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Red (Pro) Vs. Ash (Con)

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Started: 3/3/2014 Category: Games
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Ash is really made up think of the meme "TEN FOREVER". Red beats the pokemon league. Ash sucks and doesn't win at least one. Red almost completse pokedex and catches legendary pokemon mew two. Ash has not caught any legendarys.


I shall accept this short debate. I think that my knowledge of Pokemon will come in handy. I will assume (by context clues) that you mean Ash Ketchum (oh my god! That sounds like catch em'. I never noticed that before. Having a cooler name is now one of my arguments) of Pallet town, and not Ashking, a fantasy character I created 7 years ago.

Anyway, let me lay out my point in an organized manner.

1. Cooler name.

Catch em' is how his last name sounds. This is an appropriate name for being a Pokemon trainer, as you catch Pokemon, and the theme is gotta catch em' all. Ash by itself is a fairly cool name. Red however, seems to be a name thought up by a bunch of Asian cartoonists who took a middle school English class, and only payed attention when they were learning the colors.

2. Durability.

Ash has remained a main character of the Pokemon franchise for a very long time. What other character, from a series not centered on that character (like Goku in Dragon ball, or Naruto in Naruto) has remained the main character for that long in the main series. Unlike those other shows, the Pokemon universe could begin with a new character, a new story. Is Yuugi still the main focus of the show Yu-gi-oh!? (Note that the spelling of Yuugi is a more proper spelling used in the manga translations, and the exclamation point after Yu-gi-oh! is part of the name of the show) No! They partially moved on. They bring him back once in a while, but he shows up nowhere near the amount he did before. In the main series, Ash remains the longest, and still standing focus character. He has stood the test of time. Red has faded in and out of our memories. He shows up every once in a while, and we once more forget about him, until the next offhand reference in a Pokemon game, or his own side-story.

3. Companions.

Ash has had some of the best people that you can possibly have around. They make up for his shortcomings. Yes, sometimes they are terrible (like May from Pokemon advanced. What a terrible season), but many times, they are good, dynamic characters that help Ash focus and become better.

4. Begginership

Unlike Red, every time Ash goes to a new region, he re-learns almost everything that he already learned. Some may view this as a negative. I however, view this as a positive. It helps a new viewer learn and love Pokemon, and gradually helps them to understand the Pokemon universe. Red is a know-it-all.

5. Pikachu

I didn't want to have to pull my trump card, but who doesn't love Pikachu? He's cute, he's cuddly, and he sends out deadly volts of electricity. What kind of monster would you be to vote against this?

(The pictures wouldn't open on this page. Sorry! Try the links. The cuteness is irresistible)
I rest my case.
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