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Rap battle

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Started: 11/7/2013 Category: Funny
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You think is i suck right. Then lets see how good you are. If don't accept that means that your worse than me at rap. And if I suck as much as you say I do and you don't accept the challenge, then wow you must really suck. Lets see how TUF you are. Hahaha get it TUF. No I'm just kidding but seriously . I know your thinking " hey I don't have to listen to this kid". But hey not accepting the challenge says a lot. So just freaking accept the challenge and start to rap "master".


Not only are your rhymes worse than your grammar,
Your debates are also lacking in glamour.
You argue abortion like a blonde model but it gets odder
Did you know your parents wish they aborted you as a toddler?
Oops did I cross a line there MR. Sonofgod?
Living a "Godly life" yet cussing like a Hot Rod?
Sorry to say it but your life looks boring and pathetic
You believe in a higher power that's 100% synthetic
You talk about god like he's some deadbeat dad
Probably to make up for the abusive one you already had
But it's cool if you made religion your new fad
To cover up for your life that is boring and sad
Christian music and rap? What a contradiction
You calling me out like your going to win is fiction
You "Belief that god is real" which says it all
Intelligence is damaged worse than Tiger Woods Drywall.
if Broncos and zombies is what your life's about, I'm sorry
Because I will chew you up and spit you out like bad calamari.
I can't believe I am wasting my time with someone whose thirteen
Picking zits of his face, and calling bullies mean
Wishing he's hit puberty, and get a girlfriend
And maybe someday fit in with the trend.
Sorry boy, but you can't and you won't
Just hope that when you hit the water you will float
Because not even your god will save you now
Maybe Payton Manning would laugh at your dull Avow.
Even Carl Grimes has more game than you do
Only thing that will save you from me is voodoo.
Sorry, I didn't mean to leave you bawling
you look like a baby on your knees crawlin.
Better go though, I think your momma's callin.
Debate Round No. 1


It looks you think you have swag
But to me it's seems your some sh!t bag
Using god against me wow that's cold
Damn your reputation must be low
what type Of person would be engaged to a ho
I have had a girlfriend and my raps to you are mortal
B!tch one more girlfriend and Ill double your total
My rhymes won't stop coming all day
Not stopping now so son you better pray
Every time i see your raps I try less
If you weren't safe behind that computer I'd stretch you like a giraffes neck
Man I won't stop winning till I take my last breath!!!


Your rhymes just prove that your scared
Rapping against me? I am surprised you dared.
I mean man, you were hardly prepared
and I you quickly realize you never compared
You quit the site, an episode left un-aired
Did I do something wrong? you could've shared
Sorry, but your last round will never be repaired
And my victory has already been declared
Your mouth gaping open as you just stared
I left you broken, while I'm still un-impaired
I should have know better to mess with lil boys
All he can do is talk sh1t, and play with his toys
Just stay quiet now, don't make a noise
Or I'll rap you from SLC to Illinois
You should've come into this battle with more poise
But I guess it's okay you left in anger
I met your mama, you knew I would bang 'er
I'll admit it's kind of a shame
you left miserably while I am stuck in the fame
Quite frankly your raps were more than lame
Unfortunately you just have horrible aim
and can participate in any of this rap game
lookin' uglier than hunch back of notre dame
But don't worry bro, cuz all the same
I would've a lot worse if you hadn't fled
Be careful, the TUF virus has spread,
And into my minions spawn I have bred
A new feelings of dis-spair and dread
into my opponents like you I have fed
The inglorious harsh raps as you bled
Man I bet about now you wish you were dead.

