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Rap battle: Truth_seeker vs. Badman

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Started: 9/15/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap battle will be judged on the following:

1) Bars
2) Aggression
3) Lyrics
4) Originality
5) Rhyme schemes
6) Jokes
7) Intimidation
8) Personals
9) Disses
10) Rebuttals
11) Lyrical cleverness
12) Word-play
13) Complexity

Judges are

If you have any recommended judges let me know

First round acceptance


Whatever, let's go.

Debate Round No. 1


People, ladies and gentlemen of all ages, i introduce you Badman
N' i don't mean he's a badman, i mean lyrically he's a Badman
Sorry that was just the intro, lets get to it, your only a human

You never did a crime in your entire life, you lousy buck-toothed ravenous fan!
How many times must you get a backhand causin' a black tan to understand?!
How many times do i have to slam your face into the frying pan in Japan?!
Battling with me must be the worst schemes of your failed master plan!

I'm the one who's more evil than you, you never committed one crime
Real crap, i almost got arrested for dangerous ideas n' did the time
Badman never did a bad thing in his life, cuz he wants Santa Clause
So he can get raped into submission by some plastic panda claws

Watch, he ain't go do crap, i'ma get right to stealing
I'ma use your own bars against you, so start squealing

You said "I think about more than I forget but I don't go around fire expecting not to sweat"
My God that was terrible! I drop anthrax on this fool from a jet through the net with my tech
You said off your crappiest lines "Morons try to kick me while I'm down: I'll break your leg"
Try to break my leg? I'll stab you with the most dangerous pencil lead then you'll be force-fed!
This was kinda nice, so out of respect i quote "Money outweighing problems on a triple beam"
Sike! I was just playing, i'm ballin so hard, the scale breaks n' i don't even need a triple man team
For the last trashiest line you said "Be good or be good at it! Flipping right I've got my gun, semi-Cartermatic"
You'll be missin' cuz i'm spittin' so Rhythmatic from another planet, tat tat back at it cuz i'm so ecstatic

What are you going to do? your not going to do trash!
I'll sell your mom for men to do n' have a hard bash!
With 4 losses n' no wins, you should be already banned
No matter, with these lyrics, i'ma leave blood on the sand


I'm bad at debating,
But, for me, audience will clap
My ego aint deflating,
'Cause this aint arguing, it is rap,
I'm immune to your childish hating,
I'm Bellatrix, you' jus' the over-serious Sirius Black,
Wasting all your time masturbating,
While I'm givin' real asses a smack.

Let me make this clear,
I'm a very bad man,
The one you fear,
Somewhat of a madman,
I may shed a tear,
I can be a very sad man,
But the next second I smile like the cynical criminal that hates the Batman.

You say I aint done a crime in my entire life,
That's because I'm consensually destroying your father's wife,
I don't need no gun or bomb, no gasoline or a knife,
My weapon is my mind and I will fight to survive...

(beat gets deeper and suddenly increases in tempo)

Me, I'm a crazy fool,
Far from beautiful,
I am truly cruel,
I am a human tool,
Used by the devil to fuel all the Down's Syndrome drool,
Escaping your mouth as your retarded brain tries to pull,
Ideas outta nowhere but I'm ready, my tank is full,
Full speed ahead I take your uneducated a$$ and put it in school,
You're seekin' the truth but the truth is you are deceitful,
You're an anti-hero in denial, I'm the embodiment of evil.

People scream at the sight of me,
Like I'm a twin that is Siamese,
Like Tarzan, I be writin' these lines as if I am climbin' trees,
All to impress that tease of a mother whos tits I squeeze,
Your mother be miss Amidala, I'm slayin' Obi-Wan Kenobis,
I'm the baddest of 'em all, the most sadistic of nerds,
Hav eyou heard? On the street they callin' me Heisenberg,
By day, I'm Mr. White,
I am the one who knocks,
I'm darker than the "Dark Knight",
Got more mystique than the sound so of the fox.

