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Rap battle: Truth_seeker vs. CapitalisticPig

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Started: 8/30/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Screw it, i'm going first, bringin the pain of the worse

The human psyche is made of more than mind n' matter
Emotional fluctuations inside the soul, ya heart can shatter
Your human mind is composed of more components than your opponent
That's only because your going to die, thus spoken by the lyrical poet
Break every bar in your lyrical body, leave your soul bankrupt, dead broken

I said your human soul is composed more than just intellect
Many divisions in your life, so i'ma be direct n' simply dissect
fuel the fire for my disrespect, i'ma leave you sick, cause a defect
Your the person in whom i test my lyrics, your the one i will infect

Reanimate you later, scientifically then kill you again n' eject
Check this link (1) it shows that i can break your back n' neck
If you can't keep rappin' usin' the same rhyme, your not an elect

I'ma keep writin' lyrics, cuz in this wrong, i'ma ruin your reputation!
Don't need a whole army because i am my own authorization!
Creatin' my own weaponry, your the target for my industrialization!
Fuelin' the need for war, killin you over and over in aggravation!

I'm so sick, i infect you like the Ebola virus, can't get a vaccination
It's like i'm foreign, creatin' a civilization, a full blown westernization
Don't believe me? check my history, review the kills, the documentation
I'ma use the declaration of independence to give you a death sentence
Cuz i'm so relentless, destroyin' all political enemies in a bloody vehemence

I'ma completely break you as many times as they did in the Holocaust
Then feed you to the weakest DDO n*gga, they be like "how much it cost?"
To take away your life in this rap battle, no one will ever feel ya loss!
Cuz with your credibility, your rappin skills are gone in a burnin chaos!

Demolish your whole economy, just obliterate all governments!
Lovin' it, consistent with my existence like two Bible covenants!
I'm not God, but personally in this battle, i shall pass judgements!

Now if you cannot murda me within the next round!
Your burial mound shall be the new bleedin' ground!



'Ight, look.

My human soul isn't existent, just a wrist slit away from being worse off than R William's kids is.
I'm sick of this; you're a pissed b*tch with no more a punch than Kool-Aid man with his fist missin'.
In your pristine condition, you're unfit with puckered lips, so why try to bite my a*s when you should be kissin'?
You should quit. You're gonna end up with a worse lisp than Mike Tyson after the first mister hit him!

Why you in the booth just pi*sin'? Don't be twistin' the results when it's over, I know you won't be happy with the decision.
So, drink up the crystal and gin, this might be your last chance to sip, because after this, blood is all you'll be spittin'.
I'm not done, so keep listenin', you're fishin' for a fight that you'll cherish, but tonight I'm preparing a cold system.
A chain of events, so quick with the lines that you'll end up under the bus, boy, but only be cleanin' dishes.

You're flow is so slow, like 2 Chainz and Lil' Wayne got together, had no rubber, but got off before they burnt bridges.
You swear like a sailor because you're always filled with semen, like "I knew my a*shole was inhabited but not indigenous!"
After this, you'll be fidgetin', wishin' you didn't taste my rigidness; torn like a kid trying to pick toys for his Christmas List.
I bring the ruckus, tearing down your picket fence, but you could come to my show... if you weren't ticketless.

I hear you come to battle, but you're putting Cricket, hittin' and squeezin' balls, like, "Pig are you ticklish?"
You're used to taking candy from babies, so this frictionless motion will crush you once you realize I ain't carryin' licorice.
You get last pick of the litter to see who will finish business then. Bundy or Dahmer, two dental imprints, which is which?
You can have a fifth of this. Steal 6 of my lines, so you have a couple bars that aren't just hit and miss.

I know you test lines and hiss, placing a riff or beat and coming to me asking questions, "Pig does this make sense?"
But it doesn't infect, definitely doesn't affect me, you're just testing to see if you should try again, lather and rinse.
But come on, leave me in suspense! Don't list your best lines at the start. Yours being, "Hello, Ladies and Gents."
After that it isn't worth my 2 cents. I started dosing off, someone come here! Snore*** Pinch.

