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Rap battle : Truth_seeker vs. ESocialBookworm

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Started: 10/3/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In response to my disses, i'm going to state facts
Don't reply back if you don't have lyrically solid raps

I have no idea why you named yourself ESocialBookworm
When worms don't think, they squirm and they never learn
You lack the confidence to raise a child, let alone be a mother
So you never show your face, Muslim women are undercover

In real life, your an insecure female in the need of a psychiatrist
Cuz no one is afraid of a kid who barks, but practices non violence

If I gave you a knife, you would not stab me
Before me, you would cry a river, no - a sea

That being said, I'm very disrespectful and relentless
Stomping on a worm that's so weak, soft, and defenseless


Truth must be a masochist, for challenging me to this.

I hope he doesn’t piss himself from the impact of my disses.

Firstly, Pro’s name is Truth_Seeker- he’s looking for the truth.

Why should you trust someone who lies to the elderly and youth?

As he said, he’s “very disrespectful and relentless.”

However, obviously- since I accepted the challenge, I’m not weak and defenceless.

In his second line, he used, “reply back,” which is redundant

His grammar is so atrocious, that it makes him look ignorant and repugnant.

I don’t have a clue what he’s referring to in his first line,

Since I hadn’t dissed him before, so I wonder why he’d lie.

I’m ESocialBookworm because I talk comfortably on the net and love to read;

Can’t say the same for you, Truth, because you’re full of bad deeds and idiocy.

Worms do have brains (nerve centers),[1] so they can think.

Truth’s lie is malicious and discriminating.

As most animals, worms have the capacity to think,

Though sometimes, like you, Truth, they don’t and they stink.

I don’t wanna be a mother, but for very different reasons.

At least I won’t be a terrible, hated father, with his children trying to leave him.

On the topic of Muslim wear, a dumba$$ Truth seems to appear.

Niqabs hide most of the face, [2] but hijabs only cover your hair. [3]

The reason we wear it isn’t lack of confidence.

Muslims who wear it are seen as special, reserved and very loyal to their husbands.

As everyone is, I’m in need of a psychologist,

But I ain’t insecure, like Truth’s accusation, which is mendacious.

The best people are bonkers, as said in Alice in Wonderland [4]

Except Truth_Seeker, since he’s caught up in his own religious fantasy land.

Of course, I’m a kid, who barks, but my bite is just as vicious.

At least, I can defend myself, and not hide behind a bravado- fictitious.

I don’t practise non-violence, and I can throw a good punch.

Silly, small Seeker only knows of the punch [5] he can drink for lunch.

Someone clearly doesn’t know of my collection of knives and swords.

If you gave me a knife, I wouldn’t waste my energy going anywhere near you and your wards.

Why would I waste my time and tears crying for someone like you?

I’d be too busy ignoring your existence and thinking about Endark, [6] my boo. [7]

At least, I have friends, for I try to be respectful to most.

I wouldn’t be round at your barren funeral- if I were your ghost.

You see Truth_Seeker- if it’s one thing you must learn-

Friendship is built from love and trust, and they have to be earned.





[4]- Lewis Caroll,

[5]- or


[7]- (definition 1, part 1)

You're mad. Bonkers. Off your head.... but I'll tell you a secret...all of the best people are.

Debate Round No. 1


Apparently ESocial misread me, we'll have to wait and see
If your not weak and defenseless, after this battle you will be!

FYI, this isn't Annie, this is Osama Bin Laden's daughter
That's ok U.S Marines, i'll be the one to initiate slaughter

Your bars are uneven, you never heard of stanzas
This girl is ignorant of poetry cuz she wasted chances
Compared to my complexity, my disses are very tactical
You just stuff knowledge in your head, but it's not practical

I said you go covered, does this bimbo know how to use logic?
If Fahrenheit 451 happens it's cuz of stupidity and you caused it

So you claimed that you love to read, but your a self-conceited jerk!
You should recognize by now that online relationships don't work!
When i asked you about you and him, you said eventually it'd be stopped!
Something i learned from experience, something you never been taught!

How you have friends when your fantasizing online and it's not real!
In real life, the reality is that your alone and have troubles to feel!
You begged for open voting cuz as a writer, you have no innovation!
You got your friends waiting to vote for you cuz you got no education!

