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Reindeers are better than people.

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Started: 10/10/2014 Category: Funny
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The arguement is which is better.
Good luck.

First round acceptance
Second to fourth arguements
Final conclusion.

For the sake of arguement all faith/religon/ideologies are not to be a part of this debate.


There are several reasons why being a reindeer is inferior to being a human. Let me start off with some achievements that humans have made that reindeer are not capable of doing, along with some basic features that make humans superior.
I will begin with basic features.
1. Opposable Thumbs.
Reindeer never have and never will be able to experience the joy of having not just four wonderful phalanges attached to their palms, but also a fifth digit that enables humans to grasp things with great ease. Reindeer hooves have no similar feature. Thumbs are an incredibly useful part of the human body that give humans a large advantage over reindeer.
2. Adaptability.
Of course, reindeer have adaptability as well, enabling them to survive cold winters with little food. They do not, however, have the great capacity to adapt in as many ways as humans have. Humans are among the only species in the world that are capable of changing the environment around them. This is not always a good aspect, but it does provide many advantages. Humans are the only species that can survive literally anywhere in the world, thanks to the great invention of shelters, heating and cooling units, high-technology devices, etc.

Now let us see some achievements of the human race.
1. Humans have understanding of the world around them. We question things, we want to learn more about the world around us, we desire to know more about our surroundings. This leads to innumerable great advances in our society. Reindeer, on the other hand, do not strive to make things better- they eat grass and appear in the occasional holiday commercial.

2. Humans have invented things. I need not even elaborate on what things we have invented, because invention in itself is something that reindeer are not capable of, save for the occasional tree being used as a scratching post. Humans have of course created some terrible things like bombs, weapons of war, and so on, but we have also created many great things like medicine and even simple pleasures like TVs and phones.

I thank my opponent for this rather interesting debate topic, it made my day a little brighter when I scrolled down and saw this. This is also my first debate on this website, so please tell me if I have broken any etiquette or missed some guidelines. I am looking forward to continuing this debate with you.
Debate Round No. 1


Whatever it is forgivable.
And don't worry i knew what i was doing when i made this debate. I will be the first of many challenges for you.

1---ignorance is bliss
2---humans are making a mess of the earth
3---reindeer are biologically superior.

1::they don't have high stress, intelligence, or regrets. Its hakuta matata for them. They don't have to get to work each day. They don't need government. They can sleep in as long as they want to, and the outdoors are thier home they don't mind rain or laying down in dirt or mud it's all the norm' for them. Do you want to be able to run and rest all you want all day every day? They do and it isn't boring fir them they are used to it, they don't expect anything else in their routine. They are as happy as can be as long as we aren't taking their land. They don't need the joy of opposable thumbs.

2::humans are sorta jerks, we are destroying the environment and we are building things everywhere, reindeer don't do that. Global warming, deforestation, acid rain, exhaustion of resources, depletion of the ozone layer, and hunting to extinction are all examples of human fault.

3::if we take the features of a reindeer and human we can see for everything exept intelligence reindeer exell in.
a. Antlers
b. Speed
c. Defense
d. Maneuvering
e. Instincts
f. Strength

a. --they can use antlers to attack, they extend far.
b. --reindeer are much faster.
c. --reindeer can move their head easily and jab plus they also can get on their hind legs and kick with the front.
d. --reindeer are made for running and jumping over things, they can also turn quickly.
e. --they naturally use and rely on instinct as humans do not, We can trust them but don't use them regularly.
f. --reindeer run and walk a lot more than we do plus they bar bigger and require more muscle in the first place.

Therefore based on points 1, 2, and 3 reindeer are infact better than people.


IAAREWIAWTIASR forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Do you have any rebuttal's.


