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Rap battle 3

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Started: 10/8/2012 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance. Here are some rules for this rap battle:

1. No cussing. Even stars as substitutes will count as cussin.
2. The Objective of this battle is to make the other suffer, but not to the point of bullying
3. You do not have to rhyme, but you do have to have original work.

You can say anything you want, just don't rap yet.


Awesome! Another Rap debate!!! :) I'm so honored. This is great! Definitely accepted!
Debate Round No. 1


You have the laughter
But I am the batter
It is when I swing
That it will mean a thing
This is my first time
so I will try to rhyme
There will be three rap rounds
There will be no out of bounds
If you are confused
I will not be amused
Just give a comment
And I will try to charm it
My opponent is beginner
Who I hope is not the winner
I am hghppjfan,
Rapping easy as can
Now it is your turn
I hope you take this burn
Use your words to express
And make them to possess


As pro has mentioned to the general public
I must inflict this torture in my words.
Forgive the gore you are about to find
So begone unless your mind can hazard

The image of a masochistic mind.
In words I'll wrought great horrors to destroy
and glut your stomach with disgusting joy
You'll languish and rejoice to my fell lines.

You've been warned so do not blame this writer
For the details you will now encounter.

With the back end of my rusty hammer
To my hands I'll take your head real careful
You'll stare at me in fear; I'll be mirthful
"Mercy!" screams this head in pointless panic

With a doctor's careful steady hand
I'll bury softly in your skin the claw.
The head and hair will get a costless shave
From the front and down the back: No flaw.

Then with miner's mighty swing I'll drive
A flying pick of pain straight through the brain
And then with forceful pulls I'll upwards pry
Your lofty skull plate is the ending prize

If Pro feels these to be appropriate
I'll continue this descriptive style.
If not I hope that you will demonstrate
I'll mime the pro sides torturing style.
Debate Round No. 2


I wish to say

A good person is
Merely a Samaritan

And you are not one

Why is it that
I always can
never get an F.
No one challenged me,
Even the best!
Revolve around this:

I am a winner!


My opponent tries to change the topic into 'winner'
Sorry you are not allowed to make a new objective
I only asked that you present some torture styles here
Pro side shirked this duty making new initiatives

Upon a careful scan of this fail fan
Decisions have been made by this young man
To not attempt to copy that fail rap
Now let me see how I'll destroy this chap.

Since my style is thus far accepted
(that the fan will copy is expected)
I'll continue doing what I've done
And torture my opponent. Have fun!

Young and tender, thin and small
Inexperienced weakling doll
Shiny pins will pierce your gall
Take my words like harsh gun-fall

Straight in your ears I'll drive this rhythm's sound
By blasting frequent waves of hertz around
You'll scream along with bleeding ears oh joy!
With brains of jelly you'll be like a toy.

I laugh in glee as, blindly, you fall down
And spill your noodles like a clumsy clown
And down the tiles juices fill the drain
Ah! THe pleasure, pleasure at your pain

Then from the open head some balls will roll
Those white and pearly sockets out they'll loll
And chase your former noodles down the hall
No longer wise without those eyes. Poor doll!

Now torture me in lines I hope you'll rhyme
'Cause even though it takes a lot of time
THe effort makes your rap much more than crap
So range your thoughts for some terrific rap.
Debate Round No. 3


I did not have to rhyme. It will waste my time. You will not see this type of rap normally, because this is called poetry. In the last round I was doing an acronym rap while dissing you. I know I will win this one too! I just have to know. That voters will vote pro.


My opponent wastes his time
By not enacting his own rules
Recall objectives by this fool
Now he shirks them, that's not fine

You think you are above the rules
That digression is alright for you
You're nothing but a worthless tool
Looks like you've lost, oh poo!

Now to sweep this carcass from my house
Now to clean the mess it has aroused
Now to claim the win like Jerry mouse
As Tom the cat will stay in flames un-doused

Bro I've stuck to the very topic you set
So now you've lost for being so inept
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Shades 5 years ago
Posted by Beginner 5 years ago
I'm making myself sick...
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Reasons for voting decision: Beginner had a better meter. Hghppjfan didn't flow as well. Both had equally upsetting conduct.