So instead, step down to a real emcee's level, spit some lyrics for thrills!
Show us that as an intellectual, you can win this by some actual skills!
Carefully craft your lyrics like an actual poet and show some power!
You scared of taking qualified judges cuz your nothing but a coward!

Qur'an 5:46/47 says that the Torah is revered (1), that's no longer a mystery!
Callin' my religion fantasy, but mine came first, better learn your own history!


1. Surat Al-Ma'ida 5:46

"And We sent, following in their footsteps, Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming that which came before him in the Torah; and We gave him the Gospel, in which was guidance and light and confirming that which preceded it of the Torah as guidance and instruction for the righteous."


Once upon a time, there was an idiot, who joined a debating site,

His name was Truth_Seeker and he was so stupid that his head was light.

He challenged the awesome ESocial and got shown up,

So out of DDO, he decided to cowardly drop.

You see the thing about being a Bookworm

Is that I like to see people squirm,

Especially douchebags like Truth_Seeker, who need to learn

So from wrong and right, he can discern.

Books can be judged and critiqued, but they can’t be hurt because they have no heart.

I’m similar - I’m so cold, and you’re such an idiot - I don’t give a f-fart.

I’m rubber, and you’re glue;

Whatever you say to me, bounces off me, and sticks to you.”

On the topic of my father, that’s none of your beeswax,

And even if Bin was my father – I’d send him to “take care of” [1] your arse.

And by the way, yes, this is Esocial – also known as, Annie,

As I said don’t trust a liar- he’s just a pathetic pansy.

My bars may be uneven, because it’s my first time trying to rap,

But at least I’m better than Truth – mine doesn’t sound like crap.

I do put knowledge in my head, but I am practical as well-

I’m more street-smart than Truth, as the audience can tell.

Truth said he used ‘cover’ but as you can see he said ‘under-cover,’

Hijabs are adornments – graciously purring to potential lovers.

Truth might want to use one – to hide the mop on his head,

I’ll be sure to send him one, since I feel sorry for him after reading his pitiful threads.

Online relationships rarely work, but they won’t ever with Seeker,

I wonder why? Oh yeah – because he’s a delusional, sadistic creeper.

He scares away girls, like the new rules ran Bench and C.P.

Would he like a pair of scissors? Maybe then he might be able to see -

See the bashing I’m giving him good – here, right now.

When I’m done here, I’ll give him a tissue, after I take a bow.

My friends, on DDO and in real life, will be cheering me on.

Where are his? Oh right – he has none.

I do have troubles, as almost every single other person.

What does he take me for - some robotic illusion?

I asked for open voting, because he added his “fans” to judge alone,

I just wanted it to be fair – so he can see himself get stoned.

He only contradicts himself, adding to his grammatical diarrhoea,

He said I only have knowledge, but have no education – see what he did there?

I hope he likes my poetic, powerful piece,

And cry as he goes to sleep, knowing that he got himself shown up by that “esocial bookie.”

He thinks he’s such a great rapper, but his ratio shows otherwise. [2]

Look at his past debates to see how he screwed up almost all of his tries.

My favourite is with Mikal, who put him in his place [3]

How I wish I was there- after his complaint of a vote bomb [4], to see him get socked [5] in the face.

Such a coward- he forfeited the first round, and chose not to rap in another so he wouldn’t look stupid.

Such a pity, that there ain’t a thing he can do to prevent it, unless he makes a deal with the devil or cupid. [6]

In fact, only Aphrodite [7] can help him now so he better start praying to her, maybe she’ll have pity.

Few don’t hate him, like NiamC, [8] who talks to him about weed because he feels sorry.

Truth tried to debate that one need not reason alone to live, [9] but ended up backing out like the chicken that he is,

Forfeiting every round- a great example of his weakness.

He even tried to argue that rap debates should be freestyled [10] twice [11]

It’s a lucky thing he lost, because if he thinks he’d win rapping like that- he’s senile.

Truth can’t even get a girl, that’s probably why he tries to cyberstalk them,

As he said, he’s only kissed 2-3, [12] but then again, how can we even trust him?

He even said himself that he’s on medication [13] so it wouldn’t surprise me that he’s turned to self-devotion,

Since he’s lacking that feeling of being loved, his pathetic attempt at considering loving himself, deserves a standing ovation.

