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Religion(s) as they stand are bogus!

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Started: 8/16/2014 Category: Religion
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I have reached to a conclusion, that most religions out there are misleading and therefore wrong.
We are reading books like Bible and make ourselves believe its god's words.
We believe into prophets and such and Christians have gone so far to believe that Jesus Christ is a God. What he clearly isn't.
Everything written in holy books are written by man. Most of the context is meant to keep people in check (and stupid). In fact if we (humans) wouldn't have written these books and follow their dumb teachings, we could have avoided the dark ages.
And Jesus was just a man crucified by Roman's like thousands of others.
Church itself has ordered death of millions over the centuries. why should i follow this kind of murderous 'sect'

If one is to believe in god (no matter how you want to call him) then for me it goes like this:
There is only one god (how you call him is not important) God gave us free will to do what ever we want to do in our lifetime here on earth. And there is only one thing that matters in the end. weather you are good or evil. Everyone will know the difference between good and evil, that's in a way a basic instinct. Even most evil of us knows they have done wrong, so in my mind it does not require some book to tell me what is right and what is wrong.
God doesn't require you to worship him because he is already all powerful and he wont need anything from you. And since he gave us free will (as mentioned above) he will not tell us what to do, neither will he stop us from doing anything. So what ever you do in life is your choice and weather its good or evil, its also your choice. And what ever happens in afterlife we can never know anyway, since dead wont talk.

Basically 3 major religions right now just cant get along. They all originate from same source (Egypt about 3000 years ago) The holy books that are written in these 3 religions are written by bloodthirsty power hungry men thousands of years ago. Why are we still believing this LIE?

So if you absolutely want to believe in god then do it in a way i suggested above and we could all get along.


Religions, like stories, are not bogus. They are important archives for us to turn our porous nature into a human encylopedia! It's the people that are bogus - they see grand poetry and turn it into sand poetry - hint, sand poetry is worse than having sex with a vagina made out of sand paper - the grinding is the type of grinding you get from scratching a chalk board, believe me! The amount of noise they make beats out the sex between two rhinoceroses. Let me give you an example!

Yo, dudes, I just read this powerful book of magic between good and evil and I learned the schools of magic through it, I swear I'm not lying, if I was, I'd be a celebrity, but the government just has it out for me even though nobody knocks on my door except you dudes, to tell me not to come over again because I'm weird and annoying, but this time I have proof that I have magic and stuff, look at this page here, see this long word: "Alikizama", it means "Listen to those who appear like fools, for they are the messengers of magic." So you see, you need to listen to me now because the book said so, but in order to accept the way of the magic, you have to wear a pointed hat to signify that you are on point and have a mini steeple to absorb the energies of the magic world we live in. You have to believe! If you don't, the book told me I could suffocate you with the pointed hat for good measure, so... unless you want to live, believe into the love of magic and the practice of learning the secrets of it all - remember, you have a choice... life or death! It's that simple! Now line up dudes, we have a world to convert!
Debate Round No. 1


Well these stories in holy books have been twisted over the centuries so that little or non remains from the original fairy tale.
In Holy Bible great chunk of the story has been added or changed during the middle ages aka. dark ages (like over 800 years) to keep people dumb and obedient. Hence they are called the dark ages. Every new idea was heresy and might have caused your death. If you call that kind of religion beneficial to mankind then I'm afraid you are mistaken.
I agree with you that, at some point guidelines like these might have been useful but, these times have passed.
Following the teachings in holy books word by word in modern world is stupidity and causes more harm than good.
I'm afraid some people still takes this way too seriously and hence we have too many conflicts, all spinning around religions.


Are you kidding me? The ancient wisdom in the book passed? But human stupidity can be left ignored? Oh my! What world do I live in - let me out of here!

The book isn't the issue - it's the people. If someone took harry potter seriously, would you attack the book and the movies or the idiots taking it seriously?

I rest my case. The wisdom in that book are extremely important as the OT represents the animal in mankind and the NT represents beating the animal and becoming Man, but still being part animal, hence "god" killed his own miscreations with a flood because he still wasn't quite "man", still "animal".

The entire book is a huge allegory about man's desires and man's drives; how to deal with them; what what damage they can cause.
Debate Round No. 2


Wasn't it the catholic church that started the crusades. According to them, every man, woman or child who didn't believe in god the same way as they did was from the devil and needed to be killed.
You can see same trend in Islam these days. If you're not with them then you are against them. Just saying that religions have caused most of the warfare over the centuries that has cost millions of lives and over what? some stupid differences in stupid religions that can be twisted into what ever truth someone searches.
In modern wars in middle east obviously politics and such are the cause of the warfare. but these radicals find plenty of stupid illiterate deep religious people there who to twist around their finger. Like 'look god said you have to kill them non believers. you go to heaven when u go blow yourself up in a mall' and the poor illiterate basterd believes all that bollox and there you go...a bloodbath. To be perfectly honest most of the deep religious christians or them Jehoovan witnesses that come to your doorstep to spread the word seem somewhat looneybin material to me as well, so it look's like stupidity follows most religions.
Just as you said. Might as well believe in Harry Potter book.
Anyway i rest my case with that. It also seems to be pointless subject over what to argue. Cause so far i haven't managed to open ones eyes who deeply believes in all of this and non of em have managed to turn me into believer neither.


Wasn't it Einstein's genius that created nuclear bombs?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
My post just became 1000x funnier considering what I said and the stance my opponent took.
Posted by superbowl9 3 years ago
Ohp, too late
Posted by superbowl9 3 years ago
Might wanna change your stance to pro before someone snipes you...
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