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Rap Battle

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Started: 8/25/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Okay, let's have a rap battle. Anyone can come and get it.

Start off if you want.


I'm a communist, we are throwing a party and we're doing it big
my homies asked me "what you cooking?" i said "a capitalist pig "

when I scroll through your profile,all I see is regression
no honors, no awards, no wins, it's the great depression
in this battle, this is just an absolute monarchy
I made your whole country turn into anarchy

do you know why your going to lose? Why your bankrupt?
its cuz you're already broke, you suck so go self destruct!
before you die, I just wanted to sing a national anthem
money equals power, so I'm holding you for ransom

I'm a corrupt political leader,influence the people
when it comes to human status, we're not equal
he says that money is not the root of all evil
Where's your society? dawg you got no people!

On his opinions, he says that money is well paid, only fair for all trade
for you that's what I forbade, I killed this fat greedy pig with a switchblade!
on one of these poles, he says "time is a measurement not a literal force"
Let me to change your mind, erase your history, and alter your future course

your mother so stupid, she went to Craigslist trying to find the right house
rejected all the black, yellow, green houses, just trying to find the White House

you know what's demented?the fact that you can't protect yourself with the First Amendment
I'm a dangerous and destructive descendant, my word's law, so you have absolutely no defendant
Debate Round No. 1


Hey, everybody look! It's Slash!
He's back to battle Capitalist with a bag of hash!

But wait, he ain't smokin' and where's the top hat at? Oh, this is bad?
Mad Hatter took his style and his smile! He looks so sad!

But not even God can bring you back from this battle we've had!
Not like you'll make it to heaven, anyways. Didn't you know God hates f*gs?

Ouch! Don't get offended, I'm about 50% sure you're a dude, so I know you ain't on the rag.
Don't want you to freeze up, though, this ain't a game, can't blame this on the lag!

Let me give you a little taste of the truth. You're best chance for survival is wavin' the white flag.
And we've all seen the proof in the bars above, so just go back to COD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Halo, GTA, and stay away or you'll find out the truth from inside your very own body bag.

But I'll keep going just to make sure you get the point.
There's no one to match me, no one to appoint.

So when you finally throw in the towel and roll a joint,
Lay off my d*ck, "But Pig, just allow me to anoint!"

No, stay off my nuts! If you got the guts to face me, then realize when the battles won!
No coming back to suck up, because done is done!

There's no rappin' it iller, no more Slash, never was clashin' a killer. It was just bashin' an enlightenment f*g,
smashin' his mask, taking his identity and crashin' it into the masses, to show that it's just another stay at home looter, with no homies and no bros, just a bronie, with a hard-on to put on a fa"ade as a rapper, time to tell 'em the truth, phony.

It's time to go home and announce the real you.
A fool, with no tool under his belt to change the rules.

'Cause that's the only way you'll win against me, I got the jewels.
I just do whatever I want, that's the way I do.

So, when you're tellin' me I've never even been in a debate, I just sit and drool?
Please, let's go by record... What's yours, uh 50 : 62? (Wins : Losses)


your bars are uneven like a bone deformity
one is longer than the other, not in conformity
it appears that your bars are genetically disabled
to battle me, you lack the capacity to be able

Hey buddy why are you so sad and down?
oh wait that's just a midget on the ground
You look like you vomited all that bull crap
When I told you to rap, you did exactly that
You went to Taco bell and bought a wrap
Then you threw up and said "that's that"

truth must be very confusing, you're listening to so many Devils
you going to the top on an elevator is wrong on so many levels

God hates f*gs? Well I guess that means you
time to take the sword and run you through
your win score ratio is precisely zero to zero
I'm wiping you out like the emperor Nero
Debate Round No. 2


Welcome to the third round, the one where you drown on my words and yours, the sensation'll make you frown.
Obviously, you didn't get it, clown, that was your chance to back down, but I guess this'll be my gift to your town...

The day the cat is let out of the bag and truth is put in and slung around,
dropped down in a vat of battery acid and passive traps waiting at the top for another sound...

None. Maybe you've finally found that your sh*t ain't good? You ain't superman; never meet tall h*es in a single bound,
but you are single now, but so is every other brother, living with his mother, asking the bartender for another round.

