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Rap Battle

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Started: 12/27/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Many thanks in advance to Mikal for this challenge.

This will be a rap battle of 3 rounds each. I will start in Round 2, and allow Mikal to use R1 for introductions and to set the terms. I am prepared to do a traditional diss rap battle, or rap on particular subjects/topics for Con to specify in R1 - I'll leave it up to him. The winner should be determined by considering the battle in its entirety. Lyrical eloquence, witticisms, articulation, disses and overall presentation ought to be considered in judging. Of course, rap battles are just for funsies and I assume all participants and readers will not be offended by any potential antagonistic lyrics :)

Best of luck to my opponent - I look forward to a really fun exchange!


I'm down :)

This is a basic rap battle using burns and disses. The entire rap does not have to be solely about disses though, it can just be lyrical wordplay or mastery

Basically good bars, and throw in some disses :)

Awaiting Danielle to start
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks... Just a typical 40 bar verse to get started.


You asked me to battle - you should be asking for my autograph
You shoulda thought it's sorta wack to task because I'm back
Now I won't pause of course to throw your tragic a$s off track
Air your dirty laundry stat like I'm an autocratic laundromat
And this will toss an automatic loss across to you at that
Unless your dogmatic brats come up to bat and have your back
I'm a magic aristocratic cat with spit to match my royal stature
My hat trick rhymes are stacked and put yours out to pasture
This will be a rotten disaster - pick me some cotton, I'm your master
I've already forgotten that your next verse even matters
Your jealousy of my legacy is apparent
You tested me now just prepared to be embarrassed
You should abandon the revelry and stick to the pleasantry
Of respecting my incredible, ineffable pedigree
See you don't have the integrity or the lyrical equity
To top me, especially with anything mentally
My congenial intensity tamed by nice clemency
Shows your menial sh!t is the same lame, trite peasantry
I'm tight - damn good and you just don't have the propensity
I like to crush your manhood like I am a vasectomy

Kid where are you from - Pensacola, Florida?
Just call me Ebola cuz I'm about to wipe the floor with ya
I'm gonna take your sh!t out like a West African village
Your rhymes are as shallow as your abdomen image
Your skill pales in comparison just like your complexion
I'm too hard to beat, Mikal, like a prolonged erection
Think you're most clever on DDO cuz of your ELO?
Have you never seen me flow? You know I'm forever pro
I'm the best and not impressed by what you have to offer
If you plan to beat me, better find another author
You're just a self-proclaimed, chest puffing "site leader"
Your claim to fame's your hair - testament to Justin Bieber
An estrogen specimen with questionable temperament
I'm still the best there's ever been here in my element
So this is the testament of a malevolent veteran
You might think you're on top but dude you need development
I've got better spit and more wit - I drip authenticity
No one's equipped to beat me in this vicinity
I'm the epitome of rapping talent, not just a has-been at it
I'll brilliantly spit my way to victory after they cast their ballots


She just finished her round about 5 minutes ago and now I'm bout to go off my head
Fuk this pre written bar sht, when i come off the top it's going to leave her dead
She thinks shes a malevolent veteran, but thats a guise clouded in a veil of fog
Veteran or not, your fighting a pure blooded killer and you got the role of underdog

I got a picture perfect picture of what it takes to be successful
You can climb all day, but you aint never going to be on my level
To beat me you literally going to have to make a deal with the devil
I"m talking that sell your soul sh*t, and be his personal vessel

The sht that your spitting is what I call absolute obscenity
You've F**ked so many girls google maps cant find your virginity
F*k a clean slate, people scared to get near your vicinity
My affinity is divinity, and i'm delivering holy justice like the trinity

When I battle I say fuk reality and turn it into an event
Bcus when I"m Fking and nutting, I aint got no common sense
The ending to this story don"t even have no built up suspense
Bcus when I finish I just don"t cum but I come to commit a capital offense

I think you came into this battle blind, or maybe you just lost your mind
Because I"m a lyrical mastermind, that was designed to be refined
I"m confined and ready to unwind so bar for bar I may leave you behind
You are sand in a transparent hour glass and I"m just like father time

When you look into my eyes, you see the type of fear that can traumatize
When I arrive I manage to cross a line because I refuse to compromise
You are going to die, because lyrically this is going to be a homicide
I"m chastised because I took a bath in the blood of God and refuse to apologize

