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Rap Battles should be allowed on DDO

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Started: 10/27/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Resolved: Rap Battles should be allowed to take place on DDO.

The first round is for acceptance.


Rap battles, as agreed by Pro in the comments, are solely the ones where there is no intelligible topic or resolution at hand other than "I can out-humiliate you, filthy trash" or something along the lines of such a mentality.

DDO is this website, currently listed as but this could change over time for all I know.

I accept on the condition that intellectual poetry battles (sometimes misnamed rap battle on this website) where two people use rap to persuade the audience of their viewpoint of an intellectual resolution or topic is absolutely not what a rap battle, in the context of this debate, is.

Any attempt by Pro to stray from the strictly mindless and abusive from of rap battling that we are intending to debate will mean that this debate is nullified and no-one should vote on it.
Debate Round No. 1


Whassup b*tches it's MC Z.
I'm coming at you hot from Micky D's.
And here I stand, defender of the best,
my opponent stands there, solid in his protest
to suggest that rap battles shouldn't throw down.
Stupid clown, he's leaving this town with a frown.

My first ill line is that in this fair land
it's the terms of use(1) that makes stuff banned.
It's against these rules that rap battles stand
to withstand the demand placed by high command.
To expand, survive the test of time,
it'd be wrong to make it a crime to rhyme.

My second ill line is that against my stance,
there stands no line that can dance this dance.
It's on my opponent to advance and expanse
on why rap battles on DDO stand no chance.
At first glance since my opponent is scared to wear the pants(2)
he probably doesn't have something that can do this war dance.

The fact is that rap battles are realistic
Their characteristics are some that critics can be optimistic.
The logistics of linguistics(3) is something that can always come around.

Crown me the champ, my opponent's in the pound.
I won't calm down with the lyrical beat down.
It's the countdown to the profound end.
Where I ascend to godhood and my opponent's left penned.

Drop the mic, MC Z out.

Illest Proofs you motherf*ckers ever seen:

(1) -
(2) -
(3) -;


Aw, look it's Ronald McDonald at a children's party,
Micky D's for the obese family of Zaradi,
His ancestors were pestered with a lot of disease,
They've seen more Diabetes than passed IB's*,
They've spent years with heart failure begging for STDs,
Too fat for even the lowest whore to tease or please.

MC Z, is the 'Z' for zips?
Because you need them between your fingertips,
So you can't type anymore, can't pop your zits,
You can't type so then I padlock your lips,
And leave the key between a hot girl's hips,
You think you have a chance with your man-tits?

I f*cked your mother in the kitchen,
Easy level, beginner's mission,
Used that hoe, she's into submission,
She was so loose, her body full of incisions,
Abused and confused at her lifelong list of bad decisions,
Then I got bored and walked off, no way did I pay,
Your mother gagged up puke, she turned this sex god gay.
But she said she wanted more of me, that I was way above okay,
I asked her what her biggest regret was, she looked at me in dismay
And then whispered a secret in my ear and begged me never to say,
She told me that she has a special razor for her wrists on your birthday.

The recipe for raps is a lot simpler than food:
Ad hominem attacks that are brutally lewd,
A rhythmic, rhyming series of crude,
And mostly false, stupid assumptions,
Overuse of single-syllable conjunctions,
An avalanche of linguistic dysfunctions,
And the cherry on the top; basing it all on presumption.

Debating was designed for ideas and policies,[1]
About civil disccusion against people from overseas,[2]
About the rights of animals, human beings and trees,[3][4][5][6]
Not to torment the opponent and make them beg 'please',
As I'm doing to you right now, MC Z get in yo' knees.

The Terms of Use give me lots of juice,
To fuel the beast inside me that I just let loose,
I'm standing here with a shotgun, you're a wing-clipped goose,
I'm an elegant deer, you're just an ugly moose,
I hope you comprehend what I'm saying,
'Cause I really aint playing,
You're agnostic so bet on God and go get praying,
Sorry I'm busy, hold the line, listen to hymns as you're waitin',
Oh dear, you've disrespected me, let me put you through to Satan.

Understand that Term of Use specifically state,
That we should not preach words of hate,
Okay I'm paraphrasing, let's get do it word for word,
I'll school this MC Z in ways he's neither seen nor heard,
They say we shouldn't upload, copy, distribute or share,
Any content here that can be found elsewhere,
Any racial remark, or dissing someone's hair,
Any remark at all that would incite hostile ambiance in the air...

