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Rap battle supreme lyricism challenge

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Started: 10/19/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Both opponents shall present their best lyrics from previous rap battles and give explanations of their verses for those who may not be familiar with the content. Sources are advised in order to fully enhance the meaning of lyrics.

First Round Acceptance


All right, so I gladly accept your debate, good sir. I hope that you will enjoy my rap, and that it inspires you in many ways.
Thank you.

Fukin kunt, fukin kunt, fukin kunt, fukin kunt!
You are so fukin' ignorant.
You're just a little pusssy, kunt. I'll fuk you right into hell, I'll fuk you all through the night you fuk.
You pathetic fuk, all your mum does is suck,
I was fuking her mouth like an absolute duck, and I left her fuking thunderstruck.
You fool. You're my bitch, I'll shove my kock so far up your asss.
I'll turn your shite into sand and the sand into fuking fibreglass.
What the fuk are you still doing alive?
I'll fuk your fuking daughter and I'll fuk your horny wive.
And I'll take them the same way I took your fukin' mother for a test-drive.
Oh fuk, I'm cummin' just thinking about it now,
Thinking about how I fuked all your cows.
I rode your daughter like a fuking jockey on a horse.
Made her scream so loud, made her so fuking coarse.
And then I screwed your wife, drilled her all day.
Fuked her once, twice, fuking thrice,
Fuked her in absolutely every way.
Fuked her in the kunt.
Fuked her in the asss.
Fuked in her in the mouth so fukin' fast.
Alright, time to end this.
Fukin' kunt, fukin' kunt, fukin' kunt, fukin' kunt.
Fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk

Thanks Again!
Debate Round No. 1


Here's my lines:

"How the heck does the clay question the potter? especially when the primeval atoms got hotter
No matter, either way, you came in this world one way, you leave the other way in a slaughter"

The 1st line is paraphrase from Isaiah 45:9 "Woe to the one who argues with his Maker-- one clay pot among many. Does clay say to the one forming it, What are you making? Or does your work say, He has no hands?" The next line is a reference to the big bang since space was too hot for atoms to form. No matter is kind of a play of words, saying that my opponent has no substance.

"You say God judges all but this battle, dissin' the heavenly government
After this, personally, you'll indifferently be torn apart as divine punishment
The problem of evil isn't really a problem, you jus' mutterin' n blubberin'
For you and God, it's such a dilemma cuz your the only one sufferin'"

The problem of evil is a logical argument attempting to prove that there is a moral contradiction in God's character, however i'm saying that it doesn't really exist, but that it's a complaint from the one who's suffering (atheist/agnostic).

"Your right, my God punishes, sends bodies to the floor including yours
Did you forget Darwin's evolution made you the animal to walk on all fours?
You claim that believin' in an unseen being should make me fleein' cuz it's blind faith
The psalms say "God shall smite your enemies" you'll get murked cuz the Lord saith!"

This is a rebuttal to my opponent's claim that God is wrathful, however Evolution makes humans animals who submit to higher nature.

"You said God's imaginary, let me ask you stuff to make you look like an imbecile, leavin' your mind swirled
Voltaire said he'd destroy God's Word, how come his house is now the top Bible centers in the world?
Allow me to quote Scripture: "the serpent'll crush his heel, but he'll crush his head
If God deceased, how come we still break bread, widespread despite bloodshed?
After i kill you in this rap battle, you might as well confess n' convert on your deathbed
Difference between you n' haters tryin' to destroy God? Nothin! e'ery single one is dead!"

Voltaire was a secular humanist bent on one day ridding the world of the Bible, ironically his house was made into the biggest Bible centers in the world. The term "Break Bread" in this content means to observe communion despite being persecuted for years. Just as kings and other leaders tried to destroy the Bible and died trying, my opponent got lyrically destroyed.

"Listen, the human desire is connected to its ability to create it's own reality
Internalizing n harmonizing as it's mind thinks it realizing it found solubility
That would totally remove all hindrance to false infallibility to gain stability
As it fails to address the truth of infinity to deny the divinity of the Trinity

So much wisdom, prophetic predictions n' knowledge emantin' from an ancient civilization!
Your exactly right, It's very clear to science now that the Bible defies all logical explanation!
Disbelievers thought they could disprove God after the 1st century in the enlightenment
But it's only because they want to escape all moral responsibility of their assignment"

The 1st line is self explanatory. Humans can create their own reality because of their desires and think they found a solution to the Bible, explaining away it's divinity but ends up failing.

"let's resolve this philosophical confusion, skeptics believe absolute truth is an illusion
You diss Christ n say he's a delusion, but after this you're getting a blood transfusion

the only reason you are cynical is because you can't be this lyrical so you hate a miracle
you're death has been critical as I'm destroying you cuz you're a-typical ironic its satirical
testing skills out cuz i'm empirical as my words cause a heart-attack, so hysterical it's terrible
your laggin' n' draggin' oh so horrible the only thing that i'm skeptical is if you are repairable"

The 2nd line has several meanings:

1) He'll get literally murdered for disrespecting Christ

2) He'll lyrically get murdered for his blasphemy

3) Spiritually, because of his sinful behavior, after this battle, he will beg Christ for a blood transfusion or in other words convert to Christianity and be partaker of the lamb of God.