Before you battled me, your life was probably heading in the right direction
Now by the time this battle is over, you"re going to have a few fights with depression
My aggression is a transgression and when I battle you, it"s like I"m battling my reflection
But my bars are perfection which is why a have an obsession to introduce you to rejection

I got the mind of a criminal, so I may as well be a felon
I"m a boss at what I do , I don"t even have to tellem
Bars so hot that people always are beggin me to sellem
Stealing shows inside their head, it"s called grand theft cerebellum

When I spit bars, Time slows down and blends together in a state of inertia
Remember when I said I was father time, you can also call me the prince of Persia
One bar from me makes people stand still in awe and time ceases to exist
Baby girl you can call me death, because I"m bout to blow you a perfect kiss

I"m bout to rock and shock her till I put her back in her shell
Set her on fire with my bars, and let her have a proper dose of hell
Literally going to set fire to the rain, just call me adele [1]
Then give her my dragon balls, and slap her till she calls me cell [2]

Debate Round No. 2


One fish, TWO FISH, red, orange and BLUE FISH
FOOLISH - you rhyme on some Dr. SEUSS SH!T
You sound so CLUELESS spewing from LOOSE LIPS
Your sh!t sucks like a hungry baby viewing TWO TITS

Pathetic - we see you told a few flat out lies
Expecting us to believe you wrote that on the fly
So desperate to overstate the basis of your greatness
Waste effort to to exaggerate and inflate your graces

See I'm an unguarded artist rattling targets at parties
While you're home harvesting nerds battling WoW armies
Of course girls are all up on me - a looker and a smarty
I took my pick of chicks - yours prob'ly stars in a safari

Though the truth is it's dubious if you've even met her yet
I'm curious - do you have a life outside the Internet?
Or do you just play and feel for XBOX and your anime
Real sex talk - are you sure I'm the one that's gay?

You Dungeons and Dragon loving, boyband-looking wannabe
If you were on the straight bandwagon you'd be coming on to me
This battle it belongs to me - you were wrong to wanna beef
Honestly the quality of your commentary is comic relief

Apologies for the verbal war, you are on the bottom of me
Starving like the body of Muhammad Ali on Ramadan eve
A prodigy, I said that my policy for your cyphers is sodomy
I subconsciously get right to your head like lobotomies

See I could spit sh!t all day and I'm wondering if you're constipated
My thundering flow is so godly it's become consecrated
Hardly uncommon that you're hated in the ranks while I'm beloved
You only got elevated in debates thanks to your puppets

Tootles - theres no approval for you in this battle, it is mine
All you've proven is you know how to Google words that rhyme
Your disses were easy, pitiful and missing multis
If she sees me it will make your girl want to commit adultery

You literally misused the word literally twice
So I'll skillfully diffuse your verse cold as ice
Knowing I'm about that city swag and you're a petty farmer
Choking you out while you're already down like Eric Garner

You know that I'm right, in this word fight I've done slayed ya
That's why you're going down like 2 or 3 flights from Malaysia
No hate, I'm not cocky - warning I'll kill cuz your skill's sloppy
See I just raped you more than once like I'm a pill from Bill Cosby


She spent and entire round on game metaphors and acted like she could spit
That round was worst than the first time she decided to try and lick a girls clit
She likes to talk sht but I'ma end that trip real quick and end this btch
Flick my dik at her face and slap her until she starts to twitch

I don't do battles for commission, but do em because I have ambition
I don't need permission to do simple addition and start this mission
I'll start a petition to transition you from proper nutrition to remission
I'm a electrician so when I cross your bars the emission will send you to a mortician

She says I'm not straight because i'm not coming onto her but that's not my even my concern
I'm not coming to her, on her, or near her because shes licked so much p**y her tongue has carpet burn
Dates girls that like to grow ferns so she can upturn and churn their insides until they adjourn
Even if I tried to fuk her, it would make her sexual orientation take a 90 degree turn

She is an in the closet heterosexual, that much is a fact that she can't redact
She wants the dik so much, shes actually begging me to attack her with my sack
Bend her over and let her interact with some hard impact that will make her crack
One we're done she will sign a pact saying shes straight and beg for me to come back

You better believe this, but what I do most people will never even achieve this
John cena btch, you can't see this, Im a phoenix that arose from the ashes in egypt
Most people say they need this, because the sht that I spit is strategic
D*k so big that when I fuk girls, it immediately leaves them as a paraplegic

