?" Mikal done ax as e'ryone pities his heart-felt yet awful goal

The only reason you get A's in battles is cuz ya momma's making sure the voters are gettin laid
You won some gals over but inside you all clich" and child's play while I'm from the movie MADE
I like those rules you posted, I hope it makes you work so when the voters vote I'll be rightly paid
Lookin at you pictures it clearly looks like your thoughts are vile an' you skin is so ugly it's decayed

Roses are red, violets are blue, dandelions make you sneeze so what do ya think I'll do to you?
So many choices in this world for a career but all you good at is taxi driving slew and makin stew
People try to have fun wit you, ask 'knock knock' you say 'boo who' without even hinting the clue
Man I never met a person so slow, you as bad as Manuel Uribe, and to rapping you like infant new

Manhatten keeps on making it, Brooklyn keeps on taking it ... Bronx keeps creating it, you keep on faking it
Don't let bad words slip, don't throw a noob fit, cuz you're sad gf is a virgin spiff and on her you try but fail to hit
You my friend have had twenty nine rap battles, all non-original remixes with no rhyme, talent, or gift to play on
E'ryone mark the date for when a girl beats Mikal graceful as a swan - did y'all know he's a member of the Klu Klux Klan?

My opponent's trying to present words on paper written by an atheist rapper then calling it art
Man, this guy thinks he knows his life meaning yet he's in a play and he don't know his role or part
It don't seem like he knows how to play since every time I've seen him he's stern as Sternest Brown
My sword is what I kill you with after you get stuck in your cheesy lines, this is when I claim the crown.

I know Christians who wimp out when they see your name, just like the Philistine army and Goliath
That means I'm David, and I'll win cuz I got God in my side, this'll make me look like the Behemoth!
Please listen to me dudes and dudettes everywhere, my mouth is big and this is bout to get harsh
Nothin can stop me I'm wearing all white like an angel too bright for Satan but you've always been Goth.

1: []
2: []
Debate Round No. 1


Let's start this off with a lyrical lesson and teach this girl how to rap
Trying to match up bull and soul should earn you a literal slap
none of her bars made no fuking sense, they should just get scrapped.
That is what I get for battling a Christian, shes still praying a guy will part her flap

Candy is pink, stones are grey, your face looks like the moon
it's funny you said i'm a member of the KKK, cus i'm going to beat you like a baboon
If your implying I'm racist you better believe ima shove a banana down your throat
That will give you a lesson in life about how to make relationships work, so take that as a personal note

God by your side?, now that sht is a joke, religion should just croak
I roll up bible paper for blunts and then use it to smoke and toke
Believing in God just invokes the fact that your a dumb bloke
Remember that banana? when you play with it I hope you choke

I know you're religious so I'm going to spill your saviors blood
I'ma slit the vein of belief that you have and watch tears flow like a flood
When you get hit by reality and acknowledge the truth, its going to feel like a hollow thud
I'm going to stick my dik in the universe and fuk it so hard that god himself is going to call me a stud


That's enough of your btchy words that are cheesy and nothing compared to my twister curled
What you tryin to do, ask girls out by saying "are those space pants? Cuz your azz is out of this world"
That method aint workin, Ima bout to eat your silly banana and watch you trip on that yellow peel
When banana growers are sad, what else do they sing but Peeling? You'll cry and eat your words next meal

Mikal says religion should just croak, now that might be a hoax but I know for sure Christianity don't choke
His atheistic rapping if not out dated it just doesn't make sense, man it sounds like it's from the baroque
I don't blame him too much though cuz I know what he does all day, and that's chain-smoke
Tomorrow morning what'll he do when he gets a stroke, forfeits, and the angels are laughing like he's a joke!

