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Rematch: Truth_seeker vs. JasperFrancisShickadance

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Started: 9/18/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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so i slipped up on some of my other battles, we're doing this again. I suppose Jasper wants to mix Christian lyrics in this, so ok.

Rap battle will be judged on the following:

1) Bars
2) Aggression
3) Lyrics
4) Originality
5) Rhyme schemes
6) Jokes
7) Intimidation
8) Personals
9) Disses
10) Rebuttals
11) Lyrical cleverness
12) Word-play
13) Complexity

I'll go first

In life, there's many paths, but here, it's John 14:6, there's only one way
If Jasper misbehaves, i'll slam her into the cake, lay her out on a Sundae
I'll pretend i'm a baptist n' baptize her like i'm slam dunkin' on South Beach
She'll be laid out on the sand as she wavin' her hands, I call that outreach

We all know that the Bible days passed their ways, but she's hangin' with maids
Jasper, I killed many emcees, to beat me you need an army, so harvest crusades
During church, i get my 9 out and all you will ever hear is the sound of my pew
Realize that your in heaven, afraid that you haven't repented n' then say "phew"
You better be grateful cuz if i didn't lead you, how many would make it? few

See Jasper can't read, that's why i gave her the new international Children's version
Cuz if you hang with her for a while she'll mistake the word "version" for virgin
They say that it's more blessed to give than to receive, guess i'll have good offspring
When i say i'm showin' Jasper mercy, i'm not askin' for money, i'm givin' her an offering

The Bible says never give what you been divinely given to the dogs for crumbs
So Jasper, i got the funds for you to munch on buns, bet she'll be speakin' in tons

"Roses are red, violets are blue.." if i hear that corny line again, i'm rebukin' Jasper
Throwin' the book at her for tryna get biblically fatter, run my flock cuz i am past-her
I'll slap her across her face if i find out she's been sinnin then make her confess
If she's crossin the line, i'll cross a cross on her dress next time she cross-dress


Dude, you making this rap battle into a published kiddy Rhyme Bible
You think yo fit for a war but this rap thing is exclusionary tribal
E'rybody's starin at you, saying 'look at dat white boy tryna rap'
Man ya might attract Japs in the pace lap, but you'll neva get the crowd to clap

Try to resort to poetry, sure there's a hotel for it in Kandahar Afghanistan [1]
I'm like Joseph, my bros jealous but I become King after the slave caravan
Jesus loves you but I'm his favorite, we all like some bias arguing action
Yo be better off without rap yet with more sadism, now go join the Taliban

When you visit Kandahar be sure to bring John 6:35 cuz that's the only bread you'll get
Thirsty? Go down to the mud river and pray or you can always drink my ice cold sweat
I'm loving it cuz this battle you set in an illusion in McDonalds, fo food you so desperate
Since there's nothin left but rats and dirt and violent people, go eat that last cigarette

Was your mama in an insane asylum when she gave birth to you?
Or are you just hopelessly lost and waiting for a Heavenly cue or clue?
My love for God never ends but you concerned for your love life true, oooh
This harassing will never end, naw, cuz your sins will always be skew [2]

Don't you know slappin a gal in public or private is downright illegal
I watch you buy fake guns in the Hood, you fall for the unbelievable
Proverbs says a fool's lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating
Once we see your dumb brain and yo followers see you duped dem I be leaving

Debate Round No. 1


You know something Jasper? You look exactly like your cat
Scratch dat, your so white, your a lab rat who been spat at
You must not be snorting crack right after doing your last line
Started a wise proverb, how the heck did you mess the 1st rhyme?

You talk about my poetry, but i'm going high off the top (1) cuz you ain't as dope as me
Only reason you take too long's cuz your writin' poems, i'm ballin' like im supposed to be
You did crack before you spat, white girl tryna be black, try takin' it up a level with morphine
Pleasure centers risin' maybe you should mix it with a lil bit of bodily sensation, dope i mean
It's wiser to be a silent jay than to let that uzzi spray as the KKK will shoot the night away
You foul play, so on the Lord's day (2) I wonder: i'm on my style, why you tryna be Lecrae?

