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Rape is NOT a Good Thing

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Started: 7/19/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I don't even know why this concept is even in question, but apparently it is.

Rape is the crime of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will.
The first thing that should stand out to you is the fact that someone is FORCING another to do something AGAINST THIER WILL. Already a bit problematic. Sure, there are a few things people may not want to do and must be forced to do should the occasion arise, like getting a ticket for speeding. Alas, sexual intercourse is not among them.
Another thing I would like to point out is that rape, while typically a situation in which a man is a perpetrator and a woman is a victim, that is not always the case. It has been argued that rape provides pleasure for both people, but of course this is false. Before I even continue to talk about sexuality, may I point out that rape can not be a pleasurable experience for both people if one of them is being forced against their will? I feel like covering sexuality almost doesn't matter, but to further my point... imagine you are a heterosexual male. You probably wouldn't enjoy being raped by a man. Imagine you are a homosexual female. You probably wouldn't enjoy being raped by a man either. There are many scenarios to go through, and none are enjoyable.
Sex is widely known as something that establishes a bond of trust and love between two people. Even if someone doesn't look at it like that doesn't mean rape is okay. What they do with their body is THIER choice, and something like this should never be forced upon anyone.
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Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS 2 years ago
I've already proved it
why do you dummies have to complain about it
if you fight the rape
boo hoo, its your own fault for hurting the man
and if you say its horrible, you're just overestimating humanity
so, shut up about it
Posted by SJM 2 years ago
My opponent argues that it"s solely problematic making someone do what they don"t want to do, but this is based on the idea that forcing someone to do something is bad, and that what someone wants is by itself good.

This "Alas, sexual intercourse is not among them.", in addition with the previous paragraph is begging the question.

"Sex is widely known as something that establishes a bond of trust and love between two people." Why does it matter if something is widely known as something if it's not right?

" You probably wouldn't enjoy being raped by a man." Why do you say that enjoyment indicates whether something is right or wrong?

Arguments for

More jobs and pay

With more people being rape, this would lead to more people being traumatized and want to go seek out for help. Therefore psychiatric and therapeutic jobs would be more in demand. More jobs will be open, thus more people can apply for them. And because rape will become a norm, people studying these fields will go deeper into their studies and gain more knowledge, and therefore get paid more.

Make society stronger

If people don"t like rape, they will improve themselves physically so that they can defend themselves, such as being able to run faster, or build strength. So if we as a society train ourselves and our kids to be able to defend themselves from rapists, then our race will become stronger.

Takes up less space in jail

This one is self explanatory, but with changing something from illegal to legal, we eliminate those kinds of people for going to jail.
Posted by SJM 2 years ago
too lazy but if you want to voice chat tell me
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