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Rap Battle

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Started: 12/14/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1rst Round is acceptance, I am pretty bad at bars but I wanna try and do a rap battle.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello my little puppets
Admire me, I'm the king
I'm spitting bars faster than the humans eyes can see
My rhythm is smooth unlike you
Do I even need to listen
To a piece of trash like you?
Come on ma lap boy
I'll give you a little wish
toys or gifts
how bout skills from me
While I'm polishing my trophies
You will be licking ma boot
Bow down to this master
Because you cant spit them bars faster


Woah, now, let's take a step back,

Rockey over here doesn't now how to rap.

If your a king then it's time for a revolutiones.

You just ain't got the cojones.

You don't understand your poor skill ramification,

Has your lines lookin' like your in toxication.

Rapin' against me is a joke,

You're chance at winning just went up in smoke.

I drop more bombs than a B29,

Your chance at winning? Zero Zilch, Nein.

I'm top of the class, Got black belt in MCMAP,

Your skills are cr@p.

I'm the king of DDO, I even schooled STALIN,

I'm set for life with free schoolin', housing, and retirement, hell I'm ballin',

Speakin' of schoolin' cuz your skills are lackin'.

You better back out Cuz you know that I'm packin'.

Got a 9mm, AR, and an AK 47.

One false move and I'll blow your a$$ through the Stairway to Heaven.

You ain't nobody, not skilled, just someone who works at 7-11.

You shouldn't of faced me, because now it's Amraggedon.

Debate Round No. 2


Oh i'm so scared
I'm feeling like a king
I'm counting stacks
while your licking these boots
your rhythm is garbage
so lemme take out the trash
I told i'm the king
So hear me sing
Just go back in the corner
Where your called the big doof
Stop yanking my tail
I told i'm way past your league
don't give me these sad tails
Of the amount of fails you made

my skills are crap
well better than that flow

Top class? what?
Didnt I take out the trash
I told you i'm the king
now hear this kid sing
It's time for you to choose
Run away or be my fool
Its up to you to decide
because I am the man of this site
And you aint up to that.


I'm from Amerca, cuz it's number 1,
You're a Contra, don't make me beat yo a$$ son,
The stake I planted in your body is the Star Spangled Bannor.
Before you die, you give me a 21 gun salute.
Imma burn you up, you gonna hit the floor.
Your cooled off, prepare for a Cold War.
Just face it, you can't beat a Marine.
Now Imma light you up with an M16.
I'm taking this like I look Iraq,
You're just a sad soul that can't rap worth jack.
I'm droppin' bombs like my name is Nixon.
Your mental stability needs a fixin'.
The sh*t's hitting the fan cuz, you've got Ebolla.
Blowing you away like a Spuernova.
Absorbing all this energy like a Black Hole.
I'm a ginger and I'm stealing your soul.
I'm going up just like a 90 degree vector.
Just like a bee I'm taking the nector.
You have no chance of coming to Earth, your Apothis.
You have lost and that's not just a hypothesis.
I'm the greatst mind since Tesla,
My knowledge is forever like Nebula.
Just so I clear up some of the confusion,
I just comenced a rap atomic fusion.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
Okay, so that's twice then, but still.
Posted by rockcityboy 3 years ago
Faster master
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
I'm pretty sure the only rhyme you had was king and sing.
Posted by rockcityboy 3 years ago
I did rhyme
Posted by RoboRage 3 years ago
If I do vote, rock gets a penalty because there's no beat and he doesn't even rhyme
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
Damn DDO coding.
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Vote Placed by Leo.Messi 3 years ago
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