"Ouch!" Oh, thanks (anytime), did I cut off mid-sentence? In the midst of finishin' or do I still have a thirst to quench?
First, let's relish this. The first time the tense truth's a*s has been lit... only 'cause of the friction from sittin' the bench.
But if you sent him to start a real fire, he'd quit. He'd go stealing all the joy from holiday kids, isn't that right, Mr. Grinch?
B*tch, I thought some feedback would get you to pay attention to the whispers when you walk in. Can't you take a hint?

I got to vent, because this AC unit stopped working and I'm spent from chopping up killers worse than Dexter did...
Ever wonder why you're still alive, payin' rent? Why you're still wearing grandpa's hand-me-downs, pickin' off lint?
So, I won't be smashin' your skull in, crack bones, arms and legs left unbent. Left unhit. Not a scratch, not a dent.
Because you're not a pimp, a threat, or of any high descent. Just a stagnant pr*ck with no holds, everyone left unpinned.

And here's your murder, cold in blood, washed through stone, by yourself to fend,
because I'm not physically killing, just your mental status. Human Psyche left unhinged.
Debate Round No. 1


Nothing you ever wrote for 21 hours hurt my feelings
In this courtroom, lets drop all appealins, get to proceedings
This is not a rap battle, the defendant cannot defend himself
Screw throwin' the book, i put it back on the dusty bookshelf
I'm mystical like an elf, the tale of your end's something i'd foretell

Your palms sweaty, your so anxious cuz i'm so dangerous
Anyways, your going to be in a paralysis in an ambulance
Then the docs are going to perform a dialysis (1) on yo thalamus (2)
Cuz you been chemically murked one of many malicious assasins
Then they'll need to do a urinalysis (3) to proceed to a textual analysis!

The conclusion will be that this is the greatest death you faced from the autopsy!
Sorry people, i'ma have to create another dummy, another rapper, another copy!
Then they'll misidentify you when performing a biopsy (4), so you won't get an autobiography!

Your name's capitalist pig, so how come your not a nationalist?
your not an economist, your not makin' a catalyst so others may exist
Your really a narcissist (5) thinkin' he's god, but his mind is what he twists
Your so full of ignorance, you never went to the higher education!
Like Tiamat, i cut you to pieces just as the 1st Enuma Elish creation!
I'm bout to introduce your civilization the science of quantum gravitation!

Cuz i'm obliteratin' to the heavens then takin' you and smashing you down into the abyss!
Gettin' hit with these 9 fists like Kratos did when he persists in the midst of foes with his wrists!
What was that you just spat? a bunch of contorted convulsions we can make many deductions!
Like you have down-syndrome, you suffer many dysfunctions so read the emcee instructions!
I swear, your brain is rottin' from many neurological corruptions, we don't need assumptions!





5. Narcissists have a delusion that they are so special


CapitalisticPig forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Capitalist pig just left, he couldn't stand the heat
Guess i'm just a warrior that he cannot beat
My bars stand their ground, on both feet
I'm the foe that you of all people can't defeat!


I'm back.

Sorry, showed up last minute, 3 hours 8 minutes 30 seconds on the clock.
I've had these dark clouds, messin' up my mind with these demons as my rock.
Showing me the way, bringing me to the dark, but it's all clear now; I got it under lock.
But if you want any more info from this sick brain, I'm out of stock.

So, I guess what I'm saying is I've released all my fire, but I'm still back with the flames.
With all these serpents spitting verses in my brain, it's hard to tell who's really to take the blame.
Am I the outlet for their pain? Or am I just a psycho? I'm going with insane.
Depression, Obsession, Passive Aggression, The Lesson and Confession : The 5 major points I want to explain.

I don't think you're sad, I think you're in regression.
Maybe if you got off the internet, you'd be able to make some dough and start in a better direction.
Because if you had Loved Ones, they'd be the ones in depression.
I mean, who wants to see their old man broke and lonely with no suggestions?

And you're the foe that I of all people can't defeat? I have a question!
"Do you always try to make yourself feel superior so you don't have to give in to your affection?"
Man, at least buy me dinner first. Let's get buffet, I like a big selection.
But don't be too clingy, though. I ain't about to deal with your obsession.

