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Rape culture is too widely associated in day-to-day life

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Started: 11/23/2014 Category: Society
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The rules are as follows

Round One: Acceptance
Round Two: Express your point, you may not give a rebuttal at this stage
Round Three: Rebuttals
Round Four: Conclusion and rebuttals.


Breaking any of the above will instantly forfeit your conduct vote
72 Hours maximum between posts
Do not push this to be offensive. This is an interesting and fun debate - Nothing more
This is not a debate on whether sex-equality is right or wrong, or the actions therein. It is specific to rape culture only.



Rape culture does exist. I would to state though, that it's not for the reasons feminists (who are dumb) state. Rape culture doesn't exist because of "hatred of women" (which is just a stupid slogan feminists make). Rape culture exists because of sexual immorality. Sexual immorality can turn any decent man into a creep. In cultures where sexual immorality is rampant (Denmark, Israel, India), rape culture is present. It's because perverts and creeps are not punished and are protected. Sexual immorality causes these. Rape culture does indeed exist. It's just not for the reasons feminists say it is.
Debate Round No. 1


I will start by pointing out that round one was specifically to acceptance, and that by posting your argument here the conduct vote is forfeit. As round two is specific to only argument, I will not place a rebuttal here.

Round Two

Rape is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as such, "noun- the crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will." For the case of this argument I will use the definition of rape culture as: "Rape culture consists of living in the every day presence of media, language, and laws; that in any way validate, perpetuate, or excuse rape." Working with the above premise of rape culture, it is well established that it exists, however the extent to which items are categorised as 'Rape Culture' I believe is too broad. As the majority of users live in 'westernised' countries, I will be using these in my examples.

I'm sure many people have heard of how we all live in a rape culture. How 'lad culture' perpetuates rape. How newspapers such as the Sun, or songs such as Blurred Lines all perpetuate rape culture within our society. However I believe that these are over categorisation of rape culture. From material that actually 'validate, perpetuate, or excuse rape' to content that people simply dislike or disagree with, and so slanderously label rape culture.

Take the song blurred lines which has come under a lot of controversy for the messages involved. People have considered it highly sexist, a rape promoter, and generally disrespectful of women amongst other things. The song itself is about multiple people convincing someone to have sex with them (or having sec with them), and attempting to "liberate" and "domesticate" them. Most would say this is a clear example of rape culture. Treating women like an object, with only one purpose. But none of the actual content present 'validate[s], perpetuate[s], or excuse[s] rape'. It is indeed sexist and demeaning, but that does not alone make this rape culture. However it has been jumped on heavily for the nature of the song, having been banned from many university campuses and public areas purely because many people disagree with this message.

It is my belief that rape culture and sexist material have blurred lines, (if you will excuse the pun) and that people use this term to define a large portion of material that does not actually fit within its description. For example the topic of 'slut shaming' has come up with rape culture on many occasions. People claim to define, judge, or base opinions on a woman for her choice of clothing, or to otherwise act or make decisions, is sexist and a leading point in rape culture. Whilst there is argument that 'slut shaming' is a sexist, and certainly disrespectful, act (however that is not the topic of this discussion) there is no actual part of purely 'slut shaming' that can contribute to rape. Once more, 'slut shaming' and 'victim blaming' (which does fall into the category of rape culture) both blur into one in many people's eyes.

There are examples of rape culture that are indeed present in day-to-day life. However much of the material that is categorised with rape culture, in fact does not fall in line with the basic definition. Likewise, the effects of this supposed extreme rape culture we exist in has led to a drastic number of beliefs on how to solve this 'problem'. The most concerning of which fall under the 're-education' of men that rape is wrong, and the likes of which. On the presumption that society has forced men to become uncontrollable animals that are all capable of rape, which evidently is wrong.

Simply, whilst rape culture does in fact exist, a vast amount of material that is categorised with it does not in fact perpetuate rape



I concede, I admit I had no idea what I was going into.
Debate Round No. 2


That is understandable as it is an expanse of a topic. I wish you luck in your future debates, and maybe we will cross paths again in the future.

The best of luck!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by One_Anonymous_Voice 2 years ago
That's the definition of rape. What you choose to define it as is irrelevant. The actual definition is the accepted and correct one.
Posted by Adam2isback 2 years ago
Max, I didn't really know what he was asking for in this debate to be honest.
Posted by Max.Wallace 2 years ago
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