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Regulation of Marijuana like alcohol

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Started: 7/20/2012 Category: Politics
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Well i'm up for a debate for someone who opposes marijuana.


Well, I'll go for it. But don't expect too much, this is my first debate on this site, so I may fall short. However, experience begets learning, and learning begets knowledge. So, though I may wallow in defeat, I count my first debate as its own victory!

I am glad to accept your challenge, and I look forward to an educational and exciting debate. God bless.
Debate Round No. 1


Its my first one also! But lets get down to business.

Everyone knows the government will do anything it can to not give any attention to marijuana. Its listed as a schedule 1 drug which means its apparently more dangerous than cocaine. For a drug to be in schedule 1, it has to have a very high risk of addiction, and provides no medical benefits. Now how is this even acceptable by people that marijuana has no medical benefits? You talk to anybody with glaucoma,cancer patients, or veteran soldiers who use it to ease the pain, and they'll tell you its the only thing that works. In fact, Marijuana is a much healthier and safer alternative to those crazy pills doctors can give you. If marijuana was regulated like alcohol, it would bring in more money for states, and hopefully switch people from drinking alcohol(a much more dangerous drug). Most people who oppose the legalization of marijuana try to say that it would be more available to younger kids and teens. But they don't understand that marijuana is widely available in schools and for teens is much easier to get then tobacco and Alcohol. If marijuana had an age limit, it wouldn't be so easy to get. And honestly, If it was legal, who go buy marijuana off the streets if the states provided high quality marijuana? The cartels are making money off americans who are looking for weed, and they are dangerous as hell. As for marijuana even being illegal in the first place has to be the most crazy law we have. The police should spend more time on actual criminals instead of picking on young adults or teens with a small amount of marijuana. They are just making criminals out of innocent people. And if some one does get caught with possession, they get a criminal record, even if it was for personal use in there own house.


I agree that marijuana has medical benefits, as i simply is true. however, I would say our agreement may end there.

1) Marijuana use has negative side effects.
Your argument made it seem as though marijuana was safe and harmless. Whether or not this was your intention, i ought to address the medical problems that arise from marijuan use. Marijuana users, in a University of Sydney study, were shown to have higher instances of psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, and psychosis. It is also as addictive as tobacco, also being as likely to induce cancer. With potential drivers, marijuana can be just as life threatening as alcohol. Marijuana causes imapired reaction time and abilities, a vital driving tool. another, possibly more sinister side of marijuana is its gateway potential. Have you ever seen the show "Intervention"? Many times, the first drug that these addicts try is marijuana, eventually leading to more serious and dnagerous substances. While the "Gateway Hypothesis" is not an innate quality of cannibis, it is still a prevelant factor amongst users.

2) An age limit would have no effect on marijuana's availablility to minors.
Making marijuana legal would simply make it easier for the suppliers to these kids to have easier access to the drug. There is no evidence to support that an age limit of any kind would decrease weed usage amongst minors. It would more likely increase it, as stated in my reason above. Simply because it is easily available to minors now is not justification that it should be legalized. This would only aggravte the problem.

3) Marijuana being used for tax leverage is a dangerous road.
Simply stating that marijuana should be legal for tax reasons is absurd. Marijuana, as I have established, has many downsides to it. Legalizing it in an excuse to gain revenue sets a dangerous precedent. What may be marijuana today could become methamphetamine tomorrow. Selling out the american people like this would be furhter proof that the government doesnt care about its people. Would you be ok with the government allowing the sale of heroin so it could be taxed? Hopefully not. Doing so shows that money is more important than the welfare of the people. The same principle applies to marijuana.

4) The answer to cartels is not through legalization
Cartels do not care about the law. Legalizing it would not stop their activity, in fact it would just make it easier for them to do it. The real problem with cartels is that they can hop the border at any moment whenever they want. A better idea would be a stronger border patrol, rather than laxing drug laws.

5) Marijuana is under the same scrutiny as any drug
Marijuana is (as stated) a potentially harmful drug. Like Cocaine. Or Heroin. Or LSD, shrooms, pcp, etc. If we legalize marijuana, a potentially dangerous substance, then we must legalize other drugs as well, since the same arguments for weed could be made for any of these drugs. Here's an example. Opium, when used in small and controlled doese, is simply a pain reliever. It is used by people anyway, and thus it ought to be legalized so that we could gain tax revenue for it. Legalizing opium would thus put the chinese mob out of business, by allowing the government to sell it and compete. Police need to not arrest people just looking for pain relief.

Now obviously opium is a dangerous drug, but it too easy to apply the same argument. Legalizing marijuana sets a bad precedent.