I feel like you're holding back, don't you know, it'll become an infection.
You should let out some of that Passive Aggression!
Hell though, don't test me, there's nothing. Not an ounce of info to help you from that section.
You'll be so f*cked, you'll be bare-a*s walking down Elm Street in your sleep with an erection.

So, you want me to beat you? You want to learn something, pull a seat like the rest-and,
get comfy, it'll only take a sec-ond. Stay true to yourself is my mess-age.
Just be you, like everyone always says, it's up to individuals to never be less-than,
what's true... That's the lesson, but you don't know what you are. I think it's time for some reflect-ion.

'Cause Truth, the truth is your obsession. You're always seeking out why guys get your affection.
You're so quick to judge, when it's passive-aggression and resentment for what you can't figure out through my lesson.
It's pretty simple, not much of a question. You've been in the closet with the Father so long, but still no confession.
Don't worry, though, it's under discretion. I won't tell anyone you're a homo, no need to feed your need for attention.

But anyways, I'm sorry, Yeats, I gotta keep, goin', 'cause after this the rose tree will keep growin'.
So, I'm back and there's no reason to give links, I don't need 'em to understand what you're showin'.
If I didn't, I would dress like Slash in the darkest corner of the room with no motivation, just hopin'
So, I'm not providing any references. I don't need to look anything up to keep flowin'.
Debate Round No. 3


I swear, the spectator is right, yeats is turnin in his grave
Tu pac is as well after all the crappiest raps you just gave
You swam through rhyme dictionaries like the Nile Perch!
Applaud this man for doing more than 24 hours of research!

I'm still on fire like David was in his very first anointment!
Heck is you sittin' there for? waitin on your next appointment?!
The reason he forfeited is cuz he didn't want to see the violence!
The heck is sittn' there for? Waitin' for your personal psychiatrist?

ha, dark clouds messin with ya mind, well it looks like that got the job done
It means that i've already won this battle, so you can now be officially shunned
Like Father like son, that's how it always when it came to emcees, i stand over one

Like i said, lil boy, i'm about to murk you like i did Uncle Sam
When he was shot by the Taliban all the way in Pakistan
Feed this pig to the hungry kids in Africa: green eggs n' ham
Cuz that's the only time you go hard when i give you a backhand

You show some Depression, Obsession, Passive Aggression, The lesson and confession
Boo-hoo, here's the solution with these chains n' switch, lets begin this therapy session!

When i said there's beef (1) i mean there's nothing but pure lyrical hostility
When you hear there's beef, it's cuz you homeless, you took that crap literally
So we had to put you on life support, cuz nobody cares the way that Obama care
Don't worry mate, you'll be of equal status to all there, you'll get equal share
You just won't have free education, but nvm i lied, here you'll have a lot of welfare

I swear, my knowledge, my intellect n' my respect are something you can't surpass
I'm beyond A.P, got grades i passed, you down there at the bottom in a lower class



Send me another lame a*s response, I swear I can feel my heart race.
Anger rising through my spine, (pulse) red in the face.
Malice and Spite raising the (pulse) spiked mace.
I can feel my (pulse), blood boiled; fueled only by the taste

Go 'head, keep going; get in my personal space.
I'm so fed up with your sh*t, I'd rather die, than read another debate.
Someone suffocate me before it's too late.
I don't care if there's no rope, grab the dude and strangle me with his shoelace.

I don't want to hear another "nutty" remark from this dumba*s nutcase.
And I don't wanna call names, I'm done with this turtle/rabbit race.
Because even, though, I run games, it gets old after I hit homerun and still don't have one empty base.
Try and diminish this f*cking fire with the water from your flower vase.

And I can feel my (pulse), blood boiled; it's only affecting the pace.
The Malice and Spite are still there (pulse) killing it, but remaining untraced.
The anger rose past my f*cking spine (pulse), went straight to outerspace,
so send me one more lame a*s response. My IQ is the only thing you're laying to waste.

Someone please help me get my head on straight.
Why I feel this urge to just explode, it must be something I ate.
It must be something I ain't. Everything less than a saint.
I've been anything from a f*cking a*s to a mate.

