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god is either exceedingly stupid or he does not exist


god is either exceedingly stupid or he does not exist Either way, the bible proves both so shockingly well because of its applesauce loveliness. . This debate will prove that no supreme deity, namely god, would state what the bible has stated and expect oth...

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The Bible is a terrible starting point


Most people stating points are things like, I think therefore I am, and two point make a line. The ones most Christians use is an entire book. If you are going to chose a book, why the bible? Why not any other book? If you only start with the bible and nothing else, what should you use to interpret it?...

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God does exist. God (pro) vs atheism (con)


I recently left my religion and became an atheist. I would like the pro to go first and lay out his arguements. I will refute them and hopefully have enough time and space to provide some of my own. First round - pro lays out his arguement Second arguement - my rebuttal and arguements and pro rebuttals 3 - arguements and rebuttals 4 - solely for rebuttals (no new arguements) This debate is religion-neutral. I do not care what religion you are as long as you can defend God. BOP - s...

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Is God Real?


This debate will have several rules, which my opponent shall agree to. No ad hominem attacks. You can attack the argument, but not the person. God- (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being. Judeo Christian being. Constr...

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Islam vs Christianity "Is Jesus Divine?"


Christians and Muslims can agree on the existence of Jesus as a historical figure but they disagree on who he is and his significance in the salvation of mankind. We will now focus on his divinity. I believe that there are only two options and these two options are devastating to Islam. First option is Jesus is divine and the second option is Jesus is not divine. If Jesus is divine, then the assertion that Jesus is only a prophet is false. If Jesus is not divine, then he is a liar or a lunatic a...

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Is euthanasia morally justifiable from a Religious (christian) stance?


1st round-- introductory of stance and self. Hello I'm maddy and I believe that Euthanasia is morally unjustifiable because of the ethical stance I take upon human life as a whole; the value of such from conception until natural death, and because of christian doctrine proving such and standing with me on such. Round 2: first presented argument Round 3: Counter argument Round 4: Counter argument Round 5: concluding argument Good luck and may the best man win (I wish to debate wit...

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The God of the Bible is a loving God.


In this argument, we will be debating whether or not the god of the Christian New Testament loves the world. The Merriam-Webster definition of care is "A feeling of strong or constant affection for a person." Rules: 1. We will use The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. ( 2. We will use the NIV translation for any new testament or old testament quotations. 3. Remember that "When you are debating on try to keep emotion out of your arguments. i...

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It is required that god be ousted from power due to his violent, evil and hateful ways and behaviors


It is required that god be ousted from power due to his violent, evil and hateful ways and behaviorsSince this is obviously and blatantly true, as proved within verse after countless verse in the bible, as god truly hates children for jeez sakes, this debate will prove that the god of the bible is required to be ousted fr...

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I have a question


You know when people say "holy sh*t". Does that mean God came down and blessed a pile of sh*t someone took? I wish that could be in the bible. I never read the bible, so I don't know if that's in there. I hope it is....

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"People enter hell trough no fault of their own" is true.


Axioms within this debate1. "Hell" within this debate is defined as "The place of punishment described in the Christian religion".2. "fault" within this debate is defined as "responsibility for a misfortune".3. "responsibility" within this debate is defined as "Being accountable by virtue of having control over the outcome"3. "is true" within this debate is defined as "has more predictive merit when compared wi...

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