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Religion can be both a constructive and destructive thing, depending on the religion.

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Started: 7/28/2016 Category: Religion
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I will be arguing that some religions should be forgotten and left in the past, and some deserve to be treated with more respect as they are constructive.

Religions such as Christianity are destructive to society,
Christians want to take away people's freedom, For instance, Christians oppose abortion but there is no good reason for this if a Christian doesn't want to have an abortion fine, but let people who aren't Christian have a choice.

Christians oppose:
Transgender people,
Euthanasia ,
And other topics all of which are an attempt to restrict people's lives.

A religion which isn't based on science at all should not have an effect on scientific decisions.

However there are some religions I feel which are a force for good,
religions like, Taoism, Asatru, Buddhism and Hinduism do not attempt to restrict people's freedoms in the ways that Christianity does, They instead teach us to be more compassionate, giving, respectful and promote good values and hope. The same cannot be said for Christianity in particular.


I will argue the later, that many religions are not only good for people lives, but constructive for society.
Christianity for example. Many Christian churches started schools, hospitals, and charities around the world, all of which have advanced society to where it is today, saving millions of lives, educating hundreds of millions of people.
When your bring up, other religions,Taoism, Asatru, Buddhism and Hinduism, you think so highly of them in regard to not "restricting peoples freedoms" that is because, I assume you live in the west, the population of the west is Christianity.
We vote for people who we like, who share our values. So naturally those people are going to promote what they were elected to say which will fall in line with Christianity, in Europe and Latin America they will lean more towards Roman Catholicism. In the United States, they may lean more Protestant, or Roman Catholic.
If you lived in an area where Taoism, Asatru, Buddhism and Hinduism are major religions you may feel they are restrictive and that Christianity is promotes personal freedoms.
Debate Round No. 1


' Many Christian churches started schools, hospitals, and charities around the world, ' this may be true a while ago, but these things are not Christian exclusive, anyone can build schools hospitals and charities. Back when this was happening the church was considered an extension of the state which explains why they built infrastructure. The only reason they built schools was to push their beliefs on to others, I see that disrespectful and ridiculous that young people have beliefs they don't even understand pushed upon them. I for one ( not by my choice) went to a Christian school, luckily they failed top radicalize me, I turned to Asatru instead. but the point remains that they are just using schools to recruit more people to their faith.

'"restricting people's freedoms" that is because I assume you live in the west, the population of the west is Christianity.'
Yes, I do live in the west, although my country is not heavily Christianized anymore. I do not believe Christianity restrict people's freedom just because it's the main religion in my country, I believe it because they oppose so many things that are freedoms for people, also I know the values of all these religions and Christianity including the bible is the most restrictive, religions like Taoism are extremely open to interpretation allowing their followers to believe a lot of different things.

Let's not forget who caused the crusades and who killed hundreds of thousands of people, oh yeah Christians,

In Genesis 22:20 it states 'Whoever sacrifices to any god other than the LORD must be destroyed' this implies that anyone of any other religion than Christianity should be killed, is that not destructive?


The title of your argument is" Religion can be both a constructive and destructive thing, depending on the religion"
Yes, that is a given. Religion is a set of beliefs that people follow that are suppose to enhance their life or whatever, some of them are violent, destructive and have no place in civilized society. Pro has decided instead of arguing against religion as a whole, rather he has made several statements in round 1 and 2 on how Christianity is bad, making this argument not about religion as a whole, but why Christianity is not productive in society.
You bring up very points on why Christianity is repressive by bringing up several points,
Abortion, Euthanasia,Homosexuality,and Transgender people
Abortion is murder, when life starts at conception, when you kill the fetus you end a life.
Euthanasia is suicide, when you decide that you want to end your life, you are playing God, you are quitting not hoping life gets any better- that is wrong.
Homosexuality, is immoral behavior, when you believe that marriage is between a man and a women with the sole reason of having kids, anything other than that is wrong.
Transgender-ism is playing God again, if you're a man and think you're a woman, you need counseling not sex change surgery.
Those are some of the reasons Christians in general oppose all of those things. What needs to be acknowledged is that Christians hate the sin, but love the sinner and believe that their way is the right way and that giving into temptation needs to be fought off with faith.
But in the grand scheme of society, how much does this all matter?
Very little.
The fact is the Christianity pushed the west to places far greater than the rest of the world. Christianity brings a level of morality that without, our society would be in a very bad place, we see in history regimes that embraced Christianity always came out ahead of those who did not. Christianity does more for the advancement of our society than any thing else. Look at India and Hinduism, absolute mess is that the type of society anyone would want to live in?
Islam and the Middle East and most of Africa, talk about being repressed. Then you look at the West, Christianity and the highest standard of living in the world, the greatest place to live in the world that didn't happen by mistake it Christianity and her advancement of Education expanded growth in all sections of western society for hundreds of years, from the signing of the Magna Carta to Habeaus corpus to the United States Declaration of Independence and the constitution. Those are some of the most important documents of all time, all having a Christian backing to it, The Constitution of the United States couldn't be more Christian if you tried, allowing any body to practice their own religion with out punishment from the state is one of the most Christian articles ever written.
Ironically, Christianity allows you to not be Christian it allows you to challenge her faith, not to follow her faith which is an example of free will, you mentioned Genesis 22:10 I have 3 things to say to that, you most have forgotten why Jesus was sent by God, to make Jews better Jews and to guide them to a better place also did you forget what the Old Testament is?
The Old Testament is a summed down story and laws of 6000 years of Jewish migration through the Middle East. Lastly, have you been killed yet for worshiping another God? When was the last time a Christian killed someone for not being Christian? I cannot recall. Muslims did it the other day though.
Christianity, will destroy its self helping these Muslim migrants, they have accepted millions of people that countries of their own religion wont! With open hearts and all they do in thanks is kill Christians?
With out Christianity, we would not be having this conversation, either because no one set schools up so we do not have computers, I mean with out Christianity I doubt we would even be alive today. Christianity built Modern Civilization and will continue to help its advancement, through morality, education and Christ.
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