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Rap battle: George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin

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Started: 7/20/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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First round for acceptance only. Pro, the instigator, will take the place of George Zimmerman. Con will take the place of Trayvon Martin. The rap is to be in 1st person, ie: "My name is George Zimmerman".


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


((BTW, this does not reflect the opinions of myself. This is just for fun. Seriously, don't get pissed off))

Look who we have here, a punk *ss kid
Whose parents can't even own up to what he did.
You look really smug, for a common thug
I wiped that smirk off your face, now your dead as a rug.

You looked awfully strange, up to no good,
Well consider that bullet a welcome to my hood.
You wanna be tough, you wanna be cool?
Well look how a bullet turns you into a fool.

Everyone thinks I pursued 'cause you were black,
But honesly, I felt my hood was under attack.
I see your bad with the ladies, got you a fat wench,
That must be why the jury took me off of the bench.

It seems all of your supporters watch NBC,
Let me tell you, those doctored tapes, didn't fool me.
I'm a responsible citizen, the jury agrees,
You're a disaster waiting to happen, a criminal in his teens.



The verdict said non-guilty, what does that still mean?
You're wife won't give it up so you have to kill teens
911 is who you go dialing as your racial profiling
Your whole life was like the courtroom; no smiling

Goerge, we can tell that your raps are brittle
Nothing but a man who shoots kids with bags of skittles
You left me dead on the groud with no help and very bloody
I'm the one up to no good? I did not murder anybody!

There are protests in my name, you get no sex and your lame
Your cousin accused you of rape, you've never been the same
You are the real thug, your ehtics are awful in fact
I'm dead, but you'll live your life watching your back

Your trainer said you were weak, and couldn't at all fight
Of course the jury agreed with you; they were all white
If you want to scrap, my ghost'll come back and beat your dad after
It won't matter, 'cuz you are still a creepy a*s cracker!

Debate Round No. 2


You calling me a racist is pretty much baseless
When you called me a cracker and assumed I was an attacker.
You brung up my sex life, but can't you see
You died a dirty virgin, because of me!

Trayvon, you should thank me, I did you a favor
By giving the story of your death a bit of flavor
Let's face it, if I hadn't have done it,
Then your death would be like a canceled show, the media wouldn't run it.

Yeah the Jury was all white, you got a problem with that?
Their were people in the jury pool who were black.
But the black lady didn't get picked by the prosecution
Because she didn't watched the liberal bias of the institution.

If it hadn't been me it would've been someone else
Who put the bullet in you and sent you to hell.
Let's face it, Trayvon, you'd be completely at peace,
Dying a common death in a gang war on the streets.



"Cracker" means a Florida Native, I never tried to attack
You followed me around like a racist just 'cuz I'm black
I'm far from a virgin, you think your damaging me?
You cannot even get a girl outside your family tree!

The story of my death makes people want answers
The story of your aquittal, makes them wish you had cancer
When it comes to the media? Sure, I got some attention
But you're going to be stalked like I was till you get your pention

The jury was all white, so they cannot relate
To a man of color, damn it's a bummer they're full of hate
You can say that I'm on drugs or a dumb thug
But in jail, they would use their d*cks as a hispanic butt plug

If it wasn't for you? I probaly would have lived a full life
I'm not part of a gang, but I do feel strife
You are going to spend your days as the racist creepy type
And quit touching your cousin, how do you sleep at night?

Debate Round No. 3


"Nigger" means an African Native, don't you see?
Your logic deflects the race card of of me.
I laugh at you when you say you're not a virgin
Because the only *ss you got is two couch cushions.

The jury fairly found me innocent on all counts
Because when it comes to respect, I got an amount
For taking a punk like you off of the streets
Now your corpse is laying under a little white sheet.

You keep on bringing up the jury,
But I think it's just a little pent up fury,
Because the lies don't always add up to the facts.
That's why I was let off, not 'cause you're black.

Full life? Maybe behind bars.
Grand Theft Auto, steal a couple cars.
And as far as the sexual harassment accuser?
She's just like you, another ghetto trash loser.



The murder happened in Florida, Florida "Cracker" is reasonable
But the N-Bomb from a white man should be inconceivable
Don't talk Logic when you're stupid, keep those rhymes on the shelf
You rhymed "virgin" with "coushin", why not just shoot youself?!

Yes, the jury found you innocent on all accounts
But it is the guilt that rests in your heart that counts
I only went to the store for candy and ice tea
You had to shoot, as you were too p*ssy to fight me

I bet when they catch you, they'll split your spine
Then hang you like your ancestors did to mine
It is really ironic though I have to say
The only Hispanic who wants to join the KKK

You may life a full life, but you'll see stress too
I only know about Grand Theft Auto because of PS2
The only criminal thug is you George, keep busting your weapon
Or a nut in your cousin, you are so f*cked it's depressin'!

Debate Round No. 4


You were of African Descent, So "nigger" makes sense
Your life is like a shoelace, worth about 50 cents
You say that my logic is a lost cause
But your usage of an ad hominem attack is riddled with flaws.

I have no guilt in my heart, look in my eyes,
With the raps I'm bringing, you'll be chastized.
You just had to come swinging because of your bad upbringing
Maybe if you had a better family the angels wouldn't be singing.

You think I wanna join the KKK?
It's the New Black Panthers who are the racists today.

When they catch me? Like when I got thee?

It's you, not me, who is buried under 6 feet

You keep on bringing up my cousin, you think that's dirt on me?
Sibling incest perpetuates the African family tree.
I'll take stress over when sh*t hit the fan
Now your a pathetic little boy who will never be a man.



If my life is worthless then what's the purpose of these verses?
You started this debate but didn't even scratch the surface
Don't talk logic, you just showed that reason's your enemy
This is a rap battle; no Ad Hominems breaks the Law of Identity

The second you hit the streets, you can bet that your screwed
You rape and kill kids, you don't have nothing better to do?!
George is a wanna-be cop, so this man isn't real
He would blow off the Police Chief for a badge with the shield

The Black Panther and the KKK both engage in bigotry
Them both existing doesn't get you out of responsibility
My life was taken, and George, your the dweeb to did it
You're supposed to protect the area, not murder people in it!

Sibling incest doesn't permeate African American history
It permeates white families with slow mental ability
You say I'll never be a man now that my life is sort of done
But you get your a*s whipped by teens and have to resort to guns!

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Magic8000 5 years ago
This should be great! I'm laughing just at the title.
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