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Recreational Marijuana should be Legalized in all 50 States.

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Started: 5/13/2015 Category: Politics
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The first argument to our debate is the fact that many marijuana arrests are made unjustly and the criminalization of marijuana possession wastes law enforcement resources that could be used to fight violent crime.

According to a report released by the Drug Policy Alliance in 2012, one million of the NYPDs police hours had been spent making 440,000 marijuana possession arrests in New York City from the years 2002-2012. These hours should be devoted instead to more serious, violent crimes.

Jesse Wegman says ". . . The toll (of Marijuana) can be measured in dollars " billions of which are thrown away each year in the aggressive enforcement of pointless laws. It can be measured in years " whether wasted behind bars or stolen from a child who grows up fatherless. And it can be measured in lives " those damaged if not destroyed by the shockingly harsh consequences that can follow even the most minor offenses."

This quote shows that the arrests can make large impacts on both the economy and lives of those arrested and their family and friends.

Bernard Noble, father of seven, was a trucker stopped in New Orleans in October 2010. He had two previous, non-violent offenses, and was found with a small amount of marijuana in his pocket. He was sentenced to thirteen years in prison.

He'll see his children again though when they"re all grown. Too bad for Jeff Mizanskey, who was arrested in Missouri during 1993 for unknowingly participating in the purchase of a five pound brick of marijuana. With two previous, non-violent offenses, he is now living out life in prison without parole. The only way he'll ever see his child, Chris, again, is if he visits him behind bars.

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, Caucasians use illegal marijuana at a higher rate. But sorry, if you are an African American living in Wisconsin, you"re six times more likely to be arrested under marijuana charges. So oops, let"s spend millions on non-violent crime, and then go and arrest people discriminatorily and then allocate unjust and unfair sentences.


Legalizing marijuana will make crime rates much much worse kids will be growing it asking friends or strangers for it more then they do now yes Marijuana may make good money but look at the risks that follows more crime rates kids getting a hold of this drug. Marijuana should only be allowed medically not recreationally if you don't have a condition that you need Marijuana then you don't need it plain and simple.
Debate Round No. 1


Rebuttal 1...

I just said a) marijuana possession rates would go down (obviously) because it would be legal.
b) laws for marijuana possession in states that allow it are very strict, helping police to enforce them.

Argument 2...

The legal sale of Marijuana would generate tax Revenue that can be used to support schools and other government projects. For example on January 2014, Colorado has legalized marijuana and Taken in $53 Million in Tax Revenue, on top of $16 Million from Medicinal Marijuana. Also, that was only the state of Colorado where the population is 5.356 million, just imagine if the state of California which population is 38.8 million, seven times Colorado. Imagine how much money in tax revenue they would get and how they could make the environment a better place, building houses, dams, schools and other infrastructure.


Rebuttal 1

My opponet says that it will lower crime, and boost the economy, that's the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. First regarding crime. Just because you legalize something won't lower crime. All you are doing is not calling it a crime anymore. We might as well legalize breaking and entering and grand theft auto, this way everyone will have a car and we'll have less crime. It's absurd. Second, the economy will not get a boost. Imagine how many lazy people there will be. They won't be able to work, because they're completely stoned. Pot heads barely have the energy to get off the couch to do anything. And third, medicinal purposes, so instead of finding the chemical or whatever it is in marijuana that helps people get better, why not just extract that or synthesize it and give that to people who need it... not smoke pot. What saddens me is how much time is wasted on debating this topic. It's no where near as important and so many other things. You want to lower crime, stop doing drugs. There will be no more drug dealers if you educate people to not use but stay away. You want to help the economy, don't throw your money away on drugs. Buy good things for your body, like healthy foods. Which then leads to medicinal purposes, eat well, live well, stay healthy, use money to make better medicine. This whole argument is to justify the unhealthy, addictive, lazy pot smokers so that they don't get arrested or feel guilty that they are stupid enough to smoke marijuana.
Debate Round No. 2


There was pretty much no argument there... I think it was supposed to be about medicinal purposes, but Cannabis has over 80 cannabinoids that help people. That's all besides the fact though because this debate is specifically about recreational marijuana (it's in the issue statement).

Can I just point out the fact that prohibition *never* works. The United States prohibited alcohol for 13 years (1920-1933), and people drank through the entire thing. This is something I hold near and dear to my heart, being a Wisconsinite where they teach us specifically how stupid it was during social studies classes.

So now, we've been in the War on Drugs for almost 40 years. Seems a little silly, doesn't it?


I would like to thank my opponet for a good debate. Like i said in my first speech it may bring more money but there are risks that follow i gotta ask the voters

Do you wanna get a phone call from the Juvnile detention center saying your child was caught with marijauna?

Do you want to gamble children's education?

Do you want your child not to beable to support themselves because there high all the time and have minor in possestion on them?

vote con if you say no
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kingtrip 3 years ago
Con never used ANY evidence and had terrible arguments. Alcohol is FAR worse for you than marijuana and impairs you much more, yet people still seem to get stuff done and what not. Also, regulating marijuana makes it HARDER for children to get; again look to alcohol. It is very hard to get alcohol if you're under 21, but as a 14 year old I was able to just walk up to kids in the park and buy weed. Prohibition never works as Pro stated, people will smoke whether its legal or not. Why keep putting them in jail for it when alcoholics, who contribute even LESS to society than stoners, can run free? Hypocritical and stupid. Also, Con completely ignores the fact that illegalizing drugs CAUSES crime--when drugs are illegal there is a black market, so cartels and gangs multiply. With no black market, all these criminals will have to go elsewhere, as people will want to buy their drugs legally.
Posted by crazyness 3 years ago
Why would you want drugs to be available. I think that drugs shouldn't be used by anyone unless it is medicine. I agree with con because drugs aren't safe and they never will be unless for medicine.
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