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Rap battle Freddy Fazzbear vs. Freddy Kreuger

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Started: 12/14/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am Freddy Fazzbear, first round acceptance

Best of luck to you con, please only accept if you know who both Freddys are


I wish to have a fun and enjoyable debate!
Debate Round No. 1


You never should have come here, you red faced punk

I'll tear you peices, chunk from chunk

You can only hurt me me in a freakin dream

I will take pleasure in hearing your pitiful screams

I got 3 lackies behind me, what do you you got, b!tch?

A couple of puny nails for a real bad itch

You got a ego bigger than your d!ck

Why don't you go to the corner and choke on it

Foxy's gonna cream you and impale you on his meathook

You're only scary to a 5 year old reading a horror book

Now it's your turn, try to prove me wrong

You don't have nothing on this, better have a better song!

*drops mic*


congressucks forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Bonnie and Chica would hold you down

While I personally send you 6 feet underground

You can't even rap against me, scaredy cat

If I had a son like you, I would MURDER HIS @ss

Mangle would jump down eat your @ss whole

Your as talentless as the new and approved Axle Rose

I'm unstoppable b!tch you can't stop me

Even if you do rap it'll probably be off beat

*slams mic on ground*



Look whos here you retarded stuff animal
Imma chop you and eat you
Call me a cannibal
This b!tch think he"s got what it takes...
But really he"s just bunch of pixels *pause* in a video game

He!l I should call you a "she" with your sh!tty scream
You make the demons turn into angels when they hear you sing
Stab you in the back as your drop down to your knees
I see you scream for mercy "Kreuger please!"

A 10-year old kid can keep you away
Keep the doors shut, annoy you all day
If you can"t get inside for 5 bloody nights
Then how the hell are you supposed to win this fight

Now you think your little friends gonna help you alright?
Ha funny! You tell more lies then when your friends died
That"s right,dead as doornail,got stabbed in their eyes
See the blood pouring on my hands,as I watch you cry
I take no pity for you, for this is exactly fine

No one"s helping you know,get out of your pixelated crown
Take one step closer, you brown looking clown, just frowning as you're drowning on your own drool you drooled to the ground, astound at my gold compound.
For I"m the king of all the Freddies, you're just the servant on the dirt mound.

When I attack, no one can stop me
But when I fight you, it"s just disgusting
Your insides look like goose sh!t and mustard
Mix your guts with some cream and I call it a custard
Eat it for breakfast, eat it for lunch
Brunch comes later,first some fresh guts

I"ll love to kill you
But there would no fight
Plus I love seeing your face
Filled with fright, as I laugh with delight, when I punch you so hard, you see the lights, when it"s the night.
Debate Round No. 3


RoboRage forfeited this round.


congressucks forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


RoboRage forfeited this round.


congressucks forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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