Humans can "move their heads easily" just the same as reindeer can, if not easier due to the lack of antlers on a human skull. According to Popular Mechanic's website, "Compared to other land mammals, humans are remarkably good at running long distances. Very few other animals can sustain such distances, especially at the speeds that top human athletes perform." I will provide the link to the mentioned website at the end of this argument. Antlers can also cause many problems for reindeer. Antlers prevent reindeer from entering many small spaces that humans can easily fit into, thus allowing humans to avoid predators (the few that we have) if needed by hiding, compared to reindeer having only the option to run away from their many predators (and don't forget, reindeer can't even run as well as humans can). Humans rely on instinct more than you would think. Many basic actions and reactions to situations in everyday human life come from adaptations from our basic instincts. I agree that humans are ruining the environment, but reindeer are also capable of doing this. Overpopulation and a lack of predators in an area can allow a large group of reindeer to turn a lush, grassy area into a sandy desert.
I apologize for not providing a round 2 argument, I had a family emergency that took up most of my time and focus and this website got pushed to the side.
Debate Round No. 3



1--The point of them moving their heads is because they can use they antlers dexterously providing for the better defence.

2--A human is not going to be able to beat a reindeer in a race assuming the reindeer is motivated to do so. And there is no way a person is going to catch up to a reindeer. The only reason being is that they get to an safe distance then let their guard down and that is when humans sneak up and kill them.

3--In their natural environment reindeer very, very rarely get stuck in small spaces.

4--reindeer use their instinct constantly, therefore it is much better. And humans use reasoning instead of instinct.

5--the environment was doing fine regulating itself until humans. It takes an outside force (humans) to ruin it therefore reindeer aren't capable of doing so.

And about your family emergency it is completely fine, you are excused. (hope everyone is ok)


True, reindeer use instinct constantly which may make their instincts stronger or perhaps better suited for their purposes, but humans do not even need to use instinct because humans have, what you said, reasoning. Human reasoning allows humans to decide what they want to do, while instinct says "you must do this or else x consequence happens". Reasoning gives us individuality, character, and beliefs. If humans had only instinct and no reasoning, we would be a bunch of illiterate fools incapable of even speaking because we'd be too busy running from the "danger" of the unknown which very well could be a huge discovery capable of changing the world for the better.

To your point about the environment keeping itself in check before humans caused problems, I would like to quote, ( which says "At some point food is going to get so scarce that a very large portion of the animals die of hunger," due to the population of reindeer in the area growing on its own to be "6 times larger than it should be". Humans, on the other hand, have actually been fixing this problem via the use of authority-issued hunting licenses, which allow humans to use reasoning by bringing the population of the reindeer back to a number that will not harm the environment, while also not over-hunting (again because of reasoning on the part of licensing officials limiting the number of reindeer that a license-holder can bag) which would potentially also harm the population and surrounding ecosystem. Also, according to the second law of Thermodynamics, closed universes or "systems" (or more specifically, populations) will continue towards a state of maximum entropy, or maximum disorder and problems, unless acted upon by an outside force. This means that within the population of reindeer on this earth, if let be the reindeer would not ever make the world any better, they actually would end up making it worse- unless an outside force, such as humans, came in and changed it (hunting to control population, researching diseases common in reindeer, protecting endangered species etc.).

In response to your third point I see how absurdly funny it was when I said that reindeer would get stuck in small spaces. I realize now that there are very few spaces out in the wild that a reindeer would be around that cause a reindeer to get stuck. Rare as it is, however, any species of animal with antlers can end up being "stuck" to another fellow member of said antler-bearing species if they were perhaps fighting to impress a mate and bashing antlers together. There is an ample amount of pictures on the web of deer with their antlers intertwined and completely stuck to each other, incapable of doing much of anything at all.

Thank you for your concern about my family, and yes everyone is fine now.
Debate Round No. 4


Conclusion: reindeer's are in fact better than humans (based on arguments)

May the voters decide our fate.


For my conclusion I would ask the voters to agree with my side, based on my rebuttals and evidence.
I thank Mr. Macrel for a very funny debate topic and for guiding me through my first debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by IAAREWIAWTIASR 3 years ago
This is the website that I quoted in my argument.
Posted by IAAREWIAWTIASR 3 years ago
Sorry, I wasn't sure what all that meant.
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 3 years ago
The instructions clearly stated that the first round was acceptence.
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