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Started: 7/18/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
Viewed: 466 times Debate No: 93853
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I'm about to burn you so bad you'll be prayin to whatever God you believe in
By the end of this you'll be seethin
But that's only if you're still breathin
I'll make you cry like a baby that's teethin
My raps may shock and exhibit new levels of crass
They f*ck your mind more than hallucinogen infused grass
You try to threaten to cook my animal
We all know that's a load of bull
Your kind don't cook dogs anymore
All they do is make iPhones and Androids for a dime an hour maybe less but no more
Your raps are so boring all they do it make me snore
I could read them and still fall asleep while f*cking a whore
You don't even have the honor to abide by the rules
Maybe you were too busy getting knocked off bar stools
You got 3 rounds and I got 2
Even with that extra round I still beat the hell out of you
I have a surprise for you in 9 months, girl
Last night I f*cked your mother and we let our love unfurl
Say hello to your new step-dad
I have rhymes that are so rad
I obliterate your pathetic raps that are so bad
Maybe you should go back home and grab your pen and pad
It's time to go back to the drawing board because your life is so sad
If you need help maybe you should ask your buddy Rand Paul
I bet he can revitalize your raps like he did his presidential campaign
Oh wait that's stuck in loser lane
Your mom is a whore and your raps are a snore in short
You aren't even worthy of fetching coffee for Paul Manafort
Lori, it's time to pick the microphone
But you stand no chance because my raps are written in stone
Maybe it's time for you to make like ET and phone home


You're stoned harder than sharia law, mate
Explains why your raps suck, you can't think straight
You see--I don't need to brag about my sexual advancements
Cause unlike you, I don't need any penis enhancements
Rules are for fools, yo, don't mind my douchebaggery
Laws are only for those who practice straight faggery

Oh, hey there, stepdad! I got something mean, yup--
When my mom saw your income she said "I better get a prenup"
Cause she makes a million times more than you"ll ever be worth
F*ck that wage gap and age gap, she wouldn't wanna give birth
I pity your posterity
They're cursed with austerity
For you're weirder than a Weird Sister, mister

I'm burning you so hard, my voters will need a mandible replacement
Because of the damage done by their jaw displacement
Yep, that's right--the bass isn't the only thing I drop
I catch things and I catch fish at the tackle shop

Double entendres are my forte, b*tch
Like Fetty Wap, I'll cook you a sick rhyme, rich
It's you I love to hate
Fee, fi, fo fum, you think your cock's the Beanstalk
But we all know that's giant false talk

You can hit me with your giggles and snivels and sneers,
I let it roll off me--while your race breeds entitlement, we breed engineers
Then you diss my relatives that work in a sweatshop factory:
But you oughta shut up, cause someday
You'll be working for me.
Debate Round No. 1


You have big words and complex rhymes
But what dominated rap in the old times?
Simple sh*t and a sick burn
Thats where you have a lot to learn
You see
You left the f*ckin libertarians
All because of one man's sins
You just abandoned the cause
All because of one man's flaws
No second chance
Not an opportunity to see us dance
You just left and you didn't give a f*ck
Sorry, honey, if you want sympathy you're out of luck
You see
We are a party that welcomes people
Our goal is to convert the sheeple
We expose sanity in the face of statism
You want proof? Look at PRISM
You leave it all and go
No fight no show
Yeah maybe you have a higher IQ
But I can still wreck you
Maybe someday you'll create a job
But I won't fill it cause you're a snob
Your mother regrets the day she opened her legs for your father
If you wanna say i'm wrong don't even bother
She was crying her eyes out when she saw the pregnancy test
She was right when she thought she wouldn't give birth to one of the best
She smiles whenever she sees you but it's fake
If you want evidence just ask her why she almost dumped you in a lake
I can hear the critics now
"D*mn that was harsh, BJC"
You shut your wh*re mouth or i'll turn you into potpourri
I am the rapper that everybody has to fear
I am the motherf*cker who choked a deer
The gods hail me as the king
Meanwhile to them you're just Hop Sing
Maybe you should learn some respect
Or maybe your attitude is your product defect
In the words of your future husband
F*ck this sh*t, girl, I'm out


You wanna know why I left the party, smarty?
Aight, let's go, bro--
The Libertarian horny boys that threw me harassment
Weren't quite ready for my Ms. Sassafrassment
They told me to quit my "feminist" bitchin' and get back in the kitchen
What they don't know, though, is that that's where I cook sick rhymes
They've already seen it a few times
But like delinquents they haven't learned their lesson
It's like Crips and Bloods over there, with emphasis on the Blood part
And on the abundance of objectifying sex talk, don't make me start
Lyin' Nate says everything's a meaningless meme in the sim
I guess that includes him
So I guess everyone's right when they say I should forgive him and move on
That's why imma get my groove on
Serve you the sick rhymes that I'm known for
They told me it was overblown, or
Maybe they're saying that cause they wish their d*cks were, ha
Pshhh, yeah right, you wish! Bah"
You assert your age, and your sophistry hurts
You're really all 12-year-olds who haven't hit growth spurts
TL;DR: I got sick of you "pro-1st amendment" bitches
Bang! You triggered another of my party switches.
So you say I should be more vulgar, cuck?
All right, why not: what the f*ck?
No offense, but I don't really want to see you dance
Cause in every way I'm much more advanced
I might be a Hop Sing but at least I can make cookies
While you're just a rookie
You used that future husband line before
I guess you're running out of lines, *snore*
You said you're a welcoming party, but then you say you won't give me any sympathy--
Where's the empathy? Maybe if you wanna keep your members around
Keep your reasoning sound
Don"t toss ad hominems around
All I'm asking is for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T
And I won't get that in the Libertarian Party.
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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