In his A.M.A. thread, Bluesteel gave him a sociopathic test, he answered most of them as ‘no’ instead of ‘yes.’ [14]

Even Blade-of-Truth called him on his B.S. [15] and he even admitted that one girl has asked him to never contact her again because of the stress. [16]

He gave a vivid description of his desire to murder someone,

However, he cries that’s he a good, fervent Christian.

If you still don’t trust me, take Bluesteel’s calling out for reference,

Where he pointed out Truth’s doleful lie about dreaming about killing animals. [17]

He says he’s Hispanic [18], much like Marie, unless he lied about that as well.

So I hope he understands this “¡Vete al diablo!” (If you don’t, Isaiah, it means ‘Go to Hell.’)

He ran Marie off the site, for unrequited love, [19] on numerous occasions by publicly shaming her,

I’ll take a quote, “His posts paint him as a passive aggressive sociopath with a dueling victim/god complex,” from another member. [20]

Isaiah, as him username says, who should visit a psychiatrist, is seeking the truth-

The trust is, honey- you’re a psychopathic, sociopathic, imprudent, insolent liar, and almost everyone hates you.


[1]- (definition 2 & 3)




[5]- (definition 3)
















Debate Round No. 2


Your raps don't even rhyme, in this battle, you need more time
If you pay me a great fine then i'll teach you how to write a line
How the heck can your father kill me when his face looks like that?!? (1)
Wearing those filthy rags over your head is the only time you wrap!

How are you street smart when you have never lived in the streets?!?
This wanna be emcee yappin' twerp always snuggled under sheets!

Read this! No where is it an Islamic mandate to wear the hijab in the Koran! (2)
That being said, you prefer tradition over the book, i take it so i can hack on!
It's a good thing you took off that homosexual profile pic, you arab immigrant!
Your own religion says that homosexuality is abominable so your a hypocrite!

Do you call this some intellectual and logical hogwash to be regarded?
Because i call that vote-bombing you terrorist, cuz you are retarded!

I may have lost to Michelle but i gave him burns weighing more than a ton!
Despite your vote bombs, deep inside, his weakling angry soul knows i won!
You should know that i mentioned i'd destroy him in 1 round n' he got slayed!
The simple Truth is that i know that i could not be hurt, making him him slave!

I'm lacking that feeling of being loved? Am i the monster who went on a killin spree?
I got friends who love my compassionate heart (4) don't judge if you don't know me!
Because only bigots, the one's who hypocritically and ignorantly spit words, a snare!
They can talk talk talk all they want, while you get dropped cuz they were never there!

Yes i did speak of murder, i freely admit it, i angrily spoke of my colossal wrath
But little Annie was talking about cuttin' my balls, therefore your also a sociopath! (5)
Next page, you admit to being sadistic, that's pretty ironic, who would have knew
That everything you threw at me would logically be thrown straight back at you!

I'm a terrible person, that's why Christ died and for that, i'm proud of him above
He poured his blood for my soul, a shame Allah never showed the same love!

Me and GCL are united by one God in forgiveness of our sins not in dissonance!
In one faith, we are rooted in the love of innocence, cleaned out of our wickedness!
I was a witness to the sequence of my destroyed villainous treacherous resistance!
You are still within the limits of an evil substance, learn what the difference is!

Metaphysical emanations from divine manifestations'll be the pinnacle of a mystical wisdom!
Greata spiritual animations of the mind are representations are biblical of a typical system!
Theoretical accusations just decline, i find obligations to reach the pivotal livable kingdom!
Egotistical foundations of ya time rewind ya aspirations, degradin this cynical pitiful victim!

I been contemplatin why i am comprehending the apathetic debased islamic love you crave
While i'm meditatin how i am apprehending the homiletic free grace love that i am saved
I am slowly elevating to the never ending state of esthetic face of God forever to be praised
While you are condescending to the ever offending reality that Muhammad is dead in his grave!

Yes i was hurtful, but your beloved prophet is dead and in a decaying bodily prison! (6)
Yours never ascended to heaven, i am forgiven of mine by the holy one who is risen!

You little girl! Did you forget my slogan?!?

I can handle sittin' in a booth repentin' for the sake of my youth
Being a seeker, street sweeper, Now can you handle the Truth?