Come back if you want some more.
Debate Round No. 2


Ha you think your tough
Man I've been through sh1t that's way more rough
And dude I didn't leave in anger
I left to meet your girlfriend and bang her
Although I got to admit you got more experience
But thinking you are going to beat me
dude you must be delirious
And thinking that I'm scared,
man scared of what
Some wanna be rapper
who is engaged to a fuking slut
I feel bad for the girl that's engaged to you
No wonder she wanted to fuk me even though I'm 13
She rather have a real man and go to jail
then to have to kiss some ugly @ss she male
I bet all you friends are from this site
Man I have none from here because
I actually have a life
I know your gay so you might wanna pause it
Me and your girlfriend are still
Waiting for you to come out of the closet
Man these raps you have
are pretty sh1tty
We're you thinking of
them when you were sucking
on your mommys titty
I'm still surprised that you haven't learned
that every I come come back your going to get burned


So far I’ve been playing you like a cat & Mouse

You’ve realized all too quickly TUF’s in the house

Destroying you with a beat and a rhyme

Because I have practice doing it all the time

On chumps like you that think they will beat me

But I always knock them out like Cung Le

This little Boy’s raps are boring and repetitive

Called my girl a ho twice in two verses, need a sedative?

Running out of rhymes, already? I expected a challenge

you’ve already reached the limit of your rap binge.

Come on man, can’t think of ANYTHING better?

I can just imagine your face getting redder and redder

I’ve dissed you so many times in so many ways

And they can’t get enough of me, like Lays

I’m just waiting for you to keel over and drop dead

You don’t realize your not right in the head

For challenging me like you had a chance to begin with

I’ve beat you like the Republic did the Sith

Ah, man don’t sweat it, you look miffed

Like your first bike ride but you’ve already biffed

Get up, wipe the dirt off your shoulder and grow up

You look more pathetic than a wounded pup

Your demeanor’s not only sad and depressing

You can’t even understand when someone is messing

It’s alright man, don’t look and sound so angry

All the angst your holdy in just feels tangy

Your thirteen and you think your life sucks?

But what would you do without your daddies bucks?

Sorry son, but you would be out of luck

Without living for free, you’d be a sitting duck

So stop complaining and do something productive

And stop imagining your sister being seductive

I’ve heard enough to know you’ve got nothing

And each time I spit at you, I leave you puffing

Your heads only seconds away from being about to explode

Leaving your tiny brain splattered all over the road

Just sit down, and accept the inevitable

Because I am anything but amiable

Sorry bro, but your raps need a lot of work

They’re Looking worse than a Miley Cyrus Twerk

I know it hurts, so without further ado

I’ll pause my slaughter and pass this back to you.

Debate Round No. 3


You think your the sh1t don't you

And you say you know my life

You don't know what if been put through

Be careful what you get into

Don't try to battle something you won't get through

You say my raps need a lot of work

How would you know, your

Nothing less than a store clerk

My raps are better than your life's work

You just some Eminem wanna be

And i think all the nation can agree

That you have been burned to the highest degree

I might be a little child, but youll still get smoked

If you don't know you're gonna get choked

I'm not angry but I'm starting to get provoked

So quit know while you still can

If you don't your just that dumb

Man you don't know what I can become

But in the end to me ill just beating some bum


Your raps remind me of when I was in 3rd grade
Store Clerk? Trust me, I'm much higher paid :)
You say I don't know what you've been through, forgive me
Your mommy made you do chores? Damn thats scary!
Take out your tampon, or get it in the face like Carrie.
I promise you haven't been through crap, on the contrary
You eat burgers, while some Africans pick berries
Seriously, stop complaining bout your life, it just silly
You have a computer and internet; is it that bad really?
I can't really believe you still use the word "smoked"
Is this the 90's again, or have you just joked?
You say your not getting mad; Ooh, I can tell
But your angers slipping worse than your ability to spell
Honestly I don't know why you keep coming back
Your rhymes just sound like you've been on crack
And I've bounced you around worse than your moms rack
I can imagine your wincing and gripping your tiny sack
I've dissed your religion, beliefs, and you've still got nothing
So it's clear that your the pawn and I've been crowned the king
Stop acting like you are bad if you know you are not
You are too scared to face me on video, I've hit your blind spot
I've made you leave the site, your rhymes were so bad
This is called the tough love I know you've never had
So get on home boy, I think your mommas calling
This is like the fourth time that I have left you bawling.
Debate Round No. 4


