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Rap numba 2

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Started: 3/12/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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ill let you go first


Well well well, look who's back for more.
I'm not suprised because you're just a little fvcking whore.
Rhyming against you is so boring, it's practically a chore.
It makes me so tired I'm tempted to snore.
But if you're so needy, I'll go to war.
I'll rend you into pieces and turn you into gore.
In the end, 100 to 0 will be the score.
Your boat is already sinking, go run and find an oar.
You had one chance to escape, but I just shut the door.
Your skills are nothing, mine are better than Thor.
And when I'm done with you, all that will be left is foolish lore.

How dare you even approach my throne.
This time I ask that your raps be your own.
Don't even have 16kadams dialed on the phone.
There is no more hiding, your cover has been blown.

Last round was a game, but this time it's no drill.
There won't be enough left of you to cover a landfill.
Your screwed, b1tch, you're heading downhill.
The threats I make I intend to fulfill.
This time, there's nothing preventing me for going in for the kill.
Debate Round No. 1


well well well who is it i see... you rymthes cant even make clown giddy with glee
you say I am going downhill im just warming up you need to chill
throne what throne the one i threw you off your raps are so old your making me cough
Yes this is my rap you see so shut the f*ck up and bow to me You would be begging if it was me you had. well to bad youve done made me mad.heck just for that i might even go blow your dad! now now dont you worry. it will be you that i will burry. good luck cuz you sure as hell suck :)


Warming up? There's no warming absolute zero.
You're not a badass, don't try to be a hero.
I, on the other hand, am exactly like Nero.
I'm a fvcking badass, just like Shapiro.

Wait, was that a rap? Your flow is terrible.
Your skills are so bad it's not even bearable.
My raps are divine, like a Biblical parable.
Your skills are so broken, they're not even repairable.
Between you and me, your skills aren't even comparable.

You would blow my dad, you fvcking slut.
Even since he's a corpse, you'd still lick his nut.
In a run of trails for top whore, you would remain uncut.
If your rapping skills are to judge, you probably don't even have a butt.

Bow to you? Fvck that, I'm the true lord.
If I were to kill you, people would give me a reward.
You have no skills, your attempts are ignored.
It's time for you to be put to the sword.
Get ready to face the power of the horde.

If this is any indication of how the round will go,
just take this white towel and go ahead and throw.
This sh1t is serious, it ain't no damm show.
Nobody will hear you when the snow begins to blow.
Debate Round No. 2


What the the h*ll? That rap was wack,
it wasnt that good, like spinach for a snack
You are below me, like Danny Devito to Shaq,
and to quote Yoda, padiwan, skills you lack.

My skills are like a monster, like a f*ckin simile,
your skills are bad compared to me like zero to infinity,
you need some skills from above, like some divinity,
You talkin like a grade "A" nerd, you must protect your virginity.

you'll never win the girl, there aint no cherry that you poppin,
just go back to your mommas house, and do some baby shoppin.
My wrath comes down like lightning, it sure as hell is shockin,
Your momma has to cradle you in her arms and rockin.

What the f*ck was with that the more the merrier pic? that didn't take much wit.
there really was no point in that, i think you can admit.
you better back off while you can, ima pop you like a zit,
I cut you up, rip you in half, untill your body splits.

People ease into my rhyme, they're nothin less than cushy.
You tryin to get away from me, my skills make people pushy,and yes in fact I do have a tushy? are you that much of a wussy?
at leastme and you have one thing in common, we both do have a p*ssy.

you got nothin on me! you can never win!
i be playin around you easily, like a violin!
you really annoyin me now, you sure show some chagrin,
you never can beat me, im the greatest theres ever been!


B1tch, please, you have zero ability.
Your raps are unorigional, you have no flexibility.
Fighting me is a matter of futility.
You winning against me is zero possibility.
My wrath is awe-inspiring, it's pure volatility.
My raps are steel, yours show fragility.
I'm a fvcking beast, I come with sheer hostility.
I hate so hard there's zero civility.
Trying to me, b1tch, is absolute futility.

Your 13, just go to your fvcking room.
Stay in your sh1tty self and wallow in gloom.
Actually, no, just get to work, b1tch. Here's a broom.
Rapping against me sealed your doom.
I strike so fast I let out a sonic boom.
I already knew how old you were, I put you in the womb.
And I'm gonna be the one to put you in a fvcking tomb.

On your knees, b1tch. It's time to meet the true God.
I rule over everything, all bow before me awed.
The fact you deny my supremacy is simply odd.
Your attacks are nothing, just a weak little prod.
I'll beat you down with a giant fvcking rod.
And when you're on the ground, I'll give the order to the firing squad.

Debate Round No. 3


i am done with this sh!t


Aaaaand that's a concession.
Vote pro!
Debate Round No. 4


Gabbie222 forfeited this round.


Vote for me.
Debate Round No. 5
9 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 9 records.
Posted by 16kadams 5 years ago
"Don't even have 16kadams dialed on the phone."

What in the hell as that?
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
Actually, nevermind. You didn't chance the last stanza. All you did was copy/paste the entire thing and swap around a few words!
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
Oh fvck this sh1t.
Pro. Round 3. The first four stanzas are line for line.
Fifth you swapped around the spongebob pic for the more the merrier.
Only thing you changed was the last stanza.

-.- Really? Really?
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
I've seen part of this rap before.....
Posted by Gabbie222 5 years ago
ewww no
Posted by Yep 5 years ago
Wth.. pro gonna blow cons dad? O.o desperate...
Posted by Yep 5 years ago
LMAO ZARADI! has 16k seen this yet?
Posted by Gabbie222 5 years ago
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
Really 16k? xD
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