If I, before, planned to kick Truth_Seeker’s arse,

Now, I’m going to flog his backside, with a major touch of sass.

For being so discourteous and crass,

He’s made me question the type of brain and upbringing he has.

Listen up, Isaiah, as I put you in your place.

It’s time to shove your words right back in your face.

This is what you get for being a disgrace,

And discriminating against my lovely religion and race.

Someone’s clearly never done Literature, also called English B,

Since he’s obviously unaware of Appearance versus Reality.

Embedded in most works, it’s a common theme-

"Don’t judge a book by its cover or only on what can be seen."

This says a lot about his personality-

That he’d value outer over inner beauty.

Materialistic and judging – no wonder he has few, if any friends,

Instead of caring about their situation, he only cares about the trends.

You don’t have to live “in” the streets to be street smart and witty,

You have to live “on” it, and brace the pity.

I’m not perfect, but I’m grateful for what I’ve been given -

Allah blessed me with a family, friends, shelter and food, so I shall pray to be forgiven.

Truth seems to be delusional, since I never said it was compulsory to wear the hijab,

I am a Muslim, first and foremost, and any opportunity that presents itself to me to defend my religion, I shall grab.

I have my own beliefs, and I won’t slander someone because of their orientation,

While Truth wants to condemn all gays to Hell and then begs for His reconciliation.

If you think you burnt Mikal, I’ll send you brochures for mental wards,

Your “insults” for him were like poking wooden boards,

He wrapped and rapped around you, like he was snaking a cord.

Compared to you, he’s like a rapping God.

Won? You? In that debate?

Oh please, you might as well have won second place.

I think you should check your definition of “slayed”

Because unless you mixed up yourself with Mikal - you got put in your place.

On the topic of your ‘friends,’ I’ll inform you - you have none,

The only people who hang around you are pitiful of you, so they try to help you have fun.

They’re afraid of leaving you, though they want to, because of your suicide threads, [10]

If they do, you’ll have no one and the next DDO newsletter will read, “Truth_Seeker: DEAD.”

A sociopath is a person with a psychopathic personality,

Who lacks a conscience and moral responsibility. [1]

Acts of self-defence [2] do not make you a sociopath-

Would you rather I just sit there, while someone tore out my limbs and heart?

If I’m a sadomasochist, what’s wrong with that?

At least I won’t be a psycho killer, and go down the wrong path!

Allah made and gave Christ life, and he’ll return one day,

He’ll set everything in the right way.

Allah made us all, and to Him, one day you shall return,

Hopefully, in the Hell fire, you shall not, for long, burn.

Marie is an angel, sent from above, showering over us – hope and joy.

She spreads everywhere cheer and love, and is always willing to help – anybody - girl or boy.

You and Marie are only united by a common religion, nothing more, and nothing less.

That’s all you’ll ever be – friends – and that’s for the best.

Islam is a religion of peace, disguised as terrorism by the media,

It seems the Illuminati have also succeeded in tricking the weak-minded Truth_Seeker.

When I said “religious fantasy land” I meant his self-devotion,

But of course – he wouldn’t understand that – I should have expected such a notion.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was a great and inspiring man,

A true role model – that you should look up to, if you can.

He was the last prophet in Islam, and Jesus spoke of him as well,

He shall be in Paradise, Heaven, while you rot in Hell.

I won’t attack your religion, because I’m not that low,

There’s just one thing that I’d like you to know –

Repenting for your sins is very important.

But what matters more is learning, so your good behaviour will be constant.

However, it’s highly improbable that he will actually repent,

Since his will, in that way, is not bent.

Many members have noticed, and YYW was kind enough to provide a list, [3]

The other members who believe he's sane are either stupid, in denial or blinded by his mist.

Bluesteel gave some excellent advice on boys, and how they must be [4]

You should take it if you, Truth, ever want to have a wife, or lady.

Tons of members had to warn you- you were being too intense [5]

You’ve gotta be kind, and patient, if you want that "white picket fence."

On another note, you tried to debate Max and ended up failing, [6]

It was depressing to watch you flap around flailing,

As I realised you were 1-to-72 frailing,

But kudos to you- I thought you’d have been bailing.

If that wasn’t terrible enough, he went up against 9space only to meet degradation, [7]

Lost five-nill – what a humiliation.

