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Rematch: Truth_seeker vs. 9spaceking

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Started: 9/10/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (5)
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The battle will be judged on the following

1) Lyrics
2) bar length
3) jokes
4) originality
5) complexity
6) schemes
7) wordplay
8) aggression

First round acceptance


This dude so bad an' dirty, like the font called Comic Sans
It's time for somebody to die, or is he not a brave man?
Beware of my presense, you'll fear me like that Death Bear
After I'm done with you, you'll need more than just health care

For I fly wtihout impair, high in the air, like a magic unicorn mare
Take care, you'll be scared, shudderin' at my terrifyin' blares
You crawl on the floor like a beatle, I can crush you so easily
But I'm not ready to let you just settle, gonna stab your skin an' bones deeply

Ha, you fall on the floor, crawl in place like a poor old retired clown
We all know you stink like a whore, sniffin' your own scent an' you still fall down
I be shinin' bright as a dazzlin' star, you be like a lonely firefly
I stand above you so darn far, can't even hear your tiny dire cries

You already lost this as you lost your love, job and all your bliss
It would be better if you just jumped into an endless abyss
Better surrender already with your white flag, wearin' your dumb rags
You're a hobo not worth fightin', they all spit on you an' call you a hag
Debate Round No. 1


See i master the english language, use the syllables, vowels get their proper pronunciation
Leave this dunce in anguish as i spit lyrical missiles, bowels fall apart from dense radiation

Opps i forgot, this dude cannot handle complex
Someone give him a book with the attached index
I'ma school you my way, teach you all the subjects
Then spit on yo grave, that's how i pay my respects

Dawg, your disses are generic like you are, you toothless varmint
You need to change your swag cuz it's an old rag, trashy garment
You always comment on my debates talkin bout "Truth gonne die!"
Well now here i am in front of you, try without callin for the F.B.I!

You should fear me, cuz i never use the guns
Don't worry about the rounds neither for funds
I take my sword n' horse, sound the war drums
I'm about to demolish you sir under 1,000 tons

I'ma use you to wipe my feet on, yes i am a clown
The type to slap you silly n' put you on the ground
I'll leave no fingerprints so i can't ever be found
In rl, you are anti-social that's why you frown

I said your rhymes are whack, your so generic
Everything that i rap is flawless, pure poetic
I'm so proper cuz i wipe my mouth, so barbaric
After eatin' this googly eyed musty ugly ferret


Truth can't win this, killin's my core intention
It's more than just condescension
Nor as easy as a school detention
Not givin' him a Shawshank Redemption

I stand tall and strong, bulgin' muscles an' an unbeatable pugnacious spirit
The way you punch is just wrong, trippin' down like it's an objective for a merit
He started out quite good, but he soon grew intimidated
It's like he's rotten wood, standin' up to nothin' and way outdated

I already won this battle, Truth's now my servant cattle
I tamed him an' now I ride on him with a heavy saddle
He chews pure protein grass everyday
You can see he ain't a threat to me in anyway
Debate Round No. 2


Who let spaceking borrow the dictionary?
Usin' big words'll leave you an obituary
To cover your flaws, your going to need a durag
But it won't matter, cuz the cat's out of the bag

Ride on me? Boy you are a practicing homosexual
Making these suggestive raps, they're so sensual
You on DDO, but can't debate for what it's worth
Looks like your getting another animal rebirth

Karma bites you real hard, devolve to a lower species
Then get reincarnated again, end up in a rat's own feces!
You just a lil kid, tryna be a wanna be Socrates n Aristotle
If I debated you, you'd get stoned by a champagne bottle
Cuz that's the only way you'll stop babbling like a brat
Kid, I've never seen strong n bulging muscles on a rat
The day you display intellect is the day you become enlightened
Airmax will have a heart attack in shock, we all will be frightened

