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Reeses are the BEST candy

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Started: 11/17/2014 Category: Funny
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Reese's are hands down the best candy out there, when compared to candy such as Snickers, Kit Kat, Babe Ruth and things of that nature.


I accept this debate and will be arguing on the side of Con.

The BoP is on Pro to PROVE that no other candy is better.

First off, Pro's claim about Reese's is VERY subjective. He (implicitly) states that no other candy currently existing is better than that of Reese's.

First of all, I should state the obvious: people have different tastes and prefer different things. For example, I prefer vanilla over chocolate, but some believe otherwise. It doesn't matter what we think, as none is truly "better" than another. It's just different flavors available to different people with different tastes.

If the human race was similar in every single way, and we all ate every piece of candy existing in the world as we know it today, could we honestly say that Reese's are the best candy? First of all these are very extreme conditions as no one is exactly the same as one other person. As such, each person develops different habits and lifestyles, therefore different tastes and interests. In terms of candy, even candy of other countries must be considered into this, as Pro states that no other candy is better than Reese's.

Let's take multiple different polls from different sites.

The first site [1] has Reese's as its fifth best candy and not its first. While it is still high in the rankings, other candies, namely M&Ms, Twizzlers, Hershey's Kisses, & Snickers surpass it.

In this second source [2] it shows M&Ms as the most sold candies in the U.S. Reese's is also well sold but not to the degree of M&Ms.

Needless to say there are also studies which state that, in fact, Reese's is the best. One article lists it at the best [3] with others mentioned before as close behind.

However all of this is near irrelevant to this point: each and every person prefers their own. With so many types of candy existing in the world, each person has their own favorites. It's very opinionated to say that one candy is better than another when people are so diverse and have so many different types. As well, as in my previous sources, M&Ms are more sold than Reese's, so clearly more people are enjoying M&Ms than Reese's, even with Reese's even having high sales as well.

To summarize, each person has their own tastes and enjoyment and to say one candy is better than every other is very subjective and opinion-based.

Best of luck in R2 to prove that Reese's is, indeed, the best candy.

Debate Round No. 1


You have clearly done your research on this , I must repeat myself when I say that I'm a beginner. As shown in my first source the Reese's candy is the best for the reason of the company has multiple products. I would like for my opponent to name multiple products made by these " top candies ".there is also a white chocolate product for those that prefer the vanilla side, how many candies are that considerate. Also no other candy website is cooler than that of the Reese's, a candy with a beast website must be doing great on their sales , therefore must be preferred the most due to the fact that their the best .



Thank you opponent for your arguments. I shall now rebut.

(It's ok if you're a beginner, you can add me as a friend and I'll teach you some tips :D)

Opponents states, using their source, that Reese's has lots of products available for all of its consumers. While it is a good trait to have for a company (add products based off of the needs of consumers), more variety does not necessarily make a product "better".

My statement at first sounds contradictory. It makes a company better but it doesn't make a product itself good? Allow me to elaborate.

Multiple varieties for a product are a good thing. But the product itself fails to become better. If (in your example) I make a white chocolate version of Reese's, is the original candy (the version with the dark chocolate) improved or modified in any way?
While it does improve the product's appeal to other consumers, due to them wanting the white chocolate version instead of the dark chocolate, this only loops back to my point of each person has their own tastes and preferences.

Opponent asks for other products made by other companies:
In my first source [1] M&Ms have 11 different varieties of their product. Opponent may argue that Reese's has more variety to their varieties (heh_, but M&Ms, arguably, have more VERSATILITY.

Variety: the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity, sameness, or monotony. [2]
Versatility: having or capable of many uses. [3]

M&Ms can be used in numerous baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, and bars. They are also occasionally used in trail mix. While Reese's has more differentiation, the whole goal of this debate for Pro is to prove Reese's is the best CANDY. As such, judging by the source opponent gave me, one of his products is invalid. So M&Ms have an equal amount of variety (11) in comparison to Reese's in terms of candy types, and M&Ms have more versatility. So arguably, here, M&Ms win. Not to mention it winning in sales as well.