I could only imagine his mortification,

Which assures me that his “rap skills” are only in his imagination.

You even went up against Marie, who crushed you completely, [8]

I guess that was when you were trying to move around DDO discreetly.

Ironically you couldn’t even defend the existence of God successfully in a debate [9]

Yet you go around preaching about Him, when you only harbour hate.

As said before, you love attention, and sympathy [10] to make yourself feel better about whom you are.

Well, I hope this debate makes you feel like a star.

We all knew who was going to win – even before we commenced.

This is my first rap battle, and my first winning rap battle as of present.

The truth is out there, and can be hard to find,

Even when some find it, they refuse to allow it to stay and process in their minds.

Denial is a bastard, but then again so are you,

I wish you luck, accepting the truth-

That you just lost our rap debate.

Bring on the expected hate.

I’m ready for the complaints,

But trust me- we all know who got "slain." [11]













Debate Round No. 3
23 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 3 years ago
it's obvious that Annie should take this debate as she clearly slayed, crushed and minced Truth_seeker
Posted by RevL8ion 3 years ago
Round 3
Winner: Con (ESocial)
This was Pro's longest round, but with more content came more flaws. First of all, he should NOT have mentioned something from a past rap battle when he lost 0-123. Never, under any circumstances, should you bring up a situation where you were utterly humiliated (no offense to Pro). He quickly redeemed himself with powerful verses close to the end. It almost convinced me that he would be the victor of this rap battle, until I read Con's argument...

Con was quicker to the punch than she was in the previous two rounds, only stalling the first quarter this time. She missed no chances to slip in past defeats of Pro, along with counterattacks to the entirety of Pro's stanzas. It was somewhat of a dirty trick to drag in things from other debates and forums into the battlefield, but Pro was the first to mention how he "burned" Mikal in their Rap Battle.

In summary, Pro was quick to dish out scalding insults, but Con was even swifter to negate them and retaliate. Although not a very significant difference in terms of skill, Con wins (her first rap battle! I hope this won't be her last).
Posted by RevL8ion 3 years ago
Round 2
Winner: Pro (Truth)
In this round, Pro has ultimately decided to step it up and created a more stable foundation for his rap, enabling him to make crafty and catchy insults, and even turning something from his opponent's religion against her, when he says "Qur'an 5:46/47 says that the Torah is revered (1), that's no longer a mystery!/Callin' my religion fantasy, but mine came first, better learn your own history!"
However, the bin Laden diss was totally out of nowhere. When you add an insult, make sure that it makes logical sense and has a connection to your opponent. Overall, a significant improvement from his first argument.

Con's main weakness in Round 2 was her hesitation and excessive words in the first half of her rap. To be fair, if she had cut out most of the content from the first half, then she would have most definitely won. Her lines were even witter than Pro's, even including actual content from DDO to nourish her ammunition. Unfortunately, her lack of aggression in the beginning was her downfall in this round, although not by far.
Posted by RevL8ion 3 years ago
Before I start, I was in no way trying to be biased, and totally ignored the fact that ESocial might make my life miserable due to extreme bodily harm if I voted Pro. Okay, fine, maybe it was 0.1% of the reason. XD
But anyway, back to business. It was a close shave, and I will be making a detailed analysis of each rapper in each round.

Round 1
Winner: Con (ESocial)
This was probably the easiest decision out of the three rounds. Pro had posted less than expected, but most of his insults were good; my favorite being "That being said, I'm very disrespectful and relentless/Stomping on a worm that's so weak, soft, and defenseless." However, his lines lacked consistency and wasn't quite connected, with no transition from the insult to Con's religion to her username.

Con, in comparison, had posted much more than Pro, but sacrifices quality for quantity, albeit this is her first time trying to rap, which I will not take into account (XD). It takes on more of a passive tone and resembles poetry for the most part, but it is not without its strengths. It lacks insults in the beginning (which I highly DO NOT recommend, start your attacks from the first line), but quickly escalates the intensity with subtle but stinging insults such as "I don"t wanna be a mother, but for very different reasons./At least I won"t be a terrible, hated father, with his children trying to leave him."

The main reason why Con won this round was due to quantity and her verse structures, with consistent four-line stanzas as opposed to Pro. Had she neglected her disses altogether, Pro would've won due his interjecting but concise verses.