I also had issues with you saying marijuana is more dangerous than a doctor's pills. I'd like some verification of this, before I am accept it. Also saying they are making "criminals out of inncocent people" is fallacious, considering that they have broken a law and thus are no longer inncocent.

k, your turn. you did actually a pretty good job in that round.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok well I'm not going to type as much as I would like(due to time restraints) ill combat to your points.

1.Marijuana does have some minor side effects, But these effects are far much less than what legal drugs can do to you, i.e tobacco and alcohol causing much more addiction problems than marijuana. As for drivers that are high, Please look at all the deaths that have occurred from people only smoking marijuana, the deaths are nowhere near what alcohol does, While under the influence of marijuana, the driver although lacks some driving skills, still has more focus on the road than any other substance. As for marijuana causing cancer, there is no proof of this. in fact there have been studies to which mice who all have cancer, are treated differently, the ones who were given marijuana showed signs of cancer dying out. And the gateway theory is just as it sounds, a theory. Nicotine in cigarettes has been proven to make people move on to harder drugs more than marijuana does.
2. If marijuana were legal, it would have the same effect as tobacco and alcohol where sure people will still buy it for minors, but It would easily reduce the dealers in the schools and on the streets. No dealer is gonna want to try to compete with stores who could sell marijuana cigarettes or blunts perfectly rolled and for cheap as hell.

3.As for the excuse about today marijuana, the next meth. Well there both two different things. Meth is considered a hard drug and has no medicinal value and no reason to legalize, With marijuana the proof is there, it has the medical effects to save peoples lives.
4. the cartels could not compete with the legalization, mexico right now illegally exports the lowest quality marijuana that makes its way to the states.Like i said no one in the right mind would buy marijuana anywhere but stores and such where quality would be unmatched.

5. As I also said before, Marijuana and hard drugs are 2 very different subjects, With marijuana being far safer and with medical benefits.

For prescribed medicine, thousands of people die every year for accidentally taking to much pills that they are legally prescribed to. And they have a ridiculously high rate for addiction. What I was saying about criminal activity, is that obviously marijuana is illegal under federal law and possessing it makes you technically a criminal, but what i'm saying is its ridiculous that someone could get prison time for smoking marijuana in the comfort of there own home and while not hurting anybody. Should a cancer patient get more time in jail for just smoking marijuana to reduce his pain than a rapist only getting 10 years tops?


1) That statement is false. marijuana is as addictive as tobacco and alcohol. "Marijuana addiction has the same characteristics as any other addiction to other drugs including alcohol, tobacco or even caffeine" (1) And yes the gateway theory is a theory. But so are gravity and evolution. Marijuana, when smoked, CAN cause cancer. "Many of the carcinogens and co-carcinogens present in tobacco smoke are also present in smoke from marijuana. Marijuana smoking does cause inflammation and cell damage, and it has been associated with pre-cancerous changes in lung tissue. Marijuana has been shown to cause immune system dysfunction, possibly predisposing individuals to cancer." (2) Marijuana is as dangerous as alcohol behind the wheel. "Data have also shown that while smoking marijuana, people show the same lack of coordination on standard "drunk driver" tests as do people who have had too much to drink." (3)

2) No. kids couldnt buy them from the store were there an age limit. They would still need some form of a supplier, who would buy some blunts at a store than sell them for double the money.

3)Yes, but you have missed the point. The legalization of marijuana can lead to more drugs, setting off a chain reaction. it might not be meth tomorrow, it could be something only slightly more harmful, such as cocaine. But the point is that it could open doors that go places we never intended.

4. Yes, until the cartels start bombing stores. When cratels face prosecutioon or competition they will grow violent and lethal. And I dont know why you think the stores' weed will be great quality. They could mash together a two bit product and sell it. Plus, the taxes on it will probably be outrageous (see taxes on cigarettes), so the cartel may actually be able to sell it for less.

5. Yes medical benefits for those who need it. For those who dont its completely unnecessary.

And there are no deaths attrinuted to marijuana related accidents? You can die many ways when high on marijuana, and the side effects are usually less severe than that of FDA approved medication. Marijuana possesion will not get you more time than a rapist, that is a gross overstatement, and I am not saying some people cant have it. But it should not be as free as alcohol is, which is the premise of this debate.

I have to say, good job. You were actually pretty intelligent, and I had a blast. Thanks for my first experience with this. Win , lose, or draw, it was a good match.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Numidious 6 years ago
Not sure what the suggestion is here... I don't think that marijuana should even be regulated - it should be sold publicly, taxed, and you should be able to consume it anywhere without the police trying to arrest you for it. If you disagree there then we may have a debate, but otherwise I think that we pretty much agree.
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