Dude, if you had sex with the universe all I know is you'd be called a fool the rest o yo life
All this talk to make you feel fife, yo you'll get a divorce and have your dog as newly wed wife
I love a good argument with spice and a bit of strife but you so nice I don't know about an afterlife
God's amazing cuz He created your soul, now go home and chew on that staggering rife

Call me up for dinner I'll be right on your side, cooking poison and spitting in your food
One day I'll see you in real life and that's in the Judgment seat - it'll change your mood
God won't laugh when He sees you, he'll show you all the times you called people a cunt
All the times you did wrong and worse than that, you'll be burning before you can even grunt

Mister Mikal, you said don't get sinister? too late i'm already up and seated at a good spot
Drake says You only live once, Lecrae says you gon live forever some of us holy, some of us not [1]
My opponent don't stop to think if he's wrong what then, he's a good definition of ignorance
The universe is evidence for God's creation, he says it's from accidence even though it's obvious brilliance

Debate Round No. 2


This is what rap and religion should be not intertwined or combined
If you heard her last round its obvious her mind is blind
Throwing God in with battlerap should earn this girl a fine
this battle is going to be defined by her decline, she should just resign

Religion is outdated and a practice for the weak
Fuk being meek because the outcome of this is bleak
praying to a God like the greeks, this girl is a geek
She lacks technique, looks like a freak, and has a horrible physique

How can you claim that God is perfect when he fuked up and created you
Your face looks like it fell in some overcooked hot potato stew
If we are liken to Gods image, I would be happy and more than willing to go hell
If I had to spend an eternity staring at your face, I would rather have my flesh burn and swell

I hope future husbands beats you so hard, that he actually beats the religion straight of you life
"God help me ple...." he is going to backhand your azz and put you in the kitchen like a proper wife
I can imagine him now, he is going to be that doofus type just like barny fife
Then he is going to break down one day and kill your azz, and end your life with a knife

If I had to teach you something, it would be that your life is going to be wasted
praying to a God that does not exist on evidence that has no valid basis
Your life in a nutshell is literally like you are living like you are in stasis
If you were to put God on trial, it would literally be a day full of closed cases

I hate people like you that openly decide to ruin their future and follow false doctrine
You are the type of person that would justify killing in the name of God, your mindset is rotten
All those outdated ideologies you believe are a hindrance to humanity, there are literally a toxin
The bible is the outcome of a bunch of 1000 year old dik heads smoking shrooms, its a pointlessness concoction

Your live serves no purpose and even if God existed he would not shed a tear if you died
You are never going to marry him, or anyone one in life, you will never be anyone's bride
Just a fact you are not pretty, don't listen to what everyone told you because they lied
Your face looks like it applied to collide with a wide wall, and then divided from inside


Mikal, debates shouldn't get you so riled up over nothing but meaningless words filled with gross sh-t
What's with you and drugs and a strict debate site for intelligent people that for you is not at all fit?
"This is what rap and religion should be not intertwined or combined" you spit as you discard a cigarette
Your bars are uneven and your raps don't rhyme a bit, the reason's cuz of your irresponsible life silhouette

Here's to test if you're really wasted: since when was candy only considered pink and stones only plain grey?
If Stewie Griffin is right when dissing Jewish candy, so am I in saying there's such thing as butterscotch and blue sorbet
You're brain is getting bloated to your ugly gf's dismay, why you always talk bout having sx with both genders intraday?
All you're friends will leave when they hear you admitted being part of the KKK and o your live prn show that's underway

One question for you, is it better to be a geek or a ignorant wimpy brat like yourself?
I may be weak but I love God and love makes the weakest person strong, and vice versa like Delph
Your appearance online might be neat but in real life you an old hag that makes us all belch
Mikal nobody cares about your opinions and s-x life, for this reason your words I destroy and squelch

Little boy, everybody in the whole universe knows you can't hurt me cuz you're sweeter than a Twix
You need to polish that plastic face some more, you missed a spot - this is truth not a joke or tricks
I read in the paper last night about a guy like you who sleeps naked and on TV illegally broadcasts his dix
People are reading this battle too like it's Tennessee against Vanderbilt, it's not by image the winner they depict

How can you expect me to be perfect when people like you are around and Satan interferes with our lives?
Then again, how can I ask that to a person who doesn't believe there's such thing as sin and bad adultery with wives?
My opponent claims he's agnostic then says he's willing to go to Hell and burn and be in pain yet still survive
Mikal's a hypocrite who doesn't deny being part of the KKK and going to the only "bars" he knows of so to revive

