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Rap battle anyone?

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Started: 11/11/2013 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Here I am .
Looking for a little fun,
so I guess
Rap battle anyone?

I need to get my kicks,
jest here to relax...
Just wanna get my fix,
so heres a battle in three acts...


Boy you better bow to knees
Because everybody knows my bars sting like bees
Don't attempt to stop me bruh
Ima have u confused and leave u malfunction bruh

I see you just tryna have some fun
But ima murder you in this rap battle once im done
Please nigga, u think you got game??
I took this challenge, so everyone could watch u get flamed.
Debate Round No. 1


Boy? What you mean?
You"re talking to a Mistress
Don"t look so green
I know you gunna distruss"

I know your next verse
Its called girls can"t rap
I"ll go ahead and call a hearse
Cuz son you"re looking for a nap

So if you say that girls can't rap
They should stick to writin" poetry"
So what"s a poem and a tap?
Aww, did I make this to girly?

So say that its not rappin" ,that its just loose poetry
I'll say poetry not loose, she is a virginal lady.
You see she's got my loyalty, and I got her card
Son I ain't a rapper, I am a bard.

I'm not here to insult you,
Or exalt you, or fault you.
I'm just blowing off some "lyrical" steam
If you know what I mean.


Do dope f*** hope.
Debate Round No. 2


You see my opponent?
You see how he's blowin it?
My rhymes were so sweet
He was speechless on his feet

It because he wont step up
That I'll call his bluff
I'll go get his Sippy cup
One line, man? That"s rough!

I know they say a picture
Is worth a thousand words
But this boy is just a drifter
He's a great big turd

O' maybe he's shy
Or he might be a troll
He could be a nice guy,
But this is his death toll.


B*tch i aint worry about nothing
Bruh, you better be careful
You thought you had me boiling up like a hot spring
But naw, ima come out like a raging bull and tight yo a** up using a steel wool

Your rhymes are trash just like the home you live in
My rhymes will bust you and leave me with a f**king win
Yeah, so your f**k a** thought you had me
B*tch im sweat like ice tea

No one can touch me, no one can beat me
I dare you try and a stunt again like that
And watch where you'll be

Ni**a who you calling a boy??
The only boy you should be talking about
Is your sex toy, you mama's boy

Lemme catch you on the streets slippin
Ima have yo whole family killed while you sleeping

See now that you brought out the king
I just fed you these rhymes
So now its time for me to chill and eat these buffalo wings

Good sh*t bro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SONOFGOD2013 3 years ago
Nice work Chris.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 3 years ago
Hey have you guys seen my rap battle
Posted by stillotson 3 years ago
Fun times kid I don't rap either...
Posted by ChrisIrving311 3 years ago
I don't rap so im just messing with this person lol.
Posted by stillotson 3 years ago
Naw, I just need to blow off some steam from some serious debates.
If you wanna have some fun just read and wait.
Posted by HOBOES 3 years ago
wow looks like a good debate
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's rap flowed more, but he only had one line in one round and sweared alot, so Pro won it for me