Note: I know that the order of this will be backwards due to the ordering of the comments, but I don't feel like starting with Round 3. :P
Posted by XxyungtroyxX 3 years ago
Omg Con in cooking I dont even have to read the rest
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
lol no, can't say the same for ESocial's impending damages though :P
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 3 years ago
does truth need some aloes for that burnnn ?????
Posted by ESocialBookworm 3 years ago
Umm... No... This was just a once in a blue moon thing. I would on a normal basis suck. xD
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
dam, Annie/Bookie is KILLING truth seeker. No, OBLITERATING is more like it. I feel like Seeker is going extra easy on Bookie, and Annie is going extra extra hard. The lines are very powerful, the last line sounds like something from MLP!! Incredible! Keep on going like this and I'll have to challenge you as a worthy opponent, Annie!! B)
Posted by ESocialBookworm 3 years ago
Thanks. :-)
8 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Vote Placed by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Sorry truth, but Esocial attacked like I've never seen her do before. Overall, I felt Esocial was actually closest to rap (rhythm and poetry) even if Truth was closer to the hip hop culture with his lyrics. In the end, there were too many comebacks that Esocial had for me to not give her the win. Both did a decent job at staying on a beat that a reader can understand, but I feel Iike Esocial actually did a better job at staying in rhythm. For those reasons I need to give the win to Esocialbookworm.
Vote Placed by EndarkenedRationalist 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: I was reminded much more of poetry than rap. CON's cases were rather long, which allowed her more opportunity to find good disses and rhythms buried within. PRO's were shorter and more concise, meaning PRO had to be more careful with diction. Unfortunately, I don't think PRO always held up in this regard (the Fahrenheit 451 allusion, for instance, just felt awkward.) Since both of these seemed poetic, I'll judge from a poetic standpoint. CON overall had cleverer disses , even if not everything matched up (devotion and ovation don't rhyme). Close, very close, but I have to award the win to CON - and, by the rules of the debate voting, that means all 7 points.
Vote Placed by 9spaceking 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Bookie's raps were FAR FAR longer, including more imagery, powerful rhymes, similes, disses, and the only round where Truth could've possibly even had a chance was round 3 (In which I think he went full on Bookie). It's obvious Bookie wins here. Man, I gotta debate this awesome rapping chick some time!
Vote Placed by Mikal 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: kind of crazy this goes this way. Both styles were not even like rap rap, they were more like poetry which is fine. Decent disses on both sides, and all around trying to slander the other person which is the heart of battle rap. What made con win this to me was the effort in the second round, the amount of effort she put into just straight burning pro was amazing. Like 15 plus sources of constant bashing. Like I said this was less of a rap debate and more of a poetry diss competition.
Vote Placed by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: There are just so many things wrong w/ Con's raps. Firstly, she start off--wait, that's the first thing wrong "firstly" sounds goofy period, adding it in a dissing rap further dissolves one's grammatical adeptness. Where is her "secondly"? Like Jasper said, the feel of Con's lyrics are poetically esoteric at times as if she's trying to examine the depth of a philosophical topic thru jabs at Pro. Pro once again got long winded with line after line after line after line after line after line after line. Despite packing some punch. If this was 7pt, Con would have me. The greatest blow she delivered was the incident involving the dearly missed GCL. Con would've had MCA & MRS to Pro S&G. Pro takes this one because his overall presentation was lyrical warfare with tactical flips thrown nicely about EVEN THOUGH the verses were tiredly long.
Vote Placed by JasperFrancisShickadance 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better flow and rhymes overall, but I'd say Con had better rebuttals. Seeing all the effort put into E's raps I'll congratulate her with a big high five! (If I could.) Anyway well done both of ya. I was especially impressed with Con, but Pro was more solid altogether. T had good bars. E had much longer rounds which is good, yet lacked a real rapping atmosphere like Pro. In truth, I decided my vote after round two. I judge on quality, not quantity. Con's raps sounded like a short story type poem.
Vote Placed by lannan13 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con would win sources by a large margin. I also found Con to be more clever and she tended to be more outside the box than Pro was and Con also get's points for flow. This match goes to ESocial.
Vote Placed by RevL8ion 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: RFD in comments.