I have more on the way.


missjones forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Next rap battle is my "Scientific rap battle"

"Your momma so stupid, in a lab, when i said it's cell grown, she thought of a cell phone
She asked a real chemist to technically construct one so she can take a selfie home"

I used wordplay with the word technically, it can be used to mean belonging to science namely computer, but also means essentially.

"I don't need to be gangster workin like other carnivores
I'll eat you myself just like the most brutal dinosaurs
Your incoming raps are meaning[less], all of them semantics
You couldn't run this battle if you hired quantum mechanics"

Another word play. Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics dealing with the physical world at the nanoscopic level (1). I also used it to refer to very small mechanics that are so small, they are insignificant.

"Dawg, you are a nerd who looks like a bird
You follow what anyone says, by their word
The following is not slang from a small gang
Right now,you bout to go out with a big bang"

For whoever knows Ajabi (2), he made a video joining Mikal in criticizing my God debate. I say he looks like a bird but also that he acts like one because whatever his friends say, he believes it. He's about to get blown away by the big bang of the theory.

"Don't step to me, if you have a wise mind, obey Einstein
I am as the light, you can't see me or else you go blind
Your going to wish you came back, even as Frankenstein
I'm about to send you straight to hell by the forces of gravity
Not that your miserable existence had any sort of relativity
Opposites attract when i'm hittin' you, it's all negativity"

Einstein theorized that nothing could move faster than the speed of light. Whenever i hit Ajab, he always submits to the amount of force given.

"Try everything you can to throw at me, try a laser
I'm too hard to beat, maybe try usin' occam's razor
I'm the mathematical problem you cannot solve
I'll shred you to a single cell, ensure you can't evolve"

I'm saying that he cannot realize he cannot beat me with any weapon, so he should try a razor, but that the simplest explanation according to Occam's razor is that i'm unbeatable.

"Btw don't worry about studying hard to find the Higgs boson
We're about to discover your true split identity plainspoken
Whether it's here where you loathe your own life with curses
I'm about to show your just as horrible as in other multiverses!"

The Higgs boson explains how an atom splits and is at two places at once, but i also say that i lyrically split his personality in half. Some believe that there are other universes because of the Higgs, but even if there was, Ajabi would still suck at rapping let alone in his verses at the present moment.

"You and your momma daily attend those local iraqi genetic freak shows!
Cuz boy! Your momma doesn't wear horse shoes, she has camel toes!
Before you talk to me about american women in this economic strife
Just know that you have never seen an arab woman in your entire life!"

I'm saying that his mom is so wild she has no horse shoes and camel toes (3) which has a double meaning.

"Your so old n' crippled, even microbes don't think you fit the mold!
Your so old that you know exactly where Joseph the Hebrew was sold!
Your mamma so fat, she didn't use plates, she used plate tectonics!
Your mamma so ghetto, not even black people understand her Ebonics!"

Self explanatory lol.

"I have made Ajabi ill at ease cuz i'm spreadin him out like a genetic disease!
I'm destroyin' this dude like i'm grindin' all these chemicals inside blue cheese!
Whenever i hear you say "this house believes in.." i want to scream loud "what?!?"
I want to sew my eyes shut n' say "n*gga you don't live in a house, you live in a mud hut!"

I understand that Ajabi uses the term house in his debates to indicate his position, but i used mud hut as it's used in the middle east (his place of origin) to show his primitive nature.

"Ajab's not really from Pakistan, he's really a mexican eatin' a bean-filled burrito!
I'm a taxonomist n' guess what i found? That he's that dog from Taco Bell: a Chico!
I won't delete this, i'ma put a scar on Ajab's ELO to teach him not to mess with me!
Lyrically, i'm a ruthless emcee punishin this wanna be bumble bee on a killin spree!"

I basically said that looks like a mexican and a bumble bee.

"I mean none of these insults"
we know cuz we're adults!
"they are purely in the spirit of the rap battle."
This isn't a battle! This is me killin a baby camel!"

The audience is mature enough to handle insults thus Ajabi had no need to apologize. I also call him a baby camel as this is his 1st time rapping.

"While I was given the permission to take help, I did not. This is entirely my own work."
And i just demolished it into a thousand quantum quirks cuz i'm goin totally berzerk!
" I apologize if anyone is offended by anything that has been said: I meant none of it."
I'll slap you so hard for sayin' that, your going to need a tool kit to ignite your brain circuit!

Self explanatory.

"The next time you see me, you better run n*gga! or i'll my wipe my feet on your turban
Strip you of your virgin like a surgeon fixin ya sternum make you carry proof for a burden!"

In Islam, there are 72 virgins in the afterlife however i removed his rewards like a surgeon operating on his badly injured body. A burden of proof is the obligation to prove one's assertion, however the proof of what i did to Ajab is a burden to him.

That's it for this round, more on the way next one.






missjones forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Truth_seeker forfeited this round.


missjones forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Truth_seeker forfeited this round.


missjones forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TrollGod 2 years ago
LMAO at Miss first round. Trolling at its finest.
Posted by Truth_seeker 2 years ago
Good point.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 2 years ago
Some viewers may feel like our "best" verse isn't the particular one we personally choose. People tend to define "best" to their liking unless forced to adhere to a specific type of definition.
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