He tries to rhyme 'blind' and 'fine' and then tells me I'm both, c'mon man get it right
To the voters - please keep that in mind as you examine our catastrophic word-bomb site
This guy I'm battling doesn't know what's better or the difference between black darkness and white light
The sky is dark the city is bright, he's from mars while I have the ultimate rhyme-Creator's methods to fight

Yeah, I'll cook food for my husband, but he'll treat me nice cuz he'll love God too
Why, is Mikal pro-abuse that he wants to beat my belief out of my life and stew?
That's an awful way to convert me to atheism cuz I'd never be true to that ignorant crew
God's my best friend, go ahead and laugh but that's better than Mikal who don't have any accrue

Hey, all y'all readers better alert and report in and call nine one one
My opponent's having suicidalal, murderous thoughts and he's got a gun
I hope he's around for his first loss otherwise I bet he becomes a monk or nun
A Monastery would be a great place for someone who wants to hide his face and run

Polls would tell you the truth, that your social life is perverted and a riot
I've only got 4,000 characters left but that won't stop me from being quiet
You tell me you're the rap king but those are lies and I just don't buy into it
My oh my it's getting worse by the minute, these digits show your secret:
Debate Round No. 3


So shes says i'm not fit for this site because I lack intelligence and proper etiquette
When I'm finished throwing big words at her, her life will break like that glass house in Connecticut [1]
This battle is non comparative, and even if we asked kant your life is just a categorical imperative
If you relate your hopes of winning to the bible they are actually relative, because its really a false narrative

Your life is proof that morality is subjective, and I'm going to use you as a source in my new debate
The fact that your alive proves murder is acceptable, because you need to die and i'm the one to seal your fate
No one likes you, will ever love you, and even your Psyche will not let you believe that your straight
You hate on gay people but want a woman in real life just because your way to overweight

My friends would never leave me, and they will always have my back
I would rather have friends that are real, than a socipoathic deity that snorts plaque
Yeah rep that God that killed babies, women, and innocents alike
I guess that explains why you hate gay people but are confused, you are an in the closet dyke

Ignorant, wimpy, bratt? that is something that only you would believe
If you were 18 I would actually date you, so just so I could hit it and leave
Then only time will tell tell as that blade runs a line straight down your sleeve
Watch tears stream down your face as your realize, your going to be an adam without an eve

Btch your body odor smells like decaying year old fish
Go run a mile and get that sweaty fat off you, you cant fix your issues with a wish
God existing is kind of like the hope you have at being cute or loosing weight
Nothing I said will ever exist, and thats just me spitting the truth straight

Just to set you straight, you are going to cook for your husband because your to stupid to graduate and get a job
Your a living example of why we should objectify women, you have no purpose in life and your a useless blob
What's wrong with sniping noobs once in a while, its something to do when im bored and it gives me something to do
The fact you accepted this debate just shows your one of my victims, you are a noob that I am going to do the same thing to

Hide my face and run? Don't mistake this because I'm nothing like you so please dont assume
The one time someone saw your face they puked, because it was filled with craters like the moon
Stop trusting in God to make your life better, praying wont make you lose weight or be attractive
Go run a mile, drop those Cheetos, what i'm saying is that the key lies within being psychically active

God is a means to end, and once you find a guy that accepts you just like the means it will come to an end
You are using him to solidify your life and fill in a whole that you will never be able to mend
That comes when your stupid and people hate you, please shut up get off the site and go find some friends
Stop trying to pretend to blend in when your living in sin, your a fat hypocritical btch and thats something that you cant defend



When this boy says with useless pride "even if we asked kant your life" it's proof that he's at least a bit high
I'm sure he's given up on his friends or else they all left with a hung heads low and blowing a heavy sigh
How long does it take you, Mikal, to finish you're stupid rhymes and uncross your eyes and tongue tie?
Sometimes you're a dumb klutz, others a wise guy, upon earthly objects you rely, hell you always expect a nice blue sky

