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Religion should be debated

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Started: 12/8/2011 Category: Religion
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Resolved: Religion should be debated.
I will be arguing the Con side of this debate meaning I don't want religion to be debated. My opponent will argue the Pro side meaning he wants religion to be debated.
Now to set some ground rules:
1. Pro will argue in the first round whereas Con will not. Con will argue in the fourth round whereas Pro will not.
2. Do not bring up what religion you are, whether it be Christian, Catholic, Atheist, Muslim, Jewish, etc. as it will make you sound bias! Keep this in mind!
3. Be courteous and respectful to your opponent when addressing his/her previous argument, as we don't want things to get virtually bloody.
4. Spectators leave comments about different things you may have noticed that would have helped Pro/Con win the debate and when you vote keep in mind the different sides of the debate and what the debaters have said in all 4 rounds! Spectators also be courteous and respectful and don't criticize the debaters harshly if they missed something or brought up a point you strongly disagree with! As I said be respectful and courteous!

Thank you contender for agreeing to debate such a topic as this as I'm sure this debate will be very frustrating for the both of us.



Con has offered for me to post my arguments in the first round, but since he did not provide any arguments of his own beforehand I will simply bring up my own arguments of why religion should be debated

1) Religion encompasses many different concepts.
Look at any debate on here, a third of them involve religion or some part of it. The concepts being debated are refer to morality, the afterlife, whether or not beliefs are logical, whether or not god exists, Jesus, god, etc. Religion encompasses many different aspects that people have the right to debate over. If you were to claim religion should not be debated then you would also have to claim that many of the things that relate specifically to religion would also not be debated

2) Why not?
Does debating about religion give this website any kind of bad name or poor credit? is it causing people to be disrespectful of other people's beliefs in such a way that holy war is about to break out on the site? is it impossible to learn anything from participating in or simply reading such debates? One of the most fascinating debates i ever read on here involves religion and how God might have the ability to exist outside the rules of logic, an idea i thought was revolutionary and made sense. So why ban debates about a subject that can help people learn something important or even life altering?

3) People have a right to.
This website is called, and last I checked the first person guarantees free speech. Free speech includes free thought and the freedom to question whatever they want, including religion.

If religion should not be debated, people will still want to debate it regardless of whether or not there is a good reason why they shouldnt because it is their nature. The only way you could actually stop people from debating religion were to outlaw such debates, and that would be wrong on so many levels it would be completely unjustified.

4) Debates over religion could help people become of sound mind.
Ever read a debate where a person tries to argue that gay marriage should be outlawed and the only evidence they provide to support their own argument are bible verses? How quickly does that become annoying.... With religious debates though you can find out more of what is actually in The Bible and what they mean then what you could learn in Church. And the best part of debating religion on here is that if you are in a religious debate and someone gives their interpretation of what some of the Bible text means, you can question it! how awesome is that! :D questioning the interpretation of words may help you understand what their meaning is, it may help the other person see how else the words may be interpreted, and the voters have their own freedom to decide for themselves who gives a more accurate interpretation of Bible text. Religious debates help people understand the context of words in the Bible, the Qur'an, the Torah, and other holy scriptures too, why outlaw that?

5) You can learn a lot from religious debates.
Recently i accepted a debate regarding whether or not the US was founded on the basis of Christianity, i believed i was arguing as the Con, however due to my own inability to read important details I accidentally took the position of Pro..... However while researching for my debate I found out more about religion and early America than I had ever learned in school (bible school or regular school). This primarily religious debate also helped me understand that religious freedom was actually the reason why many of the first settlers of America crossed the Atlantic to be here, but if religion should not be debated then I never would have learned that, and I would be that much more ignorant of where the roots of the country I live in came from.

Im sure that there are many other people here who when they entered a religious debate and they did some research they discovered something of importance or interest that they did not know before. If religion should not be debated though me and all these other people would be that much more ignorant of how religion plays a role in parts of our lives.

Ill end here for now and would like to ask the Con to please specify why religion should not be debated and then offer arguments against my points...
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Pro for accepting this debate and giving such a passionate argument. I fear I was sorely mistaken when making this debate, and that my views of this topic are horrendously outrageous. I see now thanks to Pros argument that religion is a HUGE provider in debates! Thanks to Pro my views have been changed and I would like to forfeit! Pro unknowingly crushed every argument of mine beforehand and therefore has quelled any repute to his case! I thank you for at least answering my debate and passionately giving me reason to change my views!


I thank the Con for a lovely debate anyways :)
Debate Round No. 2


trawson55 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Woot woot for debate
Debate Round No. 4
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