Get your Bible and be a reader,
Hope God is on your side,
Or sorry mister Truth-Seeker,
I guess that Jesus lied,
The son of God a liar?
He's far form being the Messiah,
He betrayed his own religion, a Jew in Muslim attire.

When I lose, the debate's worthless,
I see beyond the surface,
I haven't tried to win yet but no I am so you'd best be nervous.

You are not a gangster,
Neither am I,
I am the funniest of pranksters,
Haters laugh with tears in thei' eye,
I am hysterical, I guess my mind state is so terrible,
If you were medically qualified you'd see I was threat, not small,
It's as if you are a flower with a fungus your ugly petals are rotting,
You're a twin tower and religion's causing some major mis-piloting,
Islam vs Christianity; Who will win?!
B*tch I am on neither side I'll let you fight and run each other's armies thin,
Then I will strike with my lack of faith,
You gon' pray but God's on hold, filming me and your future girlfriend on a videotape.

I embrace the fact I'm bad, I look forward to "hell",
You just deluding yourself, kid, you're making Satan's d*ck swell.
Debate Round No. 2


See i gotta dark side i can't hide, no one can stop if they did homicide!
A ferocious beast i cannot contain, i can't be stopped even by suicide!
So you better lay down side by side with ya bride - the hope that died!
I'm about to explode Pandora's box, have angels cry to see what's inside!

I'm about to create a new breed of a subatomic superhuman species!
Cuz i'm the leader, the most dominant life form that'll rip out ya testes
Feed em to Anemones, cuz you and fish are enemies, inflict leoprosies!
Cuz i have violent tendencies to end legacies n' false idiotic prophecies!
Create a new breed of cybernetic implants, advance higher than Socrates!

In this rap battle, this is my playground, cuz right now ya battlin' a monster!
Last round, i went gangsta, i went minister, now in this one i'm be more sinister!
Bodyslam you down the banister then bash your head into a nuclear toxic canister!

I'll give you a revelation of what true evil is, disembody your bars til you meet starvation!
Then your knowledge progresses as your mind confesses that it has no lyrical salvation!
I'll strip you naked with background radiation in a space station, bring you back to the nation!
Scientists will not be able to recognize the causation of your eradication suspended in immobilization!

I'll de-atomize your chemical molecular structure then turn you into an organism of no distinction!
Destroy fake rappers like you one by one until your entire existence faces the most cruel extinction!
When your suffering, i'll tell you to stand the pain, playfully inducing a psycho medicated patience!
Only to mess you up next round, cuz the beast has been unleashed and as a being i have no conscience!


You got a dark side? I am totally dark,
I don't have to hide my light, there ain't even a spark,
No left, no right, just the demon that screams with a bark,
I've already done homicide, I've killed the beat with my art.

You can't be stopped by suicide, 'cause if you tried you would fail,
You'd cough the pills out of your mouth, call it 50 shades of pale,
You're bars are so weak, your flow as slow as a snail,
My beats are like bodies, I've been leavin' a trail,
You're so unoriginal, your loaf o' bread's gone stale,
You are bakin' whack bars; the coffin's ready, let me go get a nail.

You say that I'm only human, well what are you then, bro? Mr. "god"?
You think you're a superhuman freak-show? You're most certainly not.
All you are is a sub-human human creation, a wannabe Autobot,
But I'm a baddest Decepticon, Prime left yo' wheels out to rot.

You acting like you' so violent so tell me why am I here?
Why aint my body in a grave? What is it I have to fear?
I don't need to go beat you up, your family is in tears,
At how they're boy is gettin' murdered by this mouth that speaks clear.

I plan out my bars, I call it organization,
The only order to your part is the consistent retardation,
You rhyme "starvation" with "salvation", b*tch go get an education,
You seek the truth, well the truth is this ruthless beast is impatient,
I'm gettin' hungry for flesh and for that heart that is racin',
Inside that cage, with bars o' ribs, I've got the key in my basement,
I own you already, now I'm gone own you again,
I'm like puberty, you like a kid that is ten,
You will never ever get to me, I'm infinity plus ten,
You're zero point nothin', to the power of a million.

