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Rap battle part 2.

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Started: 3/26/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This time I will begin. Last one was so much fun, I wanted to do it again (even though I can't rap).

So we meet again, you piece of crap,
the little boy that thinks he can rap!
You think you so cool,
but I'm on the top,
you learned how to rap after watching kidz bop!

You try to have swag,
with yo tiny winy hat,
I heard last night night,
you washed the semen out of yo cat!

I'm mc jabuti,
with the botty in mah face,
you haven't even started but your out of breath,
pick up the pace!

Yo play with your small balls,
fap fap fap,
my balls are so big,
to find em Dora don't even need no map.
Your mom, your cat, they sit on mah lap,
All you can hear is
tap tap tap.

Don't go in there! It's a trap!
maybe you would live if you knew how to rap.
I am a man,
you are a boy,
I play with girls,
you play with adult toys.

Sit down, Dora and kidz bop aren't done,
i know you fap to them, I can see your ***
Don't lowride son, you aren't cool,
sit yo @ss down,
cuz you just got schooled.



Hey we met again guy with a pic of a grape
To ashamed to show his face because he looks like an ape
I pulled you in, ain't no way to escape
I'm about to break your face and change it's shape
Making you realize challenging me again was a mistake

You don't put anything about yourself on your profile cuz your a disgrace
Which is one of the reasons you don't show your face
And son I'm about to knock you into deep space
Which would be a huge favor to the human race
Debate Round No. 1


I like your moxie kid, but it's not enough
your rapping is so bad
I rather listen to hilary duff.

My picture is a grape that's bigger than your balls,
because my face is too sexy, and my dick is so tall,
You can't pull me in, a queer, just maybe,
But he probally suck you so hard you cry like a baby.
You can break my face, but not my balls of steel,
My big toe is bigger than your banana peel.

I don't put shiat on my profile,
but it's superior to yours,
look at my eighteen wins compared to your three,
when I am done with you, mercy is what you will plea.
You can't knock me into space,
I'm already out of this world,
but don't get mad at me cuz I'm not the man who stole yo Gurl.

You trying to be the king of rap, with a stupid cape
but what comes out of your mouth is crap,
dunno if I need a plunger or duct tape.

"LEAVE ME ALOOOONE" is what you said when you were vexed,
probally cuz your such a wuss you couldn't rap against your ex!
Yeah, I said, what you gonna do,
cry all the way home,
cuz you know it's true.

You say you can rap, but this ain't true,
Your 23 losses are also raps to.
"I'm not even trying" saying that ain't proof,
that you can rap against people, you can barely pwn noobs!

Step down,
take a seat,
you can't deal with the heat,
Well I don't give no treats,
cuz you about to get beat.

You think your cooler, which means I'm hotter,
Your raps can't get better even with the help of harry potter.
You got a girl that left, you never deserved,
but I don't really care cuz you just got served.


Your raps might be longer but I'm so good I should have my own brand
Talking about dick and balls but yours have only been touched by your right hand
You 51 years old and never been banged
You say you've won 18 but your losing and about to get slammed

And let me tell you something brother
I've had lots of girls touch mine including your own mother
Opps your mom didn't want you to know or discover
That she was once my lover

And I know thats your dick is smaller
Not even a hooker would bang for a DOLLAR!
No one would bang a pedophile stalker
It's like I'm Timmy turner and your g@y @ss Mr.Crocker
Debate Round No. 2


My raps are longer, just like my d!ck,
I know your brand trojan, and it makes me sick!
They sell broken condoms, I am done!
Dunno who accidently became the father of your mother's son.

Using your left hand is better in the trouser,
leaves your right hand to use on the browser,
When you get laid like me you need to practice,
Your thinking you can rap, but you can't deal with this.

Forcing girls to touch you,
gives them trauma,
they get so p!ssed, they turn into a horror-drama,
My mother is dead, probally cuz of you,
the shock of something so small,
must of shocked her that that little thing never grew.

How do you know my d!cks smaller?
have you been watching your mom's p0rn?
when you realised it's huge, you must of been torn.

And of course a hooker wouldn't lay me for a dollar,
Your mom is too pour,
she makes me pay more,
I'm forced to buy trojan at the convienient store.

Who says imma pedofile?
Is your mom thriteen?
When I lay her,
she lives her own teenage dream.

Your brand is wack,
rather by a yugioh pack,
the thing you lack,
is understanding on how to rap.

Kidz bop is still up for hire,
or you could go and fix your mom's tires,
she has been riding me so much,
she should definitly retire.