Fuk this bitch , and fuk all the fake sht that she likes to claim, it aint a game
Fuk her metaphorically, yeah that means fuk her claim to fame so she wont be the same
fuk her literally because she aint a minor and wont be able to remember her name[1]
Fuk her so good that by the end of this sht ima be fuking both her and her dame

She rhymes like shes in a 50s sitcom, let's just call her mrs cleaver [2]
I'm just doing that so I can take on her persona and then beat her beaver
Make her my golden retriever, and then pound the beaver to shes a believer
Then have her catching cum, like shes payton mannings best receiver

Don't believe nothing she's say because you'll get misled
Go ask beavis and you can see that I get nuttin but head [3]
I'm spitting sexual innuendo that can actually a break a bed
So when I murder her it's going to be like her first time having sex, nothing but red

I mean the sad thing is, that I know her pu**y isnt even tight
hell judging from what some people say, it may even bite
but I believe in a fight because and I know she likes stories about white knights
So I'm going to let her treat me like a horse, then saddle up and ride it all night

Theres nothing left to say, she got slayed because she stayed
either way Im getting paid and laid, and your just left there afraid
This was more brutal than any roman catholic crusade that was ever displayed
just remember your a btch, so when I'm done, treat you like a used phone and then upgrade

Debate Round No. 3


Quality over Quantity

I had to impale Mikal in this - he's atrocious
See I'm ferocious, precocious since my childhood
He still watches cartoons with kids like a pedophile would

You're damn right my flow includes similes and metaphors
That's why yours is silly and mine is so much better than yours
Your "flow" DOESN'T FLOW AT ALL if you spit it out loud
That's why rapping by hillbillies should not be allowed

Dude am I supposed to be offended cuz a lot of women like me?
What a STUPID way to try and get to my psyche to spite me
You must not be anything like me if you think sex is bad
That's why everyone says I'm the best they have had

Masturbating prob'ly consumes all your damn energy
So much lube in your hands - talk about elbow grease [1]
Want your d!ck in my face? I don't think it's objectifying harassment
If the weapon used against me requires magnifying glasses

Kid why is your entire last round about my great sex life?
Maybe you'll get some of your own from your next wife
That is if you could even find a girl to marry around
Your imaginary friends from online don't count

Your rhymes suck a$s and nobody's feeling it
You're as annoying as when I get my period
I caution this: forfeit and go home now that I've won
Oh whoops, never mind - I forgot you can't afford one


I don't know if you guys caught that, but she actually just called herself a whore
It's sad when you admit your vagina is more tore and sore than a pornstars back door
Pimpin aint easy, but it is a chore so when she conceded that fact, she lost this war
So get ready for the gore, I'm guna disassemble her core and leave her body on the floor

I'm going to get a thrill when I go in for the kill
Skill that can earn bills until I decide to fulfill my will
Drill her right square in her grill, until she feels a chill
Death is your only escape, so just say yes to the pills

This is the type of girl that likes to run to the cops the first time bullets drop
The type of girl that begs me to stop when I spit hip hop because I get props
The type of girl that will set up a shop and then when money drops , take off her top
She claims shes lesbian, but she sucks the juice of cocks like they were ice cream pops

I just label her life as absolute confusion because shes lost in delusion
This battle is amusement and the solution is pollution of her grand illusion
This battle has a resolution and that"s revolution ending in one conclusion
The conclusion is her loosin and me proving the truth about evolution

So let me paint a picture of this punk azz p***y pretender
She thinks shes more real than me but she aint even a contender
I aint a first time offender, I got bars that are more ill than benders [1]
She just should surrender and declare me the winner of this venture

At first glance it may seem like she has a sliver of a chance
But I"m letting you know in advance that this is her last dance
Prepare my stance, go in a trance and then run her through with my lance
This battle is going to end worse than her last relationship, a bad romance

What I"ve did to her in this battle is so sickening that it deserves mention and possibly intervention
The tensions from these writtens are from another dimension an extension of her misapprehension
I"m evil like a demon and the stuff I do is demented so pay attention
666 tatted on my neck as I kill this metaphorical god and start my ascension

Her nickname is D and we can all see that has a certain type of irony and what is really at stake
Her vagina is constantly in agony because she gets tiny shiny currency from the D that she takes
Her silent transparency is like a primordial authority that highlights a vital dynasty about to break
So when I awake this snake we can momentarily see that she is inherently a mistake that is fake