So, when I say I'm backwards, my f*cking head is in reverse restraint.
When I'm about to explode, it must be that I'm ready to faint.
About to die off, 'fore I give up, must be a gene or a trait.
Because I've been a little bit of everything. Always a patient man, but now tired of the wait.

So, when I want it I can have it, I'ma seize it from the gate.
Freeze a freaking pizza, but I want the real Caesar on my plate.
I take the fastest way to my goal, free my mind on the freight.
Leave the US in a coma, mass seizures, check the states.

So once again, I can feel my (pulse), blood boiled; it's raised by the haste.
The Malice and Spite are still there (pulse) killing it, but they are replaced with pure hate.
The anger is in the f*cking clouds (pulse), the sky's red with the paint.
So send me one more lame a*s response. I've got an appetite to sate.
Debate Round No. 4


Con's gettin' really really angry steam is heavily heavily rollin'
But that fire's burnin, since he won't do crap, he's just trollin'
So we can disregard that "tough guy" talk, just keep on scrollin'

Kid's head is about to explode with rage like an air-head
Look at my raps, cuz that's what your gettin' spoonfed
Learn the basics like a newborn child bein' breastfed

Capitalistpig's growin pains are switchin lines in his brains
He needs more practice when reciting in his lyrical games
He's tired out, can't even throw a single decent punchline
Negative energy everywhere and not a single battle rhyme

Repeating the same gibberish all over again
Started off live n' well, now he's at a dead end
People, the only reason it's like he got hit by cars
is cuz he had a buffet, he ate too many of my bars

Your raps have no substance, just mumbo jumbo
Wishin he could fly sky high, a contorted dumbo
I'm usin' less than 100% of the words you use
Cuz i'm smooth like Tom Cruise, you just lose


Proud of you! You f*cking killed that last verse!
Assisted suicide; I can only hope it gets worse.
I can only hope you follow the lead of the first.
First of many. Viewers everywhere will be leaving this Earth.

So, is that all you got to say? Is that what your raps are worth?
I have no credibility? I'm short, I left, I'm angry; screaming 'till I'm hoarse.
Get off your high horse! It's f*cking rap, who gives a f*ck, as long as I keep along my course.
As long as I'm spitting worse than the rest, who cares if you haven't heard my name before?

I forfeited, because I have other things, a life on which I feed. My f*cking life-source.
So, if you think this all I do, maybe you should scout a little more.
An Ambassador, A Student, A mentor; I'm a f*cking growing force.
Still showin' no signs of slowin', getting better with each path and each course.

Where's your achievements, trophies, plaques? Can you give me a tour?
Show me a score? Not going very fast in that run-down car, even when the gas is to the floor.
I'm f*cking Pig; I'm midas, the highest: touch the clouds, watch the gold rain pour.
I'm afraid of what'll happen to the clouds when you try to settle the score.

You're na"ve; thinking you can peddle to the metal in the ghetto, banging on doors.
You get shot 'fore the forth. Sh*t on by the first and some whores.
You're not even in the rap game; let alone married to it. No need for divorce!
I'm telling you just calm down. No need to say nig*a to fit in anymore.

You hear Em say that sh*t all the time? Maybe once when he's sore.
Maybe in "I'm Back", when he's being an a*s to the core.
But you're not him, no real cred. Where's your battles that you bled for?
You're just beggin' to be acknowledged, but I won't 'till you admit that you're just an attention whore.

So, thank God this is the last round. But at the same time, I'm tore.
I was tired of hearing you talk, but I was screaming while I soared.
Never knew had this resentment ready to be released in these words that I hoard.
But if you really believe you're ready to be heard, I'll just leave you to the horde.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by CapitalisticPig 3 years ago
Sorry, W. B. Yeats.
Posted by DavidMGold 3 years ago
Yeats is turning in his grave.
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Reasons for voting decision: This was a garble of hogwash. Pro you first. Stop rapping theological theses in Rap Battles. Con, dude, you're not William Faulkner, quit with the 80-word sentences. Both of had a great first match but this sequel is malarkey. The result: Con's ff is akin to refusing to rap when the mic is passed. Pro won.