You should get over your self,
your a little boy,
probally never learned how to rhyme,
your so easy it's a waste of time.
Your rapping is so bad,
it should be considered a crime.



This whole battle you've been talking about dick dude what's wrong with you
Can you get it through your head: NO GIRL WILL EVER BE INTO YOU!!!
Oh and I know how your mom ended up dead
She was fuced to hard by me in bed

Let's just cut to the chase, your a nobody
And you ain't got no life socially
I got the potency to leave you hopelessly lost
You better back up before you get squashed
You shoulda realized challenging me would come a cost

You can't even come close to the raps that I'm spitting
With all that g@y sh!t that your submitting
It's just unfitting, so bad even amateurs would be laughing and grinning
Dude you should just quit cuz you know I'm winning
Debate Round No. 3


You say you did my mom,
we know that's not true.
Your a 15 year old, learning how to tie his shoes.
You say you get babes, but you can't even keep your ex!
She got another guy, and that makes you vexed.
You say your winning,
not trying ain't and excuse,
eventually your gonna wuss out and call for a truce.

SONOFGOD13, what is this scheme?
say you love god but your being toxic and mean,
lying, saying you did all this,
your balls are so small it's hard for you to piss.

If I don't have a life, then you must be dead,
Looking at pictures of dora and touching yourself in bed,
Your sticky hands are turning red.

Stay in school boy,
that's where you belong,
crying about girls you can't get,
try to rap, but it ends up a song.
I can't rap, but I'm still better
feeling cold? put on a sweater

A freaking curve is straighter than you,
with queers wanting your body, you know it's true.
You say your winning, this is just an allaby,
Just challenging you made you cry,
you act so sly, work as hard and try,
But you have no chance,
Good bai.


I can imagine you: a man who's never been loved or adored
You look for women but you only been rejected and ignored
So g@y that you deserve an award
Your just a man with no self confidence or spinal cord

Your a f@ggot cuz any insult to you is crushing
So desperate for woman, you bet slapped and you start blushing
Your a pu$$y cuz any man who looks you in the eyes makes you intimidated
You should feel that about know cuz you about to get eliminated
Debate Round No. 4


You say I'm gay,
your the one imagining a guy,
when you saw him in your mom's bed,
it must of made you cry.

You can't even refute,
Your dick is smaller than my tooth,
Step down or hear the truth.

You can't even read, as I can see,
you make a rap, with out considering what rap was written by me,
You keep writing, ignoring how I pwn,
you say your winning, but your getting owned.

Eliminated, how so?
You can't even keep a gay though,
You say your pro, eliminate, you really discriminate,
say random stuff you don't know,
walk with god, but turn away and pay gay hoes.

Time out! Should I use the mercy rule?
I think I won't, your abit to cruel,
your a freaking mouse who thinks he's cool,

Dora is your idol!
don't you love pink?
your say your floating,
but your drowning, you sink.

your raps are like tacos,
mine are like mcdonalds,
there worst for you,
and they never get old,
your mom forgot to get rid of you, when you were sold.

Stick to debating, if you can.
even your debates are complete scams.
You only won, because of a forfeit,
the rest of your raps, and debates are total sh!t.

I am done with you,
your too easy, you have no crew.
your raps are 9 lines,
you get half of them online,
epic rap battles of history,
plagiarism is a crime.

Give up son,
you should of from the start,
I'm worst than that ex that broke your heart,
go home, cry , play mario kart,
because defeating you isn't even the worst part.

You say your the god of rap,
that is total crap,
go sit on santa's lap,
and wish for that.

I don't aim dog, I shoot for that hip,
you can't make a comeback until you wipe that sh!t of your lip.


Man you've had some terrible rhymes
This whole time your raps were so bad they were considered a crime
You got beat by a guy who's fourteen
But what do you expect from a wimp with no spleen
Your such a disgrace it's contagious, people need a vaccine
A person who's a 51 year old virgin who's still squeaky clean

I know this battle to you has been quite a trip
Well it helped you realized that everyone thinks your sh!t
Your throats now slit, you should've quit when you had the opportunity
Cuz your suck at rap, you don't belong in the community

Your raps are so simplistic
That some people would consider you autistic
This whole time I've been killing you and you've been bombarded
Your raps are so stupid and retarded, that I won before I even started
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by RayPtheRapp 3 years ago
Hmm.. Not bad. Can't decide who won this one though.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 3 years ago
Who said that this debate is supposed to be relevant to society
Posted by WilliamsP 3 years ago
This is irrelevant to society.
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