As for the website, however, the website is only used for the marketing of said candy, and doesn't improve the candy in any way, shape, or form. It simply makes people want it more (or less, depending on the person, again, matter of taste).

Again, it is a matter of taste and preference. Some prefer Reese's and some M&Ms, Skittles, Twix, etc. You can't justify that one thing is the best amongst all others just by opinions. A lot of people may prefer it, but that doesn't make it necessarily the "best" candy. As I said, a lot of people like M&Ms, however some prefer Skittles more (including myself). Is Skittles immediately the best candy based off of my preferences? No. The best candy can be determined by a numerous amount of people with numerous amounts of opinions. It really is up to the person to say what they think is the best. If you think it's the best, that's fine, and I respect your opinion. However it is very opinionated and subjective to state that one candy is the best based on a matter of preference.

Best of luck in R3.

Debate Round No. 2


First off I will defiantly take up your offer on the tips.

Second if the product isn't good then why make more of the same product in different styles ? something about that product must be good in order for a company to continuously make something new from it.

Third: Reese's can be just as versatile as any other candy, including M&Ms, my candy of preference could be used in ice cream, cake, cookies, cereal, trail mix, etc. In fact it is sold good that they made an ice cream out of it. Agreeing with my opponent it is the consumers choice on what they want to do with the candy , meaning if they want Reese's Steak then thy can have it.

Best of luck in your closing argument.


Thank you for your arguments. I shall now respond.

M&Ms has been PROVEN to be a loved candy, or at least a well-purchased one, being the most sold in the United States. If something is liked that much, why not continue to make more variety to the initial product itself? M&Ms has had their variety exclusively within their candy type since the beginning, as no others have strayed outside of this. Reese's, however, branches out into other items such as candy bars and peanut butter. And as I stated before, more variety doesn't make the original product better. It just makes it so that there's a different variation of the product. Similar to vanilla/chocolate ice cream. They're both ice cream, but none is truly "better" than the other, as it's a matter of taste. Even if one is preferred, that doesn't make it better.

"But it contradicts your argument of the M&Ms being well sold!"

Let me put it to you like this:
There are two main MOBAs that people play: Dota 2 and League of Legends. The two communities, needless to say, hate each other. The LoL community believes their MOBA is the best, however the Dota fans believe otherwise. I play Dota myself and prefer it more. However, does my opinion based on the game make it the "best MOBA ever"? In an opinionated mind, yes. However, the truth is is that each MOBA has its own art styles, gameplay, and systems. One game has some elements the other doesn't. It allows people who prefer such things to play the games they like. If one game was dubbed the "best" then everyone would think that game is the best and no other game is that good. The no one would play that game (except for a few people).

The same can be applied to this. If one candy was determined the "best" then why make other candies? There's no point. The reason other candies are made is to appeal others' tastes. If I prefer M&Ms right now, I'll tale M&Ms! If I prefer Reese's, I'll go get some Reese's! We are able to choose these things because so many candies exist. If everything was the same or one dubbed "the best", then what's the point of making other stuff to compete? They're the best anyway.

Conclusion: Pro has not fulfilled BoP to prove Reese's is the best candy. I have even proved that one brand of candy, M&Ms, outsells it and has just as much varieties of its product. I state that opinions are not the determining factor of which candy is the best. If opinions decided which was the best, then wouldn't every candy be the best? Based on this, Pro has failed to meet his BoP, and I have successfully refuted his claims.

Thank you your time and the debate. Vote wisely.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
Again, subject to opinion. :P
Posted by gherkin 2 years ago
of course reeses is the best candy it has the mixture of chocolate and peanut butter perfectly
Posted by Deablo1 2 years ago
XD this is why we are friends Valkrin
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