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Rap or poetic competition

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Started: 3/18/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello! This will be a battle of minds. Trying to see who has the best rhythms. This round is for acceptance not trying to shine. The remaining three rounds is for that time. Some rules are required if you do not mind, just a few to keep us in line. Rule 1, no plagiarism on other rhythms, 2nd, voters discretion, whatever tale they like, 3rd is, round 1's acceptance, I mentioned that right, 4th and last of all, no utter profanity would be nice.

So, accept if you will, for a good thrill, just for fun, no one gets killed. Rap what you will, not my business, that's your deal. Good luck to Con, Let's get it on.


Your rhymes are bad, and have no flow.
But hey, you want me to beat you, just say go.
Debate Round No. 1


Gentlemen and Ladies, your attention please!!!
I have you now within my reach, emboding your minds like a leach.
Have you completely focused on me! Now introducing! Pennington, thats me.
Now just breath allow me to explain please.
To start, this is too easy for me, and apparently, my opponent thinks he is a G.
He's a mental weakling, a phoney obviously, He cant hang with me, please.
Vastly out matched noob MC, I'm the adversary who's a triple OG.
You can just call me, Major D, boldly spitting homey, its my homily.
Its a hearty melody, as you can plainly see, I don't get filthy.

So, I advance on to say, I appreciate DDO for tuning in today.
Speculate on this you'll get spayed, annihilating Con's rap fate you may say.
You can take that all the way to the bank, I obilerate, I'm never fake.
Convey chin checks till ya faint, find your eyeballs vacate in the paint.
My opponent is left saying, "Wait! He's to much, I can't."

First round was kind of a fluke, more of a bloop.
I stepped back and regrouped, put on my bullet-proof.
Words bottled like brew, they ooze like glue, thier uncontrolable spew at you.
Aimed straight thru you, eat this game like food.

Its a two man table, your weak and I'm able, your Cain and I'm Abel.
This is not no fable, no scramble for a logo, place my symbol on my foe.
Trample his toes, twice, Pro cant cope, no mo' committal to be nice.
This battle is no throw of the dice, We can do it twice, or maybe even trice.
If not, then this must suffice, have to make it precise, end all speculation tonight.

Ready to do whatever it takes, failure's impossible, I cant be replaced.
Pro can't survive this game, I bring the pain, grim-reaper on ya brain.
Here I reign, I'm taking the claim, bringing the rain mixed with octane.
I'm mentally insane, look pro went in his pants, theres a stain.

I put laughter into slaughter, this just a starter, we will go farther.
You about to be marter, on DDO, being lead to the slaughter.
Make it Slow, its 4 rounds, put you under my dope.
Chop you up, intestines & guts, I smell blood, your flesh is tough.
You been snimped and tucked, after being stacked up, your just a pup.
I hold the King's cup, have you for lunch, and then bunch, with grape slush, soak it up.

I'm wit it when I spit it, the savage, the brit, kick my skit.
Can I transmit before I flip?
I got my lyrical kit, believe it, no code to submit, straight forward rip kid.
My seed has been sowed, its time to end this flow.
My led can only grow, time to go, Goodluck Con dont choke!
In round 3 I'll bring mo', its cold, bring a coat, and the rope, let's end this show. -->Back to you yo.


You make fun of me, say I am not a g.
I think you forgot my middle name is MC.
Listen up homies, this be your boy Somedude
This idiot here is just stupid and rude.

Look at me man, I've been here before.
I've dealed with rappers, weirdos and whores.
You think your'e better because you say your'e a Home G.
Your rhymes are not the only things you spit out, homey.

I'm a music man, my raps are delicious,
You just one of them wannabe b**ches.
I'm so good, I should make tutorial videos.
Youre as good as rhyming, as AVGN at Grand Theft Auto.

I'm gonna keep this short, because I know you have trouble.
Your'e pathetic rap's size may be double.
But it doesn't matter, because I am better.
I already won, your career can't get any deader.
Debate Round No. 2


So, here we go again, wind blows on haters, as round 3 begins. Protect your chin, as Con mentions, being rude is my intention. It sure isn't, I'm having fun with my mission, round 2 was a lynchin'. Pile up Con's lyrics & I will bench them. Somedude's a victim, soon to beheaded by the henchmen.

I sent Con a huge pile of snow, and so, when he had his go, it blowed. He came up short, just a tad low, had no idea my snow was so cold. Thats why he barrowed words from my flow, mine are dough, his are broke. It's ok though, Con's gotta gloat, even if he's smoked, 'never give' up is his motto. Con better make that dough off that rapping for dummies video.

His raps are delicious? Man thats tough, He just mite not fill those britches. They would be better used by feeding them to fishes, man he wishes. Con's rap style already has stitches, its battered and brusied, and he itches. Con's rap sounds like snitches, when I jump, he flinches, I swing, he winces. Its high time I just clinch this, when it rains it pours and this flow drenches.

My career is dead, that's just in your head. I'm sending lead to your head but you ran & fled. Shot you in the leg and you fell and bled. Just calm down and listen to what I said. I'm, purebred, well read,will leave you dead. My lyrics are like warheads that imbed your brain. You've been blown to Spain, shot legs and a cain. I told you this was my terrian. You plot in vain.

C'mon lets go, Ah Gusto! It's time to end this show. Whoa! You are under control! Your raps are jokes, nothing but smoke. It makes me wanta choke. Settle down before you go gung-ho. Your just shallow, causing bellow's in people's souls. You have no high level flow, I know, so come with mo'. Next round is your chance, so, you better lock & load. Thanks for the competition no matter how this battle go's. Goodluck, no typo, Back over to Con and his sideshow.



somedude224 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I guess its time for me to end this at last.

No need to worry I'll make this real fast.

No more need to say anything its already brash.

My opponent had no chance but I had a blast.

Sleep time Con nightmares of me in your past.

No more oppurtunities your conducts been trash.

Im light years ahead, no way for you to outlast.

Your attacked by the man with a knife and a mask.

Dont fight the feeling if your feeling the force at last.

Kick my feet up and take a break and afterwards bask.

Ahh, ohh, I know my flow is as bright as a blinding flash.

Voting Pro is a must my opponent shouldnt have any cast.

Thanks again and until next time keep getting cash.



somedude224 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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