Your so white, when I turn on the lights you disappear
With sissy characteristics, it's ok to admit your a queer
You have more female friends than male, you wear a blouse
In your video battle, i didn't hear a boy, all I heard was a mouse


My opponent has a terrible, despicable rap
All of his false accusations are just crap
Within his poor tries, I see no aggression
He's practically screaming his concession

He weak, meek, situation's lookin' bleak
Only one needle needed to cause a blood leak
Compared to me he's way too antique
So old and wrinkled, got no good techniques

Complainin' bout how I'll never display my cleverness
In reality, it's all a trap--a ploy, I pulled it off effortless
You fell for that so easy, one second you're laughin'
Too late do you realize that I was only actin'

You're down on the floor, pleadin' for no more
You know I control everything like the God Thor
My position is so high above you, I soar
Lightnin' blastin' to the ground, sizzlin' you to the core
Debate Round No. 3


What's the difference between this asian and another lame?
Not a single difference, with all asians i saw, they all look the same
He claims that he has a game username, i'm about to put you to shame
Your obsessed with space so you can masturbate you have a GAY username
You claim that God was an extra terrestrial coming from outer space
Claim all the space you desire, with that crap, forget about 3rd base (1)
Your not getting good grades so why come here in the first place?

You play a role in Hentai, your a star in a gay anime
Your so white, even Obama mistook you for the KKK
Your so crooked, scientists have trouble fixin your DNA
Stop spamming this site, we already know your a virus
Your a mix between an elf, yellow flubber, n' your Irish

This kid claims that he's 2nd in demand, he has a temper tantrum
Click on the Debate leaderboard and it's not him, but Roy Latham
He keeps spittin' trash like his mouth is an old semi automatic
Says his you-tube channel is poorly viewed, that's why it's static
You look at yourself in the mirror, you see a handy dandy Olaf (2)
You take another look at your white face again then you jack off
Then you sweat endlessly, why? what's the perfect explanation?
Reason for you being isolated is cuz you have premature ejaculation

I got bombs in Iraq, in this lyrical attack, this moron got whacked
Decayin' flesh burnt black, tooth full of plaque, fluid filled air sac
Let me tell you the story of how this genocide actually occurred
When i deterred from simply killin you to doing the most absurd

My loins girded, lyrics worded, you only half-way murdered
I blurted that you were forcefully converted cuz i'm perverted
Take another cow and share the burden, you are disregarded
I'm like Genghis Khan, i bring my whole army and cause a deluge
Ignite a huge fuse, destroy your kingdom and your last refuge




My opponent tries to blame me an' offend my race
Talkin' bout how I'm not really the king of 9space
Oh yeah, today I really wan't actin' like me
I was imitatin' you to see how lame you be

Turns out you don't need remorse, you're just like a little snail
I crush you with gigantic force, send you to the Nazis by delivery mail
--And even that's way too good for you, at least they got food
No, to be justified I have to send you to Antarctica completely nude

You tried your very hardest, but to me you still seem like a useless blob
In rap you ain't an artist, even against Ditto you look like a prop
You're nothin' compared to me, I got the cash, power and limousine
You'd crash through the ice, lose all your might, if this were a skating rink
I do spins an' tricks, perfect landin's seem to be works of a witch, an' I don't even've to think

You're weak, you're meek, your last round was pretty much your surrender
It looks a white flag to me, like you put yourself in a juice blender
I punch through you without a thought, while you can't do nothin', slowly die an' rot
My hits just can't be dodged or caught, they're 10 times powerful as any gun shot
Debate Round No. 4


Spaceking is suffering from getting popped, deflation
Someone pay for the damages done in his special education
Don't really blame you for not believing in God, it's your station
You took off your pics so no one can know your a messed up creation

I'm about to burn you with nucleic acids, your the king of gaseous masses
you're not solid, you get blown away by a giant supernova when it passes
I'm about to liquefy you into alien molasses, all we will have is your glasses
then I'll have a pop quiz when it crashes and we'll all study you in our classes

we all don't need to fear em cuz you're going to need a serum
special antibiotic bacterium to recover from severe delirium
calculating my attacks, combining Pythagorean n Bayes theorem

Spaceking you look like William Hung half mold n half grown
how are you at the top throne when you have down syndrome?
you're so worried about ELO you don't realize you're the Asian Elmo
the one with the broken elbow,thanks to slow, a low blow you know?