Do the math, kid, oops, you're to dumb to do that,
I leave yo' wannabe gangster a** out pour fish on it for a cat,
But not pu**y wants to be near you, only thing for you's a large cock,
The cockerel comes and pecks yo' anus, it be as hard as a rock,
Meanwhile I'm bangin' yo mother, film it and send it to yo' dad.
I break his heart into pieces, I be the baddest o' bad,
Your bars are cohesive, I'll at least give you that,
They cohesively unite as the definition of whack.

You are as hardcore as the moist semen your mother swallows by night,
I'm like a vampire, I move at the speed o' light and only come out at night,
I turn at yo' mother's window give a neck a good bite,
Then f*ck that c*nt of her's so hard yo dad's cock 1 inch and thin so it's tight.
Debate Round No. 3


you have a complete dark side, but you have no spark
crap I believe you, cuz you been roasted with a shark
when I look at your face, I don't see evil that fester
I see an ugly burnt Oreo trying to be a court jester

I'm disruptive like Quantum mechanics with so much lyrical damage!
Cosmic forces gonna have to confine me in a prison on other planets!
Cuz i'm bashin' your head in breaking all the laws of thermodynamics!

I don't need to be a gangster to show how hard i really am, i'm a preacher!
I'm about to lecture this toon Disney character bout what bad is, i'm a teacher!
I fight with my lyrics as they shoot forth like cosmic flames, i'm not a peacemaker!
I'm about to teach this wanna be badman how he's just an emo hormonal teenager!

I don't want to cause pain physical, screw that my words will be eternal!
Damaging your pride as a being and your emotions will be an inferno!
You are softer than clothes softened by the softest of a fabric softener!
A teeny weenie beanie (1) is gettin' slapped on the wrist by a CEO officer!
Cuz on Google hangouts, you were beggin me to pop you right in the jaw!
Ironically you were cryin' for Airmax to help cuz you have respect for the law!

On some real talk! I was almost arrested for attempted murder!
Cuz i had an inner battle with good n' evil, nature vs. nurture!
Darkness was cloudin' my eyes as i had a severe disorder!
Plottin' my schemes, buildin' buildin's out of bricks n' mortar!

Son only reason my hand ain't at ya throat is cuz darkness is at it's farthest
Them inner feelin's arent' harmless, i was almost consumed by it's harshness
Spark this quickly before i end up in the abyss in the midst of evil incarnate!
If i did the time for the crime, when you look at my soul, you see pitch black!
If i come up on you, it'll be over, so write poetry cuz there's no goin' back!

Only reason i have a light side is cuz i'm within the body of the good Lord
Moral of the story is: you never held a weapon, i put my hands on a sword!
Badman here's what you don't see within your psyche full of vain blindness!
If you tried to rape my mom, you'll be dead, cuz she will kill you with kindness!

Kid stop havin' these fantasies you wanna be emcee G, learn to morally crawl!
Your too young to use your lyrics for battle rap, go back to start playing ball!

1. " a softie, someone who doesn't get angry"


Badman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Badman deactivated his account, i must be the real reason
Disrespecting me by leaving is a testimony to his treason
He's a coward, i'll wait for his comeback the next season
I'm cuttin' up his career as i'm sadistically doin it to my pleasin


Badman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Geogeer 3 years ago
I will try to vote this weekend.
Posted by Geogeer 3 years ago
@Natsu_Dragneel: OMG!!! I've heard of such things, but I never really expected to encounter it!
Posted by Natsu_Dragneel 3 years ago
@Geogeer2 lucky...:( I'm to white AND asian to judge a rap battle...
Posted by Geogeer 3 years ago
I may be too "white" to properly Judge a rap battle, but sure there's a first for everything...
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