She is a clown with downs so give her hard hat for a crown
Stick her in a red wagon and watch her frown as I take her to town
Drown her while shes wearing her favorite brown gown
Then she will be in the past test so we can"t even relate her to a proper noun

Wit that is sharp like a knife that can dice you in half
She thinks she"s nice but she hasn"t done the math
Listen to my concise advice because you are on the wrong path
I"ll end your life twice and put you on ice with my precise wrath

Debate Round No. 4
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Danielle 2 years ago
I just re-read this because someone e-mailed me to comment on it, and laughed so hard at my rhymes lol. I absolutely destroyed Mikal in this battle both lyrically and especially rhythmically. Hehe. It made me laugh at work though "I'm too hard to beat, Mikal, like a prolonged erection." Gold.
Posted by Oryus 3 years ago
Are you guys for real???

I mean, I love the sh1t out of Mikal... but seriously.... more rhythm and flow than Danielle's rounds?
Rhythm and flow were seriously Mikal's weakest spot in this debate.

I want to see some of these voters rap.
Posted by Danielle 3 years ago
"Con maintained more fluid rhythm" lol YYW has just proven that he's never listened to hip hop in his life.
Posted by Mikal 3 years ago
well this was fun lol
Posted by Danielle 3 years ago
Oh sorry for the [1]. I was told that I had to include sources or n00bs would vote against me even though sources are irrelevant to a rap battle. But I'm pretty sure I made the voting a win/loss standard only so I don't think it matters, and I forgot to include the source(s) anyway.
Posted by Danielle 3 years ago
Of course, Ben. I posted it with literally 3 seconds to spare. I only had 7 minutes to write which is why the last round is a little shorter. I've been busy with end of the year work stuff, New Years Eve and then spending my entire day nursing a godawful hangover lol. My bad.
Posted by Benshapiro 3 years ago
13 minutes for Danielle to post an argument. Will she make in time?
Posted by RevNge 3 years ago
I'll enjoy voting this. :3

Unless the Elo requirement's too high. >.>
Posted by SebUK 3 years ago
Brutal comeback Mikal
Posted by SebUK 3 years ago
Shots fired
8 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Vote Placed by TheJuniorVarsityNovice 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Damn, Danielle got mentally and physically ravaged, she now need a bandage. Mikal came through and showed us all that her pussy is expanded. This shit just got disbanded, Danielle's side is abandoned. Mikal went in and spit bars like a MoFukin bandit. Mikal wins by default, the god's now demand it. Hopefully next time danielle brings some vocab and a letter to remand it.
Vote Placed by johnlubba 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Both were good but I preferred Daniele's flow more although some lyrics were uncalled for such as the downed Malaysian air flights, I think that was a bit insensitive not towards her opponent but just overall, but alas I do think the rap was otherwise better.
Vote Placed by Emilrose 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: More rhythm and lyrical skill from Con.
Vote Placed by Oryus 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Danielle was more consistent with her flow- flow was right on point the vast majority of the time. Mikal's flow wavered in and out... mostly not on point. Mikal's delivery was clumsy far more often than Danielle's who rarely, if ever, faltered at all. Mikal depended on the lesbian thing a little too much and the him-having-a-big-d1ck thing a little too much and didn't have nearly as many unique disses as Danielle had. Danielle made me say "OHHHHHH SH*T!!!!" at least 5 different times. I never reacted this way to Mikal's disses. Danielle's punches were waaaayyyy harsher. Danielle rhymed more often and more consistently used more complex and unique rhymes. Mikal too often had a long line with one rhyme at the end and, on top of that, with a lacking flow. Danielle never once made this mistake. Danielle had a more varied vocab. Mikal recycled the same words a bit too often. Overall, Danielle is hands down the winner of this battle.
Vote Placed by YYW 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con had and maintained a more fluid rhythm.
Vote Placed by danhep 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: I liked the flow better
Vote Placed by Mags2 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con had more of a flow? And used different techniques than pro
Vote Placed by BLAHthedebator 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con had better flow, disses, and lyrics overall. He really cleverly used his words and rhymes. Pro's lyrics, however, seemed to lack flow and lyrical mastery. Side note: I'm sorry to be all OCD about this, but Pro spelt supercalifragilisticexpialidocious incorrectly.