Pornographic remarks, are banned in absolution,
Encourage breaking laws is considered mind pollution,
The Terms of Use ban all the major themes of rap battles,
Yet we still see babies like Zaradi and I shaking our baby rattle,
Are we too dumb to read the rules? I surely hope not,
Neither of us are fools, we've simply lost the plot,
We're hungry and intoxicated for the power we have is not enough,
We lust more domination, so we rap battle to look tough,
We humiliate and antagonize,
To crush someone's self esteem before an audience's eyes,
We fill debating rounds with brutal insults, most of which are lies,
This is not debating, to say so would be unwise.

Rap battles are for angry sadists with nothing better to do,[7]
The entire aim of it all is to cut your opponent's ego in two,
Dissing mothers[8] saying you f*cked and kissed,
Using jokes that objectify women[9] and are jingoist or racist,[10]
Troll that motherf*cker until they get real pissed.

Understand that in this land,
If you plan to underhand.
Any of the rules you will get banned,
The admin's like a sun, and you're already tanned,
Please comprehend,
That this cancerous trend,
Has to end because the rules weren't designed ot bend,
If you shatter them, they're broken,
No room for fun or jokin',
I don't care how fun it is, DDO will sue you in the open.[11]

So have fun and keep on rhymin',
Work on flow and skillful timin',
But do it on a site where rap's a fine thing,
Please not here on DDO, the average IQ's been declining.

*IB = International Baccaleureate

Terms of Use:

Sources so dope call it coke on a beat:
Debate Round No. 2


Damn man, those were some sick lines.
If I ranked it one to ten, it'd be higher than nine.
Hold it up on a shrine, let it define future raps.
Perhaps I could learn from these lyrical scraps.
Draw a few maps to fix the gaps in my rhymes.
I'll learn from this debate, the flaws are past times.

You have decent points, they make a little sense.
Now it's my turn to put you back on the defense.
No more suspense, I'm not treating you like you're dense.
Just like rap battles aren't some capital offense to the ToU.
The mistake you're making is in the super strict view.
There's no harsh checkpoints, it's easy to pass through.
The contest is to outdo, but the actual meaning is poo.
The disses we're spitting aren't actually true.
We're looking at the law of the word, I thought you knew.

This brings me to my next point, why we're here.
I'm not looking to make you feel bad, don't mishear.
Get a beer, lean back, relax, let's shoot the sh*t.
You don't have to spit, give a break to your wit.
I just want to talk about some assumptions for a bit.
I admit it's easy to believe that rapping is just for the G.
Making a decree, you're the baddest thug in the sea.
But rap is more than talking about the latest crime spree.
It's more than just knockin' your foe onto a knee.
Rap is creation, living innovation.
But we as a nation about rap have this fixation.
that rap is about spreading hurt and damnation.
But it doesn't have to be this way! We can make a mutation.
A deviation away from this negation of adoration.
Let's make a demonstration! Right here! Right now!
Let's make a translation from what's been done before(1)
to a world of respect, our new destination.

And one more thing, please no deflection.
There's no reason to make this a dedication to predation.
Make a note of what I said in quotation.
It certainly wasn't what con is trying to make the narration.
Even if rap battles now are a contest of molestation.
There's no reason why there can't be an adaptation.

My time is nearly done, it's time to fly.
But i'll leave you with some thoughts that you can apply.
The ToU is something rap battles can abide by.
And he left the linguistic point alone last round, hold it high.
There are things we can learn from raps other than how to die.
With that it's time for me to say goodbye.
But fear not, my return for one last round is nigh.


Oh you wanna play nice with joy?
Time to take my advice, lil boy,
Keep your head down, walk away, go be your dad's sex toy,
I aint got time fo yo' passive aggressive message,
I'm the vermin hatin' terminator, not the one to mess with,
I'm a tiger you're a rat I'm bulletproof f*ck yo' gat,
Imma use my flow itself to make your brain go splat,
My brain is insane, I'm vain it's plain to see,
I aimlessly blame the game 'cause it's easy,
This debate-rap fusion is so sleazy,
I'm living proof pac lives on while you a lowlife Weezy[].