We can't compare a relationship with our Creator who saved us all to any temporary things on this earth
None can quit the sinful nature but you can be forgiven, through God's Word and repen'ts He chose to give us new birth
The difference in lives between atheists and Christians are atheists' unsophistication and they don't like good rap merth
The lives of Christians are protected by Christ Jesus who died for our salvation for everybody, ubiquitous and dearth

You calling me homophobic when every round you talk about having your own boy friends?
If this gay name-calling is the modern 'cool' then Ima completely break this utterly horrific trend
Man, pretty soon we won't be able to have friends over without everyone calling us homophobic, gay or lesbian
From the way it's lookin, people in society be changing favorite skin colors like Michael Jackson or a chameleon

In real life you probly have full arm tattoos and a bald head cuz you so hideous
BTW you use the word 'literally' way too much, I say it's time to get serious
There's 30 plus words you could use in place of it, just in case you're curious
At the end of this battle there will be the penurious loser and JFS the Victorious

You got to hide your face cuz your eyes so red from when God and you had that epic battle
A dream of hell took you away crying, you realized your sins and rode away on an imaginary sattle
Every day I go to the workout rooms and trust me, I know when a fat guy looks like a total anvil
When Mikal's not working as a pimp he's sitting on a couch eating chips an' gettin too slow to dismantle

A blade would be a perfect weapon to secure all your needs or even end all your misery
You hypocrite talk of a sword but don't realize it's a metaphor from ages ago in real, important history [2]
Some say it's false but that's out of the question since now we have proof for the Bible's accuracy and theory
In laboratories we find evidence extraordinary but here we have me fighting Mikal and guess who's winning spiritually?

Please Mikal don't accuse different cultures of ways they make their family unit work
Despite people like you, those innocent families survive and make do with unique quirks
You're lame for dissing a wife who cooks for the husband 'stead of having a job as a clerk
But I smirk even louder when I read you call me homophobic while stealing my lines, such a jerk

It's true, every round you repeat the same lines just to mend the rhythm so you can try to boost your reputation
You're face is blue, cuz earlier I metaphorically pinned your ignorant head against a wall to be laughed at by deputation
Final proof that you're poppin' pills to get to get high, you saying 'pills are better than mom's apple pie or any elation
Then you write "fill in a whole that you will never be able to mend" were you trying to explain the word stagflation?

I admit I'm not sinless, nobody's perfect, but I'm not a jest when I talk about God's love, and for you I mean the best
Earlier I didn't know where to start so I wrote from the heart, now I don't know where to end but let's not get stressed
You be 99 years old and laying in your death bed, surprised to hear evolution's disproved and atheism been suppressed
If you don't die from me or that spiritual sword you'll die from not having Jesus Christ and being outrageously depressed.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 3 years ago
The last round doesn't count for me...
Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 3 years ago
Who, me?
Posted by Oryus 3 years ago
hahaha holy crap f*ckin harsh dude. XD
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Vote Placed by mishapqueen 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't really answer Con, he just hurled insults
Vote Placed by Linkish1O2 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: auto Forfit for not following rules.
Vote Placed by 9spaceking 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: auto ff
Vote Placed by bluesteel 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Truthseeker was wrong to vote based on the last round, since Con was required to pass on the last round. [this is a placeholder; Max you can delete this when you delete truthseeker's vote].
Vote Placed by Cermank 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Automatic forfeit since Con didn't adhere to the rules agreed upon in R1. :( Was an amazing debate though.
Vote Placed by ESocialBookworm 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: I loooved both of your raps. I think Mikal's flowed better, but JFS's were very clever. Unfortunately, JFS broke the 'skip the last round' in the debate to even it out, so since this is not 7pt voting, I can't award conduct to Mikal, so I'll have to give him the win. If not for the last round, I think JFS might've had a great big shot at winning this. Good job to you both.
Vote Placed by Phoenix61397 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Mikal's lyrics flowed better, but I'm still giving this to JFS. Her lines were more clever and didn't revolve almost entirely around insults related to physique and attractiveness. She had some very interesting and deep lyrics.
Vote Placed by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con killed him last round. It was tied all throughout, but because of the truth con spit last round, slaughtered Mikal.