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Rap battle of EMOTIONAL PERSONAL STORIES [original content]

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Started: 12/16/2012 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Okay, let's go. First round is acceptance.

All raps must be of personal stories.

They can be hilariously fictional if you so wish.

May the best literature artist win.


I accept. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


I was born in hell,
Raised in it,
Satan abused me well,
Pain to the infinite,
I know no limit,
Nothing can break my spirit,
I was broken once upon a time,
But I got myself back together as well as I rhyme,
I rhyme, and rhyme was a crime,
I'd be doing a life-time,
In that prison,
I have risen,
Now I'm sour as a lime,
I can burn you up like an acid,
Get girls to suck me off when I'm flaccid,
And in hell, there's no chicks,
Just pu$$ies with d!cks,
So I'm happy Of all I did.

Look at me now, I'm the king,
I'm the master, of disaster,
On the phone brring brring,
I ask for you to just shut up,
listen to me I'm the boss you're anything but,
Ring ring you my B!tch, I'm CEO,
Of a business named masculinity... You get me bro?!

I'm the devil,
I'm the god,
Any level,
I'm the mod,
I'm the admin,
I'm the creator,
I'm the porn director,
I'm the masturbator!

I'm the fastest zebra of the herd,
Fastest lion of the pack,
Strongest gorilla of the band,
I'm the duck with the loudest QUACK,
I'm the dominator,
Anarchist, tyrannical,
Self contradictive operator,
Of this existence,
It's my insistence,
That this poem must end because if it does not................................

I will explode with words,
Erupt with joy,
To say things you've never heard of,
You get me boy?
You get me girl?
I'm out of this world,
That's all, thank you, you're f*cking beautiful.


I was born in Venezia
By a hearth blessed by Hestia.
Born an raised to destroy
The world itself my toy.
And I never miss with my Glock 43
so you best get out the way for i shot you in the knee.
I'm in-charge with relations with the IRA
so if you f*ck with me you gona pay.

My first kiss i rememba
i was swimin in Vienna
And I saw this pretty chick
who was starrin at my d*ck
when i got glared at by her father
i pulled him right into the water
and i kissed here really hard
man that guys a tard
n his face got so red
i thought he'd loose his head
but then he heard my name
and backed away instantly tame

For I'm a Provenzano
I'll tern you in to a soprano
and you'll scream in frustration
as i perform Castration
And you may be fiendish
but I'll chop of your penis
so if you starten to inflame
don't f*cken play my game

I think i did this right
Debate Round No. 2


Your 'emotional personal story',
Is all about sex... Dude I worry...
Your IQ must be 100 or below,
Just assuming, I don't know,
Anyway let me just go with this flow,
I like to accelerate later on,
At first site back, relax take it slow.
You know? Bro..... No? OH... Okay Listen' up YOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......OOOOOOOOoooooooooooo....

You a little 'singing boy',
No not the first you're version two,
You imitate, don't innovate,
You are nothing more than a view,
Of the old singing boy that came before,
That you replaced but are more than a bore,
Than he was, because, like Santa Claus,
The only HO-HO-HO sexual rewards you get are from WHORES!

Get a hoe, take it slow,
You're come in three seconds if she were to go,
A little faster,
What a disaster,
You're like a non-weed-smoking rasta...
Communist North Koreans,
Have bigger d!cks than you'll ever have,
but don't' worry, man,
Their 3 inch wonders are the orient,
So mystical, shoot like pistols, they are so divine and heaven-sent,
Just kidding, what' your 2 incher doing out and about?
To be hilarious for all others to scream and shout?
Is that the purpose for your openness, why ask, I have no doubt,
You want to make up for your size with the amount of words you use to express sexual bouts!

Anyways, onto the rest of my poetry,
My style so unique you just know it's me,
RationalMadman is here and it's really truly nice to see it's so silly to think we...
Are fighting, when the winner will be me, inevitably, undoubtedly, every victory, between you and I, will always be ME!



you belong in a trash can
with rhymes so stale
your gona fail
what where you thinkin challengin me
so if i was you i would totally flee

So lets jump back to my emotional story
And talk about the time I went across the sea in a dory
see the Mediterranean
It not episcopalian
As I neared near africa
runin out of stamina
got attacked by a eland
bet they dont have those in New Zealand
lets just say i had a real good dinner
case god knows i could be no thiner

but lets go back to you mockin my name
even if im shore you just bein a pain.
so lets start whith a littel filler
cause you gota know my family raised me a killer
But thats not all i am im a singing boy too
and just so you know its cooler written a 2
so that is my name
cause i got nothin too gain
if i used my surname
thou i could call u a stronzo
Debate Round No. 3


RationalMadman forfeited this round.


Debate Round No. 4


To be honest I thought I had made this a three round debate.


Bacon is good
Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by toamatt26 4 years ago
Good debate. Horrible Lyrics.

Guys, just stop.

Alright here it goes,

singingboy2 your raps are like glue,
stickin to things, cause its really cheesy,
your brain has no clue,
You're nothing like *Weezy
And when the crowd all goes boo
Your sweat will be greasy

Allright i will,
comment on your skill,
Your lyrics kill,
I mean theyr really still,
having no rythym,
so come on and fill,
Make a new one,
never mind dont
cause it wont be fun
to hear, no it wont.

RationalMan, your stories generic,
your rhymes are histeric,
and its cr@p, your lyrics
so guys, dont go down the rap way and steer it
to the other side, and dont debate it.
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