Tryna' fiddle-fuddle and muddle your mind to make a rebuttal,
Imma finger n' hug all your ex-b*tches make 'em cum puddles,
You talkin' like a player but you' outta range,
Z-boy the weabboo is just a lil' too strange,
This a jungle, you can fit in or f*ck off, no option three,
You tryna' be a rebel to an official policy,
The admin is like a cyborganism,
You think it's okay break rule? Well sorry, it isn't,
You wanan role in DDO, gotta know the rules,
Or get yo dead body tossed in blood-bath pools,
You rap like chalk mine like crown jewels.

You wanna f*ck around? Get yo' IP banned!
This place for logic that is sound, rap don't belong in this land,
This aint no hood for no rhymers, this hood for criminal life-timers,
The people to bada** to play rap games, they be vicious like vipers,
You try to spit all the venom but your fangs prematurely ejulated,
'Cause in this place your mind is yo' weapon, if you try use yo' swagger you just get wasted,

It's a tough world here and you aint cut out for it,
If you can only write in poems, queer, I guess your mind only stores sh*t?
It's about seeking truth, oh wait I found a pit,
And truth is at the bottom it says 'MC Z got a small d*ck',
Debating's about the brutal truth,
Debating aint about a facade for the youth,
It aint about ego and it aint about money,
It's about being Einstein-humor-level funny.

I'm the boss, you my servant just bend over,
I aint no homo but up yo a** I'll ram this crowbar,
And when I'm done with fun, I'll force you to do yoga,
And you'll be begging me "Imp, I crave your semen more than cola!"

You're just a wannabe poetic freak,
I'm the undisputed opposite o' weak,
You try to slay me and maybe I would give a damn,
If the person I was rappin' was not a weeaboo but a dang grown man.

I'm the cynical joker, I'm hilariously ingenious,
You ARE THE JOKE that I'm telling while your mother sucks my penis,
They say that life is short, they day your d*ck is too,
Not I mean literally, they say your d*ck is two,
You catch my drift you little b*tch, of rcourse you don't it aint true,
In fact my entire debate's had more bs than Karate Kid learning Kung Fu.

This aint a place for gangsters, this is a place for speaking,
This is a safe haven for those of us who struggle at night with sleeping,
It's an asylum that life and Google searching dumps every nerd, dork and geek in,
It's a beautiful cult of those who hate the world,
We all hat eit for different reasons some like diamonds, others pearls,
Then they reason out their dispute and the votes get hurled,
And they shake hands respectifully and move along,
They don't write their debate the beat of some vulgar song...

"F***" this, F*** that,
Look at me, I can rap,
Drum rol on your head, rat-a-tat-tat,
F**k with me get shot by my gat,

I scarred my body, YOU LIKE MY TAT?
I just rhymes tat with tat 'cause you ugly n' fat"

^ That's the type o' sh*t that people call 'skill',
They have egos to murk, reputations to kill,
It aint about persuasion, it's about abuse,
It aint the smart who win, they usually lose,
It's the dumb who win, the ones with no moral views,
Like me, myself and I right now letting my wrath loose,
I jeer my opponent,pur ad hominem, for him to get boos,
Just to make some whores fantasize over me and leak bucket sof their juice.

It's a pathetic way of life, I don't admire rap at all,
I can rap because it's easy, it's the art of the neanderthal,
It's futile and destructive, like bullying someone small,
It's horrible and futile, it's prospects fo this site abysmal,
The very opposite to all that is intellectual,
It dethrones the intelligent with purely those who are cruel.

When the nerds and geeks of DDO's inner culture take a look at the site,
Flick through a few titles just to take a taster bite,
Would they like the flavour? Of course not, they never could,
But I know a few aggressive maniacs who sure as hell would,
Over tiem the ocmmmunity would shift,
The ability to rhyme mean would be the most valued genetic gift.

You can say it' sa slippery stope fallacy,
I say here's a rope for you to choke on, happily,
you already lost this rap battle because you are not as cruel as I,
So run along Mc Zips, it's time for you to die.

I won this battle and I won this debate,
I use every abd part of me to make my opponent quiver and shake,
I ruthles sannihilated him and caused his heart to break,
This is not mine to reason why but if I wish to win it's mine to do and die.

