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Rap battle

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Started: 12/18/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap battle. First round is for acceptance.

This is my first typed rap battle. Let's see how this goes.


Slang and swearing is allowed. (It's a rap battle, obviously.)

No forfeiting.


Good luck my man
Debate Round No. 1


Yo I be Datxdude, I got me and my team.
We gonna raise hell against this wanna be.

Yeah Gaven 12 Kelly, thinks he's so fly.
But after this battle, he's gonna cry.

Nobody can compete with my rapping skillz.
If they try, they get verbally killed.

Ha! You think you got what it takes?
Kid, you makin' a huge mistake.

We'll all see soon, that I am the master
as I verbally slaughter this fake @ss b@stard.


See you can label my actions "terrorist" the way ill wreck this snobbish bitch..
Cuz ur styles so ' tied up ' , it came w/ a mega phone and a group of hostages.
My crew could snatch ya hoe n hit her raw till that twat is diminishing..
That chick'll take enough ' shots on her stomach ' to revolutionize sniper positioning.
I came in w/ grace. When Dude started we knew you weren't dope w/ it..
U've had a ' rocky start ' bad enough to avalanche an entire remote village.
I slay this f@@@ w/ ease, trust it. Somebody better warn the kid..
Cuz if No shows then I'll leave him beaten n wishing that he never did.
I lead Boss Status like I'm Derrick Rose n killin cats like you so shameless..
I'll give him a ' shot behind the head ' that makes Boozers jumper look like the greatest. Now try and recover, and d-d-d-don't trip over that stutter
Debate Round No. 2


You think yous a terrorist? Ha! Dont make me laugh.
Bitch@ss thinks he can find a village, can't even read a map.

Kid thinks he has a crew.
Well ain't that cute.

The only hoe he has
is the blow up doll in his bedroom.

But thats not surprising, look at this nerd.
He has less "grace" than a frozen turd.

I'm a master F**in lyricist, and don't you forget it.
I got the flow of 10,000 glaciers, boy, don't you get it?

You can't beat me! Cant you see?
Ain't no rapper like me in the god damn galaxy!

Yeah, pay me 20$ 'cause you just got served.
Have a nice f@@ng day. WORD.


"the flow of 10,000 glaciers", ever heard of global warming, but hey, ill go easy, since you still learning. boy, they think im a volcano the way i drop fire, and there so much knowledge in my brain when i go and rain bombs and little "rappers" like you, make you extinct, like Hitler with the Jews,

I spit fire, get bitches like dire, meanwhile yo bitch still flatter than a tire, i mean, thats assuming you got a bitch, probably not since you look like that lil frik from lilo and stitch, man, you cant even fathom this s***,

throwin verses round faster than tom brady can yell "hit" and i change the game like Lebron and the Heat, and just like them, I'm impossible to beat, so i wish you luck, cause your now flirtin with death, rappin against the greatest, getting beat by the best
Debate Round No. 3


Damn right I heard of global warmin! I f***in' cause that s***.
I'm so hot i'll melt the Earth, so get ready, you bitch!

Yeah, im your Shepard: you just a sheep in the heard!
And the only way you're like a volcano's the way you gettin' BURNED!

'cause you know Im controling you more than China controls Tibet.
Oh and stop talkin' about yous bitches, as if you've even had sex.

I am a rap god, and i'll cure you of your sickness!
Just two verses in and you already beggin' for forgiveness.

Out of the two of us, there ain't never been no doubt
that ive bested the "greatest". DATXDUDE OUT!!!!!!!!


Gavyen12Kelly forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Vote pro.
Thanks for the rap battle Gavyen12Kelly, by the way.


Yea, your welcome man and thanks for the battle, you have good lines, i wasnt at my best haha.
Happy holidays and sorry i didnt post my last argument, been away from a computer for the last week
Debate Round No. 5
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