I went back in time and caused humans to articulate their sounds
I can't be held down by bounds, i'ma lyricist making these mounds
training lyrical MCs like you in these consonantal breeding grounds
except you haven't evolved, your not kinda mental, but 46 bad nouns

I will repeat my last line, im like Genghis Khan burning you in Taiwan
enslaving all your Chinese and Japanese kin n your mom wanna be Mulan
and then I'll take control of Pakistan, use my swords to kill the Taliban
beat you in Afghanistan, discipline you with my backhand tied to a tin can
just to teach you Eastern wisdom that I rule n own you in every land, ya understand?

you say that my raps are awesome, but that's only because you're a dead possum
get back in that dirty shower, clean your hair, don't forget to wear the cherry blossom
cuz I'm bout to write a haiku about you passing away in the spring n fallin in the autumn
guns? These fists I got em, don't worry bout investigating you tween, you goin down rock bottom


Truth got no good round, all I hear are some very terrible sounds
Bein' a howlin' poor hound, his life is in my hands, my powers have limitless bounds
There's only one true man in this town, he's the one who can truly pound
Yeah that me, I can embarrass you, make you put on your weddin' gown

Truth's like light precipitation, easily fainted and swayed, gave in little dedication
While I got stormy foundation, no wind can wipe me away, got quick reformation
My insults make his looks like lamentations; he's a city an' I'm a world-wide power nation
His family better prepare for his cremation, search for a haven, a good safe location

But it's useless, there ain't no hidin' from me, it's futile for such resistance
We can tell he was muse-less, no inspirin' words, his rhymes just vanish out of existence
He think he got me murdered, think again, smart man, I'm not that easily defeated
He can't take no more or go further, I stand as a giant over him, my mission completed

To even get the slightest chance at me, you need more than just those puny verses
Glancin' at his collapsin' structure gives me glee, I know I cast successful curses
I masterfully manipulate the language, while still managin' to mutilate Seeker
He's peein' his pants over there in anguish, to him I'm a deadly Grim Reaper

