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Redistributive Taxation is a Form of Forced Labor

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Started: 1/14/2014 Category: Politics
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First round to accept

Second round: Write your argument blind without looking at mine.

Third round: each rebuts the other.


I will accept this debate. This is my first time in a debate of this nature. I do a lot of debating in the regular forum style, but I am sure I will make mistakes in this form. Try to be patient with me.
Debate Round No. 1


UMRebelCJ forfeited this round.


My argument against tax redistribution being equal to forced labor begins and ends with "Greed"

I will not argue against the fact that the laborer has less bargaining power in the income department than he and she once did.

Here is how the story goes: The government begins to tax the upper class in a way that is more fair to all of us.

The corporations don't like this so, they begin to automate the laborers jobs, or they move their factories off shore.

That way, the corporations can make even more money by paying less labor, and they get to call the shots in ways they could not in the past.

They get to bully the unions out of existence. And they get to force the people to work completely on their terms.

So, while tax redistribution may have provided the current vehicle for upperclass greed, it is still the greed that is at fault.

If the upper class were honest with themselves they would have to admit a couple of things:

1) They are more capable of fixing the economic problems of the world than either the middle or lower class.

Why shouldn't they pay higher taxes than the other classes?
They make their income FROM the other classes, and they make more
income than both the other classes put together."

I am not even suggesting that we should get rid of billionaires.
I am only suggesting that they pay their fair share.

2) the upper class takes more money out of the economy everyday than the lower class even makes in a lifetime!

It's a simple fact, the 400 or so billionaires in America alone have earnings
of hundreds, if not thousands of times greater than the rest of us put"
There is no way that those 400 or so people can consume hundreds, let
alone thousands more products than the rest of us put together.
Since our economy is based on consumerism, the upperclass who own he corporations, have to have some other way to pay their fair share.
Debate Round No. 2


UMRebelCJ forfeited this round.


Pareidolic-Dreamer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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