Bla bla bla, lalala,
this is not debating ban its right NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Debate Round No. 3


I'm deviating from rap format here to make it clear in the final round exactly what's been discussed and why I'm winning the debate (because this is, y'know, still a debate).

My argument is that there's nothing in the ToU that merits doing away with rap battles and that there are things academically that we can learn and discuss from reading raps (i.e. linguistics).

I disproved his argument that the ToU says that rap battles shouldn't be on the site because it's filled with hate messages and racism/sexism implications, which violates the ToU, in two different ways:

First, I'm refuting his conception of the strict view of what the ToU is saying in proposition of a more loose interpretation of the ToU. If Mikal and I are doing a rap battle and I call him a "f*cked up son of a bitch who rapes women for pleasure", I'm not saying this because it's a belief I hold, rather it's a line I'm reading to try to win a rap battle. A looser interpretation of the ToU would mis-ban less users, and allow rap battles to take place.

Second, I'm advocating that even if we're doing a strict interpretation of the ToU, that rap battles don't have to be filled with hate messages and racist/sexist comments. Since rap battles are people writing raps to see who's the better rapper, that can be done without these things that violate the ToU. The only reason they're done now is it was just the norm, but norms can be changed with sufficient reason to do so (violating the ToU would count as sufficient reason).

I'm winning on both of these fronts, as neither get adequetly addressed. This is sufficient for me to win the debate because if it's not violating the ToU, there's no reason not to allow it, which means you affirm.

Moreover, he never responds to my point about linguistics being that there are things that we can take from rap battles academically and discuss and debate. This means that there's a debate-oriented reason to allow rap battles: that we can study and discuss the language people use to convey their messages. This in itself is a sufficient reason to affirm because if there's benefits to having something that outweigh harms (and my opponent never really presented a solid "harm" to having rap battles on the site, other than the site is for debating, which this argument directly counters), then there's no reason not to allow it to happen. He's 100% dropped this so don't let him respond to it in the last round.

So, in short, I'm proving that the ToU isn't against rap battles and that we can learn things about language from reading rap battles, which is a benefit for a debating website.


Imperfiect forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Imperfiect 2 years ago
fair enough you win
Posted by Imperfiect 2 years ago
i typod so its okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Posted by Zaradi 2 years ago
Fuqq forgot the citation.

(1) -
Posted by Imperfiect 2 years ago
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
It'd be ironic if I were to challenge Con to a rap battle...
Posted by Imperfiect 2 years ago
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 2 years ago
I tried "Common sense definitions" before and lost. You will likely lose this debate because you didn't define your "version" of what a Rap Battle is. You can reply with any rhetoric you like but a fact remains that "Common sense definitions" under general acceptance isn't highly respected as a viable defense for its omission in Round 1. Imperfiect knows this and exploited it in all fairness. Your failure to define rap battle in your Round 1 opportunity left the door open for your opponent to define it his/her way, and thereby control the meaning of the resolution. However, if both agree that rap battle pertains solely to Hip Hop-ish insults, belittling, & braggadocio lyrics, then the playing field is even. On another note, you still will likely lose this debate for your resolution states "should". Since they are allowed, your resolution becomes void, thus any argument Con makes wins MCA. Then again, you might pull a rabbit outta ya hat and present some tantalizing evidence to the contrary.
Posted by Zaradi 2 years ago
Jesus f*cking Christ...

I'm done with comments. We've already been over this. If the next notification I get isn't you accepting the debate I'm done letting you waste my time.
Posted by Imperfiect 2 years ago
okay so you agree definitely it is rap battles like 'me vs you' or even 'him vs him' where they battle as impersonating.
Posted by Zaradi 2 years ago
How is it not? I don't intend to talk about any of the anyway, so stop stalling and accept.
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by 9spaceking 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: ff, and pro has un-refuted arguments about how within rap battles the insults are only loosely fitted to the Rap Battle, not true beliefs. He also shows positive benefits from increasing linguistic power and learning messages from the rap battles.
Vote Placed by carriead20 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: FF and Con didn't have very good rebuttals.
Vote Placed by RevNge 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: No valid rebuttals from Con, and Zaradi whipped RM's as5. Not to mention the fact that he forfeited.