This over, Truth's lost his third challenge, that couldn't even be considered a "good try"
I'm still a Ferrari while he's still a rover; I bet from losin' he got a bunch of black eyes
Debate Round No. 5
24 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
Naoooooooooooooooooo I'll get you back!
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
I think I lost due to my shortness of round 2. If only I combined round one and two instead of wasting such an amazing was one of my best killers TT
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
I think I shoulda used my round one rap for round two, what a wasted killer-rap.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
dang...I'm losing this.
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 3 years ago
I got cut off, essentially it was 2 -1 - 1 with Pro having two wins, Con having one and then the final round tied. Both of you did really well expect for the laziness I saw on both ends in certain rounds. The final round was honestly the best - both of you killed it. Although I award Pro the win, it is literally by a fraction. I would really like to see another rematch where both of you try your hardest because I'm still pretty sold on the fact that you two are somewhat equal. Maybe at the end of the day Pro would be better in general due to more experience with this stuff but Con can and has shown that he holds his own.
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 3 years ago
I'm reading this now, will vote soon.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
Who are the rest of the judges?
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
who are the rest of the judges?
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
meh. Tied is alright.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
If you did what you did in round 5 every round, I would be absolutely crushed. But I won't allow that because if you want ANOTHER rematch, I will only accept complimentary rap battle or pirate rap battle, to switch it up a bit.
7 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Vote Placed by Blade-of-Truth 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Since round 1 was only supposed to be acceptance, I'll toss that one out in regards to judge worthy rounds. R2 - Pro. Although some of his rhymes didn't actually flow to well, he delivered more blows than Con did. I feel that if Con had added some quantity to that quality he would have come out on top in this round. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and his short round ultimately hurt him. I did appreciate it as a response to Pro's challenge about complexity - I caught that Con, lol. R3 - Con. Pro's rhymes were very elementary compared to Con's. I enjoyed the multies he presented as well, it flowed very smoothly. I don't think Pro tried his best in this round. R4 - Pro. The first half was pretty similar to Con's entire round, but the second half Pro went in. Hard disses, good multies, solid bars and a smooth flow. Effort makes all the difference for Pro. R5 - Tie. Honestly, both of you killed it in this round. I see no difference in skill, both delivered hard blows, and good flows.
Vote Placed by Jellon 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Both had strong and weak rounds. Con rapped in round 1 which was for acceptance. I've attempted to categorize my RFD. I tried to indicate approximately how much better I believe one side did than the other for each category. 1) Lyrics Pro used significantly more lines 2) bar length Con had slightly longer lines 3) jokes No one made me laugh 4) originality I believe Pro did a much better job with references to other entities/people than Con. Although both used originality in their raps against each other, Pro did a better job of making the rap specific to 9spaceking than the other way around. 5) complexity Pro used themes that sometimes spanned multiple rounds such as karma/rebirth and DNA/nucleic acid. 6) schemes There were few schemes shared equally by both. 7) wordplay I didn't notice any puns. 8) aggression Con was more aggressive
Vote Placed by UchihaMadara 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con's rhymes were awesome; I could actually "feel the flow" as I was reading through them. I also like how he was able to incorporate big words throughout his rap, as it made me snicker significantly more times than I did reading Pro's rap. Both sides did an awesome job, though.
Vote Placed by JasperFrancisShickadance 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Wasn't Con supposed to not rap in Round 1 or 5? Lyrics = this is so close to a tie but I'd say Pro presented better disses. Bar length = definitely Pro except for flow wasn't that good, so TIE. Jokes = it was quite serious but as far as I'm concerned all disses are jokes so TIE. Originality = I've seen Pro use some lines here that he did in previous battles such as "lyrical missiles". Con. Complexity = Because of his big lines filled with interesting sentences, I give it to Pro. Schemes = there were better rhymes like multiple A's in line 1, multiple B's in line 2, even A and then last round a bunch of B rhymes. Aggression was tied for me. Overall it was so close but I'm giving my vote to Pro.
Vote Placed by RichardCypher 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: I actually think Pro gave a deeper performance. His first round showed alot aggression. The round he slagged in was round 3 the last four lines were terrible. But he picked it back up in round 4 and gave more heart in round 5. Sorry Shadow but Con's simple approach was yawn yawn. Although his last round was the best and much better. This one goes to Pro.
Vote Placed by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: For the most part grammatical presentation was simplistic. Wordplay, however, was more elevated. Unless you have a commodity on a topic, Select Winner can be your complete damnation. Winner of rounds go like this Pro-Con-Con-Pro-TIE. Honestly Pro seems to always go harder in his last round. But the win eludes him here because Con roundhouse kicked you--caught you in a midair fall--then roundhouse kicked you again. The consecutive dominant jabs followed by a final tie is too much power for one to deny Con the win even though Pro's "I'm about to liquefy you into alien molasses, all we will have is your glasses / then I'll have a pop quiz when it crashes and we'll all study you in our classes" is still playing through my head. Con's R2 5th & 6th line, in my opinion, was like Jeff Gordon switching gear to speed ahead for the fly by. Give that nigga his crown back, Seeker. Better luck next time.
Vote Placed by lannan13 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Pro won Round 2, but Con won rounds 3-5. His bars and insults were better and I found his flow to be better than Pro's.