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Rap Battle

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Started: 11/25/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Con starts in R1 and Passes in R4 to even out rounds. Failure to follow this results in a full FF due to Con having an extra round

no more than 28 bars per round


Now I know that your one of the best on here
But I'm not holding back, your reign's ending is near
And while your spitting rhymes and dissing my jive
Ima come up behind and end your life
You got nothing on this, I'm the king of diss
I spit rhymes while you choke on my piss
I pounce like a lion, sleek and proud
While your a kitten, with your weak meow
You better sit down, I ain't in no hurry
But if I'm going down, it's in a blaze of glory
And Ik this rap might be short, you be the judge,
But Mikal, your gonna be destroyed with a FALCON PAWNCH!!!
Debate Round No. 1


This isn't even a battle, I'm just burning bars because I got the urge to weld
This guys going to get rocked when I shock em, and then put em back in his shell
I got a fire burnin inside me, its a literal hell that nothing or no one can quell
But im bout to take this btch to school, Call me the principle cus hes getting expelled

You are going to kill me?, please nigga you sound like a retarded version of barney fife
This must be your final fantasy, bcus im putting you in the clouds by giving you strife [1]
Guys on his knees praying some kind of God will give actually give him a wife
But screw your final fantasy and using a buster blade, ima end your life with a knife[2]

Funny he said falcon punch, going with that super smash bros line
The thing about falcon and his punch is they are not refined or properly designed
It's just like you bars, that punch is slow and weak, it kind of resembles slime
You can use punches all you want, I can beat you blind folded with jiggly puff 10 thousand times.



One thing you messed up in your babbling spits
I'm not black you racist son of a b*tch
Jiggly puff's the slowest character as can be
You just put your in a hole that you dug too deep
And besides, pokemon's overrated in every way
But why am I telling this to a overrated gay
I've seen your old douchey profile pic
You look like pewdiepie's brothers who used to be a chick
Now that you took a heavy hit
I'll end these versus with a FALCON KICK!!!
Debate Round No. 2


Let's start to refine and define your battling ability because its evident you are not benign
All you do is moan and whine, you make it abundantly clear that you have no spine
Battles like this arent even battles to me, they are just a waste of time
Comparing our bars is like trying to compare snap chat to vine

Burn this btch on the spot, hes that in the closet kind of gay
Go biblical on him and give him the cat of nine tails with a proper flay
I'm a pure bred rapper that is in a battle with a stray
Literally this is like putting the patriots up against tampa bay

Your moms such a whore that google maps couldn't find her virginity
She has had so many diks in her, when she goes to church she tried to fuk the trinity
Sorry for the witty imagery you probably should evacuate the vicinity
I'm just providing some validity to my critically wickedly simplicity to display my true affinity


These bars are my last, so they'll be my best
You might shoot me, but I'll have my bullet proof vest
This rap was already won at the start
If this was Simpsons, you'd be Lisa, I'd be Bart
Christianity huh, well your talking to an Atheist
I've proven in a previous rap it's only a ride for the hastiest
If your a Christian, why are you doing this thing that's not nice
Because you know it would count as Sin and Vice
Tampa Bay, really, I've guess you've never heard of good teams
After all, your just like your raps, not very keen
Now I know that your good at these, your a pro
But to me losing is like you getting a ho'
But wait, don't you got a wife
I didn't know people actually wanted transvestites
You think your the only one good at rhymes
And trying to ruin my jive
But check these next rhymes that I'll strive
This rap is mine
You think you spittin when in all your blissing
I've heard worse come from a rattlesnake hissing
And while your pissing I'll make things right
And show your wife what it feels to have a good time
Debate Round No. 3


Bullet proof vests don't protect your from the fire I spit
It's like sticking a dragon up against a soldier that has no wit
Why even try, those bars will never pierce my scales, you should just quit
When I commit to a battle its a loss that you can never omit

Comparing me to a rattlesnake is a proper comparison because my venom is lined with embarrassment
You may offer your consent but I was sent to prevent your ascent and torment you to descent
This is an event that will be remembered because a certain percent of me is content to reinvent
My skill is something you resent so when i bury you its not going to be with dirt, your getting covered with cement

When I pull this trigger it will disfigure your figure and ill do it quicker than a hired hitter
I have a little bit of vigor and i'm kind of bitter so when bullets hit your body, blood sprays like glitter
I'm a living transmitter, when I beat you here this loss is going to be displayed faster than celeb leaks on twitter
Just remember that I have a certain type of rigor that will always make me bigger and make you a quitter


As I have promised, I will pass this round. GG
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by miraculous 3 years ago
Im so glad this is a debate website and not a rap one..
Posted by Vox_Veritas 3 years ago
Some people are terrible rappers...
Posted by Flipbook 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: falcon punch? This rap is mine? Con, you stink. Think again before you accept a Rap Battle against Mikal.