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Religion, ethics, morals

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Started: 10/24/2012 Category: Religion
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Before I present my case I would like to make it clear that this debate does not in any way effect my or DoubleBindDebaters Religious and or ethical beliefs. With that in mind. I will now present my case.

This history of the world is definitely a long history. We see nations rise and fall, we see disgusting times in history where morals are irrelevant, but we also see times in which nations prosper, and people are not barbaric, and ethics are wholeheartedly applied. With that in mind I stand resolved that: "Christianity is a necessary component of society and must be in place to keep society morally just."

Theres three points I would like to make.

1. Christianity/Religion is necessary because its provides society with a moral basis. Think about it. If evolution is to be believed then whats wrong with murdering someone? There are no morals.

2. Christianity/Religion has changed the world. Our nation was founded under the principles that we have natural god given rights. And that the nature of man is to be free. Because of this America has become the most powerful nation in the history of the world in only 300 years. Christianity/Religion is not only necessary but it has also transformed countrys with no care for their people into first world nations that are prosperous because they believe people have equal rights.

3. Think about it. Without Christianity the world would go back to its B.C. Origins, survival of the fittest. These days it isnt like that any more. People are treated equally. Because Christianity has shown that people are equal.


First I would Like to Thank Noah for debating with me. And I hope this is a good Debate.

My Opponents contention was that Christianity was necessary for society’s morals.

I have two responses.

  1. 1. Non Unique

That assumption is non-unique because Noah is essentially saying that the only thing we have to define our morals is religion which is Fallacious. We have society’s and governments, Religion is not the only way.

  1. 2. Moral Basis is not the only factor

We must also look at what the actual “Moral Basis” is, my opponent is just saying religion is good because it sets a moral basis. However we should not only judge off of moral basis.

And his second Argument was that Religion has changed the world.

I have three responses to this contention.

  1. 1. Insignificant

Many things have changed the world, but that does not mean that they are necessary.

  1. 2. Religion also tears apart

In Mecca for instance, the holy city of the Muslims, they still have laws that will behead Christians and non-Muslims who come into the city. So Religion also has a damaging effect upon society.

  1. 3. Historical Precedent

There is historical precedent that indeed religion has been more harmful than it has beneficial. Here are just a couple Examples.

  1. A. Rome

Christians were persecuted by romans and millions were killed.

  1. B. Spain

Queen Isabella signed laws that murdered all non-Christians within Spain.

  1. C. China

China would kill all foreigners of religion who came or saw the “Forbidden City”

  1. D. World War Two

Was mostly based off of Jewish Religion where millions happened.

  1. E. Middle Eastern Tension.

The middle east is a dangerous place and a lot of it is from religion.

  1. F. The Holocaust

So Clearly Religion does more harm than good. And again I am not saying religion is bad I am just responding to Noah’s Points.

And his last point I have a couple of responses too as well.

  1. 1. Different Types of Religion

He was basing that argument off of Christianity, which is not the only religion.

  1. 2. Different types of Christianity

There are different types of Christianity, such as Calvinism and such.

  1. 3. Religion does not teach

Not all Religion teaches that all people are equal. Plus the only reason he can say that is because THAT IS WHAT GOVERNMENT TEACHES! Not Religion!

So here a couple Offensive Arguments

  1. 1. Religion is a major cause of war

(As my Examples Proved)

  1. 2. Not all religions work

The Muslims hate Christians so not “all religion” applies to Noah’s arguments.

Which is important, because a lot of Religions clash, so he cant base his arguments off of Christianity, since the resolution is specific towards all religion. Which Completely Destroys my opponents Ground Work.

  1. 3. Religion Can separate us

Again, there have been many wars off of religion. And again examples of how the Muslims hate other religions and will use force if necessary

Again I thank Noah for Debating and I look forward to his responses. And these are not my moral views. I am just stating them for the sake of debate. I appreciate your vote and thank you very much!

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OKay then....
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