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Reality TV shows shouldn't be edited.

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Started: 12/14/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Reality TV shows shouldn't be edited for many reasons. I don't like when shows like those are edited because it doesn't show the personality of the stars.
On Lifetime's Dance Moms, they portrayed Chloe as the shy one, Maddie as the cocky one, Brooke as the lazy and depressed one, Paige as the dumb one, Mackenzie as the little one, Nia as the undetermined one, and Kendall as the crybaby. They shouldn't be portraying people (as in this case, pre-teen girls) as stereotypes.
Also, editing leads to mistakes. I watch reality tv a lot and find so many editing mistakes. Its called reality tv. It should be real! Also they mix filmed scenes with each other to look like 1 big scene.
Lastly, they edit it to "get higher ratings" Oh my god! Editing of shows like that will lower the ratings! A lot of reality tv shows could have been more popular if they didn't have bad producers and editors!
There is so many more reasons with my cause!


They edit reality shows because of the content and personalities in the show. If they think that what really happens is boring, they will 'stretch' the truth to bring in more suspense for the viewers. That's why people like reality shows so much. But things can get bad if the people being showed on TV get Mad when people point at them and say 'Wow, you are really that mean!' Which is why I don't like being famous at all when I grow up. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is just show business.
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afreidberg19 forfeited this round.


If viewers notice that reality TV shows are edited, then there are bad producers and editors. Producers and editors know what is right for the viewers and what is wrong, so they are not bad. People can believe different things but I believe different. Case closed.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by PeriodicPatriot 3 years ago

I am a girl btw
Posted by funwiththoughts 3 years ago
Pro lost all credibility when he claimed people "like reality TV so much". If I want to see entertaining fiction, I watch fiction. REALITY TV should be true to reality.

PS Everyone knows that reality TV is edited, so your claim that good producers and editors can hide it is nonsense.
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