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Religions are unnecessary.

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Started: 2/18/2014 Category: Religion
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Accept this debate by typing "I accept".
The rounds will be divided as follows:

Round 2
Saying why you are pro/con to the subject.
This by defending your statement through argumentation and facts/numbers.

Round 3
Counter of the opponents arguments.
Do not be subjective, be objective.

Round 4
A defense from both parties, countering the counter arguments.

Round 5
A conclusion.
The influence of this debate on you opinion before the debate.
Has this debate in any way changed/modified your opinion on the subject?

For this particular subject I would like to ask the contender to NOT use god as a source, neither should he use the bible.
Religion is not a valid argument.

As this is a very subjective debate, sources are a must and are required.
The debate being difficult and controversial, I would like to ask my opponent to stay respectful.
As a sidenote: Every contender does not have to be American, local information may be used as an example.
Christianity is not the only religion.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I wish my opponent good luck!

As a start I wish to clarify this subject, I am not against religions. I think the positive aspects of religions do not weigh up to the negative aspect of them, which would make them removable from society. In other words, religions belong to the past and will not be needed in the future.

As a first argument I would like to point out that in the last 32 years, religions have been the cause of plenty of murders, mass murders, ethnic cleansing and more. Most of these crimes could have been avoided if religions were not take so seriously and would have been taken as an extra. I would like you to look at this collection of a few murders that have been commited in the name of religions. You could of course say those would have happened if there were no religions, or for some other reason, but that is a potential situation and thereby not correct.

Religions were not always negatively tainted, I would agree that in the past, religions have been useful and were actually necessary for the people to unite under one name and idea. With the uprising of nationalism, religions are fully replaced by patriotism, the leftovers of the religions are (In Europe's case) quite accepting and do not see their religion as a way of life but as an extra, this is how religions should be seen overall.

If I were to take christianism as a example,(same applies to Islam) you surely have noticed how people are completely brainwashed by the idea of there being a god and a superior truth, this would be totally fine if they would not try to kill everyone who does not believe in the same values. Unfortunately, there have been many cases where a Christian threatened to kill atheists or gays in public because of their orientation. This could have been avoided if religions were admitted to being unnecessary.

Religions are a creation of the humans, and like all other creation of humans, they are subject to time. Religions were not there at the start, they were not here until they were created by humans who made up fictional stories to explain facts they could not explain logically, with other words, describing the unknown. As evolution went on, this unknown was being unveiled, thus removing the primary goal of a religion. This goal evolved to bringing people together in churches, mosques and so on. Yet again, as evolution went on, people did not need to go to church to see one another, yet again the primary goal of religions was being stripped by modernity.

Briefly said, religions are, in this period and at this time, not needed anymore. They can be removed or reoriented.



Based on the Title of this Debate, and the first argument posted by the host, it is fair to conclude that the burden of proof lies on Pro to prove that all religions are unnecessary.

I will debate my position using the Christian Religion. I will enforce my position on the good works Christians do within local communities and on mission trips around the world. I will also argue that most religions are not violent, it is possible that Pro's point of view may be influenced by the extreme acts of terrorism that is predominantly found within the Muslim community.

Christianity impact on the local community:

Churches play major roles in helping the poor in cities across the United States.

Religious groups in the United States donated approximately $95.88 billion dollars (32% of donations) to Giving USA Foundation in 2011. Educational organizations came in second, giving $38.87 billion dollars (13% of donations). (1)

You have to understand that the largest charitable organization in the United States is the Christian community. Money is invested into local communities and mission trips. Churches play huge roles in organizing and helping communities who fall victim to natural disasters. Christian churches spend money and sponsor mission trips to countries that are infested with child sex trafficking. These churches also help fight against human trafficking in the United States. (2)

"Finally, the single biggest predictor of whether someone will be charitable is their religious participation. Religious people are more likely to give to charity, and when they give, they give more money: four times as much. And Arthur Brooks told me that giving goes beyond their own religious organization: "Actually, the truth is that they're giving to more than their churches," he says. "The religious Americans are more likely to give to every kind of cause and charity, including explicitly non-religious charities." And almost all of the people who gave to our bell ringers in San Francisco and Sioux Falls said they were religious or spiritual." (3)

Take note at the source listed above. Religious individuals are more likely to donate money, and they give almost four times as much! The site also indicated Liberals donate far less money than conservatives do. That being said, should "Liberalism" be thrown out in the trash with ALL religion?

According to a Gallup Poll, approximately 77% of the people in the United States identify themselves as Christian. (4)

84% of the worlds population has faith, and 1/3 are Christian, according to the Washington Times.

The Christian bible teaches of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

I believe that people are capable of evil. Some do it in the name of Religion and it is completely wrong. But, people must also recognize that there are many religious people who contribute greatly to society through good deeds and charity. The Christian bible teaches that compassion.

People have every right to have a relationship with their personal God. Can you disprove God? No you cannot, so who are you to claim that there is no God? There is absolutely no need for me to prove that there is a God, its my personal belief, and over 3/4 of the world share that same point of view. Until an Intelligent Creator is disproven, religion is acceptable.

By the way, I like how you believe that over 75% of the world is "brainwashed". That's very nice of you to say that.

I am fairly certain that you will pull out some sources that some of the most religious states in the United States have the highest crime rates. So let me go ahead and make a point.

10 Most Religious States in the United States: (4)

10: Oklahoma (10th Poorest State, 10th Highest Crime Rate in America)
9: Georgia
8: North Carolina
7: Tennessee (7th Poorest State, Highest Crime Rate in America)
6: South Carolina (9th Poorest State, 5th Highest Crime Rate in America)
5: Arkansas (2nd Poorest State)
4: Louisiana (8th Poorest State, 7th Highest Crime Rate in America)
3: Alabama (4th Poorest State)
2: Utah
1: Mississippi (Poorest State)

I would also challenge you to do some research. There is a correlation between poverty and crime rate. Further, there is also a correlation between high crime rates and states with larger Black and Hispanic populations. I don't think violence has too much to do with Religion in the United States.

Statistics have been proven that crime is directly linked to poverty, So I hope you do not to use Religious States as examples of breeding pools of criminality. I hope you can see the trend of poverty

Can you please provide proof of "Many Christians" who threatened to kill atheists or gays in public? Based on this number should we assume that Religion should be thrown in the garbage? What about all of the other crime in the United States? This makes so sense.

That is my stance.

Debate Round No. 2


Spips forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Srg 3 years ago
I accept the challenge
Posted by Spips 3 years ago
As a precision, I am against religions.
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