You think you've left me bawling
All you are is some f@g whose Name calling
This wasn't even a challenge and
you think you have talent
and you think you're an artist
In you entire family
your dog is the smartest
You should of left
before this got started
I didn't want to do this but now I have to
I told told you to be careful what you get into
This @ss kicking was long overdue
You think cause I'm young you have an advantage
man I know your in anguish
You think you know what I go through everyday
Damn going against me was a mistake
I won't stop dropping bombs till you break
now you can't quit cause its almost over
I running over you worse than a bulldozer
Youll just got to face reality
You got beat with great brutality
compared to you I got immortality
Wow you think your the king
man just admit to the fact you lost to a teen
I leave you alone to let you grieve
And remember this beating is something you'll never achieve


Alright guy, time to give it up, your finished
My rhymes get better, yours are diminished
I think it's funny that half your rap doesn't rhyme
I guess your raps won't be sublime like mine :)
Yo, there's no flow between advantage and anguish
So get on your knees and get ready to languish
and expand your vocabulary, this is extraordinary
If I was a mob boss, you would be singing like a canary
You know you can't get a girl, yo palms are too hairy
This is cat and mouse, I am Tom, You're Jerry
So run and hide like you just saw bloody Mary
You think your going through some hard stuff?
I bet you got a house and a pool, what a bluff!
Your whining over nothing kid, no wait, boy.
Destroying you in this battle fills me with joy
This whole thing's been a complete waste of time
Considering you don't know the definition of "rhyme"
Time to run away, the Calvary has come in
The winner is clear, it's over, you lose, Fin.
Debate Round No. 5
100 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Johann_Christian_Bach 5 months ago
I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle individual
Posted by GreyColour 2 years ago
Harsh. But, I guess that's how rap battles work.
Posted by DudeStop 4 years ago
SONOF GOD got his @ss kicked. Nothing else to it.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 4 years ago
Tuf you still suck. Honestly your pretty bad and you are a wanna be Eminem.
Posted by Soulja_n 4 years ago
Well you did sound kinda creepy and pretty serious about that stuff.
but you were saying all of that stuff to a 13 year old he could have reported you and you could have gotten in a lot of trouble.
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
It's a rap battle. He wanted to play dirty, and get dirty in the comments section with me, so I was poking him where he was soft, as part of the game. Of course I don't really know who he is or what he has been through, but the point of a rap battle is to get in your opponents head and make them choke. I think the tactic worked fairly well in my favor.
Posted by Soulja_n 4 years ago
yall are pretty harsh, I thought this was just supposed to be for fun but you guys are taking this to a whole nother level.
why cus so much SONOFGOD you say your the son of God that means you're representing and your not doing a very good job of it.
and TUF some of us kids really do have it hard and it's nothing to joke around with you don't know what people have to go through to get food on the table!!!
Posted by TheAntidoter 4 years ago

I wanted to put it into terms you can understand. Please do not make me reconsider my Vote, I prefer to be unbiased.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 4 years ago
Antidoter you even worse than tuf at raping.
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Seriously Pro, using JOKED as a burn, TUF was just cleaning up the mess when it was his turn. Use choked, it's much better, the slip you made put you under the weather. Slips like that and No space between she and male, was what made your rap a EPIC FAIL. Just look at this example and you will see ( Compared to you, I've got Immortality) Can't you tell that this guy's rap was just s**tty? Just horrible, Deplorable, for a little kid he wasn't even adorable. He got thrashed, trashed, thrown under TUF's bus to feel his wrath. TUF was right when he said you couldn't rhyme, just look at this example from last time "In you entire family your dog is the smartest You should of left before this got started" News Flash, those two words don't mix. No wonder TUF knew you didn't get chicks. GG, you tried, at the end you cried, after facing TUF, it's less painful to have died. No sources, not that TUF needed them. Conduct to TUF, the comments were meyhem.