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Rap battle (clean)

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Started: 4/15/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Keep it clean
Dis me however you feel
Have fun with it

When you see my poetry,
When you feel it jump out from this page,
When you feel the 'you' in 'me',
When you empathize with my rage,
Only then will you begin,
To come close to the level of this beast,
You're a gazelle, I'm a lion,
I spit at you like it's a feast.
you stand no chance,
but you can try,
You're like a cancer patient,
Bound to die,
Are there tears forming at your eye?
Poor little baby, please don't cry.

I rule the roost,
All chicks are mine,
You're bound to lose,
Just wasting time,
Until my life story,
Has another victory,
And you're just another reason,
Why I worry,
For the human race's IQ,
There's tons of fools, just like you,
Think they're clever,
Think they know,
Tons of thing,
But it's just for show.


I thank Pro for setting up this rap battle.

I shut my eyes, feel the howl of wind

In cold hatred, I feel my fiery soul pinned:

Jlara tells me, lose I must;

But who is he to decide what is just?

Pro has one debate up their sleeve

Jlara’s loss will force him, a sigh, to heave,

In sheer pain at my rhythmic raps

So swift it’s like I’m on annihilation laps.

Then he accuses me of being a gazelle

But he’s the one who lacks in ferocity and zeal,

Crippled and humbled, he begs for his next meal;

And my fiery might, he shall feel.

Behold me striking with my axe

So fast he’s dead before he gets the fax!

As he begs, death’ll be his tax;

‘til, to close his account, he’ll plead to airmax!

Pro has made some twisted rules,

That apply only to him and other fools.

When he bows, I’ll make him work like other slave-mules,

Then he’ll ask for death at my hand’s torture-tools.

You think you’re a lion, but you’re an insult to the beast:

The hyenas and I of you shall have a feast,

‘Cause you begin foolish, depressing memes

And then you shall fall, you and your dumb team.

You’re tiny and scared, with only 2 rounds out of fear

The moment you hear my raps your eyes will tear

For in the eyes of mine you are a mere

Young and fearful lion cub who’s scared of their peer.

But I’ll not insult you, ‘cause I’m gracious;

Waving my head in pity at a cub so precocious,

‘Cause you’ve met me, the great lion, so ferocious –

I thank you for boosting my Elo, which is precious.

In conclusion I shall say,

That I am greater in night and day

Pro must fall at my feet and pray

Or my anger will turn his face pale and gray.

Debate Round No. 1


(This was just for fun and I wanted to see if people would rap on here)

My opponent's rhymes were whack.
His skills did lack.
I hope he checks his opening formatting before he comes back.
He will now learn his lesson after I left him to dry on a rack.
Another victory that was easier than a smack.
My pet rock has more skills than this tack.
It lives in a shack yet it rhymes more than this piece of flak.

(Don't need a lot of rhymes just enough)


I thank Pro for their raps.

In all gracefullness I shall note,
That Pro's rap was too short to quote;
Foolishly non-rhythmic raps he wrote
He shall face my cold storm and put on a thick coat.

He accused me of having no rhyme
His raps are but foolish mime
I shall destroy him as does time
He shall be crushed and turned to chalk-pale lime.

In fear, in pain, he has turned white
He's confusing left with right,
Crumbling in the force of my might
Shutting his eyes in the blindin' light.

He says you don't need rhymes - just enough
The guy who's mute but acts all gruff,
You needn't act strong; you need to be tough
Or in my wrath your body'll be in cuffs.

This guy will never come back
For in power and courage he does lack,
His skull and bones, my force shall crack
Jlara'll be crushed in the train track ...
Then he'll be crippled and never call me a "piece of flak" -
'Coz his stupid raps are small - mouthful bites that'll make my lips smack.

It is official and a fact,
That what Pro lacks in raps he lacks in fact;
He'll crumble beneath the power of my axe,
Till his life he'll pay as tax.

His raps are short 'coz he is dumb,
After this ends, he'll be rendered numb -
Death will ask him to hell to come
And he'll crumble, shorter than my thumb.

What will I gain
from crippling his already stupid brain?
I'll throw him 'cross his lane
'Coz he's so dumb he spells "fan" as "fane".
He's gonna fall to my lion's mane.

Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm not exactly sure how you vote on rap battles [I've voted on only one so far]. Anyway, I'll explain why Con wins. Pro's raps were extremely short, and his first rap barely had any flow or rhyme. While Pro improved by his second rap, Con's counter-rap was long but nonetheless crisp, with a sharp, very fast flow and rhythm. A "piece of flak" is completely incorrect usage; "flak" is anti-aircraft fire or strong criticism. Pro made many other incorrect usages in their second rap; therefore, S&G to Con.