Yeah, my bars are a little stacked, but my flow is wicked worse than the witch of the west.
I'm putting on my Sunday best, attempt the test, how many people you think'll show up to truth's funeral as willing guests?

Well, there's me and.... I guess I'll wait for the rest.
I dressed a little too nicely for a b*tch attesting to his skills, who lives in live action roleplay. "Oh, look, another quest!"

See, I let you go first, 'cause I knew you'd need that extra round! Pig comes up and destroys you in two, "Truth is down!
We found him on the ground, in a bloodied up ball gown, with a crayon sticking out his back, wearing a jagged crown!"

But you won't be on a crucifix and you'll die for your own sins! No one should have to listen to your rhymes, even your kin! And to be honest, in your skull is the best place for your pen. So leave it there, stop scratching your chin,

trying to think of another rebuttal, or some rebound to win. You're done. It's over. There's no, "How have you been?"
It's just the people refusing your sh*t, zero out of ten. So try and grab a freestyle chemical, shoot up the syringe!

Because unless you bend your genetics, rap is gonna leave you like self-esteem from girls who binge.
Come on it's okay! Type your resignation and then hit send. It won't be a debate why you quit; not investigated in Fringe.

So, show me something I haven't seen... a good lyric would be nice. One that has a little flavor like Mexican spice.
But since all your full of is caffeine and sh*t, I ain't enticed by your words, just tired of hearing what you spit.

I've had it with the truth, it always comes with a price! Boring, lengthy bullsh*t that runs around like mice.
So, I'm done with this, I need a new vice. I'm almost considering apologizing for my verse and replacing it with lies.


Are you done? Had your fun? I did too
took too long to respond after round 2

I move words around like i'm movin' the planets out of gravitational orbit
Like a black whole, i take the energy given to me, absorb it like hot porridge
I went back to time, taught you the basics that i transported of the softest
I'm talkin about you, it's only the survival of the strongest, your line is discordant

Like a surgeon, i'm performin' a lobotomy cuz your committin a false dichotomy
undeservin' of a robotically enhanced brain neurology, a primitive physiology
With such complexities within my rhyme schemes, givin you chills, nanotechnology
Derive their etymology and you'll discover that it all leads to the same sovereignty
A theocracy hidden within the beginning of time, so just bite this terminology

You cannot step up to my fluidity, my pure masculinity like salinity, i wreck the vicinity
I worship the highest form of divinity but lyrically, bleedin you out for all eternity
I don't need an affinity with the modernity of unity, i'm not establishin serenity

Acknowledge that your existence is just a pest as i'm rippin you to shreds
Like Ed Gein, i'm takin you apart, dissectin you, startin with your eggs n' legs
Homie stop rapping, cuz your bars are easily calculated with mental webs
I've had it with you so i'ma drop the nuke then drop the bio weapon to the weak!
Make everyone catch Ebola n' make everyone puke n' now you reached your peak!

You never knew what it's like to be a rapper with great flow, switch em up dual
Like a dynamic duo, your going to face a destructive and unforgettable blow
As of right now, close your eyes, your life is endin' just like the passin shadow
Debate Round No. 3
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by CapitalisticPig 3 years ago
Cool. Message me for details, when you decide you want to... by the way, the part where my bars are longer, that's supposed to be two lines, but it just goes fast and there's a lot... oh, well. I've never actually done much battling.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
lol yea that was a pretty good battle, we might have another one soon enough
Posted by CapitalisticPig 3 years ago
Thanks for keeping it real. That was good, haha. You killed it in that first round, it actually surprised me when I saw it, but we'll see who won.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
lol ah well, easy win for me
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Seriously, Seeker? This person is going to probably FF.
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Vote Placed by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm not sure what your game plan was Pig. When you get out that hotel hallway, grab a rhyme dictionary and study it for awhile. Seeker wins this dominantly because it's hard to find favor in an opponent in a rap battle with no creds, ghetto pass, or accolades. Not one source so both lose out on those points. Gram for Seeker cause R3 paragraphs 2 & 3 are wicked with lyricism.