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Rap Battle!!!

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Started: 4/3/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I want to have a rap battle with someone. Im not that good at rap but I will give it a try.

round 1: Acceptance only no raps.

round 2-4: Actual battle.


I accept this debate and I now am awaiting your round 2 start.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't care who you are, I don't care what you do,
but you suck big time, yeah that is true.

you had more d* icks in your mouth then anyone should
and your cocks the size of my god danm tooth.

If you try to get a girl you'll get shut down too.
and your passed around more then those sl* uts at school.

your one stupid f*uk that doesn't know sh*it.
your a guy who's turned on by a black mans di*ck.

And your acting high just like you just breathed chalk.
and you want to get fucked slap together some coc*ks.

when your mom says cookies your like awww can I eat one.
I may be a virgin but I know a pu*ssy when I see one.

(no hard feelings)


Jesus Christ I don't see a decent rhymne,
This this is just going to be mine,
B*tch you can't see this fine line,
You know this is over your out of time.

Ain't no one tell you to not to count you chicken before they hatch,

Cause after this debate you'll wind up with an eye patch,
You won't even see me swing this hatch,
B*tch this is over, set match.

Hell you think your so tough but you get beat by Chris,
You think you got me beat, but you your sh*t ain't worth p*ss,
Appartenly you never faced somebody from Kansas,
I'm like the weather in Kansas, on fire, freezin', and by the end you'll be sayin' God help us,

Man you got to be joking,
Cause dude your croaking,
This will be hard for you to digest,
You're failing at your ego crushing quest.
You're facin' a debatin' legend like Lannan13,
B*tch you ain't nothing, just a matha fvckin' drama queen.

You think your sh*ts cool,
B*tch it ain't even worth my stool,
Man you ain't going no where and do the whole world a favor and drown yourself in a pool,
Cause, man, you know this sh*ts a jewel.

They say gingers have no souls,
But you better watch out for them holes,
Cause I kicked the devil's @$$ and now he ain't sh*t just like a mole,
No one can stop me, just kill yourself, pills in a bowel.

You cruise right on my nuts and tell me how my dick tastes,
Come on you got to hurry up, cuze you ain't got no haste,
You see Horton can hear a hoe, but he can't see this sh*t,
Not even you can see this hit,
You know I'm the best in the world!
Cause your sh*ts makes me hurl,
You want a matha fvckin' sandwhich,
Well you can go fvck yourself, you matha fvckin' b*tch.

See since I run hell ain't nobody around,
See if you don't be watching yourself I'll be draggin' you down,
Your loosin' so bad that your dead grandparents, upon you they frown,
Yah, that's right my sh*ts making you depressed and puttin' you down.

Debate Round No. 2


Im from california the land of the weed.
bi *tch go right on your journey come on take heed

cause I'm meanest mother fu* cker in the whole USA
you rhyme like mr. mackey mmmka

cause in south park it looks like someone kil* led kenny
so many dic* ks in your a* ss i think i count 20

cause while your riding a pony through your rainbow land
ill be debating some serious issues hey look see this hand

cause it will sl* ap you in the face harder then rhianna
you'll be crying out loud now for your mama

looks like I stepped this s* hit up starting at round 2
you lose Bi* tch your screw* ed cry out to your crew

that this californian fuc*king dropped kicked you
If chris brown slaps women your his Mama

how can i su* ck your ba* lls if you got NADA

*puts sunglasses on*

(how you feel now)


Man I'm only evil when I need to be,
But I'm beating you so easily,
I can see the sh*t you be spitting,
I can see now that you're quittin',
But you just be a hatin' b*tch,
Man you just need to Vote to Lynch.

So you say your from Cali,
B*tch you know this ain't how we,
Because you know I'm an eliete,
Sh*t I'm destroyin' your Cali fleet.

You think your the best in America,
I'm the best in the world, huh,
Yah you didn't know that sh*t didn't you,
Now your screwed,
Yah see your sh*t ain't even new,
I'm going to murder your crew.

You think my pony is fake,
You're starting to find out that my sh*t ain't a piece of cake,
I'm here for your soul to take,
Now get the fvck out of here before you have to chock on my snake.

Who the fvck do you think you are?
Your sh*t seems so far,
you see I'm laughin' at you, har, har,
Now get out of here before I hit you with my car.

You see your dying on anphetamines,
I as I'm declaring war on my enemies,
After this match you'll be sayin' Lannan13's that dude,
Come on and admitt it you know it's true.
I'm Lannan now who the fvck are you?

I see your running but your not going nowhere,
Your going to get killed, stone, and burned by this care bare,
You see this is a skill to be drunk and to spit like this,
Cause by the end it will be my @$$ that you kiss.

You think Cali can do jack sh*t,
Kansas can fvck up Cali so just sit,
You see what I'm spittin' is a hit,
Cali ain't even fvckin' leggit.

Now when you remember my name your family is struck with fear,
Yah, I'm the reason your sister has that tear,
I wasn't jokin' about murderin' you,
That's just to show you on how true,
They'll be gone, all of them in your crew,
I'm going to chop them up and turn them into stew,
Then I'm going to dump your grandparents ashes in the lou.

Don't make me bust a cap in yo a$$,
Cause man you knew that you wouldn't last,
Man that was fast.
Debate Round No. 3


Bit*ch did you think i was over with you
well read the facts because thats just not true

i was talking about how you like to suck dudes
but now Ima talk about your own views

on me, oh wee, you'll find that your wrong
now i must take you seriously then take off your tho*ng

ding dong is sound that your doorbell will make
guess what your fake, no way piece of cake, just wait

cause at the end ill have you say gee i want my mum
stick your dic*k in a as*s make some rick santorum

listen to me dued
right now I'm pushed to bordum

ima crush you to death
just like an ants sternum

you think that you can crush calli
the furthest you'll get to here is mill valley

your from Kansa well then
tell my girl that i miss her
now run mother fuc*ker anti em its a twister.


I see your all talk and no action,
But your the reason we have a fvcked up nation,
You see my rhymnes are settin' your cremation,
Yah I here for your enternal damnation.

What? You say you like to suck dudes?
Why are you makin' yourself lose?
You haven't even put up a fight and now to the finish line I can cruise.

You're goin' to here the rap tap tapin' on your door,
I'm goin' to break it down and rape your sister like she's my whore,
All the stuff your spittin' is just folk lore,
After your dead my ego will soar.

Looks like I'm going to have to smack that b*tch mom you have from here to Tennesse,
To celebrate I'm going to break out the hennesy,

You think that Cali has won,
fvck that sh*t son,
Hey man haven't you heard,
You can't do sh*t man you just got surved.

You don't know what it's like to fight the storm,
It's goin' to rape you inside your dorm,

You know all your skills are a hoax,
Just as Porky Pig said, "that's all folks."
Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by loveu157 5 years ago
good job to you sir
Posted by loveu157 5 years ago
lol I purposly made round 1 bad
Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
salright, we live and learn.
Posted by loveu157 5 years ago
told you I'm not that good
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Reasons for voting decision: Con easily won because he made sense and told a ok story. Pro did nothing but curse and made no sense. Con did a good job and was a lot less vulgar.