After this battle, my wicked styles will manifest in this lyric
JasperFrancisShickadance will be laid out slain in the spirit (3)
I'm going to lay hands on you not figuratively but literally
Do you interpret the serpent physically or simply liberally?
Now that we showed Jasper did heres , it's all hypocrisy
She don't take the Bible literally, so it's all just Apostasy

Rigorously in my ability to expose naivety, inconsiderately throwin up clean hands ridin dirty
There's no ignorantly thinkin you bigga than me, expose ya bigotry as sure as John 16:30 (4)
I'll join the Taliban after you admit you've been in the Westbro baptist church with your right hand
Then you'll get a backhand as planned as you fall like quicksand, get hit with this chain of command

When i'm done with you, i'll expose your ignorance, reboot your brain and hack into your knowledge base
Take everything out ya database like your beta case and your poker face, so you'll forget how to say grace

My lyrics are gimmicks, pickets have tickets for chirping crickets to witness your limits
In my limericks,i spit truth,listen to the critics, ignorance is bliss so mind your own business
Pigeons in Quantum physics will explain phonically why this girl is in tidbits among misfits
If you can't rap like this, it's cuz you have slit wrists, your pissed that ya style don't exist

1. freestyling

2. Day of judgement where all Christians will be judged by their actions


4. John 16:30 "30 Now we are sure that You know all things, and have no need that anyone should question You. By this we believe that You came forth from God."


All your lies about drugs and who I hugged, you don't even know me
Tell me you are educated? you can't spell the word pea correctly
Why rhyme when you don't got time, look at all those debates ya doing
Get yourself stressed with 15 debates so you have excuses for leaving

Who said I was actin like Lecrae
Didn't know Eminem is my bae?
I'm only writin raps for the best
Your life's a demur, mine's a quest

You hand in a poem and your teacher said
"You've got some strange ideas in your head"
You took out a poem and showed it to ya folks
They said "we won't listen to your stupid jokes."
Now you tryna rap but it aint working
Look over there, your girlfriend's smirking
I said earlier you should take a break
But you didn't listen, for heck's sake
That hotel in Afghanistan would've been a nice retreat
Cuz that's all you do, recede and then ya dead meat.

You know what the Bible says, God works in all things
Love, hate, the Hood, the great from Maine to Colorado Springs
We in the image of God and predestined, says Romans 8:29
Learn to read or get glasses bro, this could have been a sign!

JasperFrancisShickadance happens to be my cat
He's not slain, you wrong he's in Heaven no combat
Be wary what you're sayin cuz those words you just spat
Don't make sense, this is proof you'll never begat

Jesus Christ paid the price for my sins, it's called a sacrifice
You're so ignorant you keep transgressing, you'll be enticed
The unforgivable sin is unlivable skin but you do it every day
That's cussing in the Spirit, plus truth seeker believes in bein gay [1]

Homosexuality is condemned by the Bible, everybody knows that
You can't have a two feet, Christian and gay, on the same mat
That's ignorance at it's best and God hates that, you see the matter?
Everybody sees right thru those fancy clothes, your life's a clatter

I'm not the one who needs prayer, you're fragile
But I do have some friends praying for this battle
Your rapping is shoddier than the Tower of Babel [2]
This house unwelcomes you from this tribal chapel.

Debate Round No. 2


Wordily your hurdle me bout pea, but verbally, you can't pee correctly
Terribly, your unbearably the one with no agility or stability n' capability
You commented on my post and i quote Ecclesiastes 1:18

"For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow."
You angry my knowledge is greater than yours simply cuz my mind's what you can't borrow?

Let me simplify this, your mad cuz i'm not part of mindless sheep
That i can think about things when i'm in my sleep, i go skin deep
I'm on another level so recognize that when you in church on a chant
Get a brain transplant, that still won't work, cuz i can think and you can't

Lil red ridin' hood, i can do 15 debates cuz i am the mastermind
White cracker, Try to concentrate like dat, you get intertwined
Yea, i get it, Eminem's ya bae, he's white and your white too
Only difference is: I'm the rapper that pissed n' dissed on you
So i dare you to go the extra mile, the 6th, the 7th, the 8th mile (1)
Extraordinary lyricism will cross your name out like the X-file (2)

Get this, you phony basketball player, what goes round comes round
Like when i rebut everything you said, put you on the ground, rebound
Your life's a quest? Well i guess you got lost pressin on the wrong GPS
Meanwhile, i'm on Google Earth bustin' you open like a treasure chest
Cuz i can handle you from left to right at every given angle i aint flippin
I slap you with a piece of chicken and tell you get back to the kitchen!

You ain't rap battling, this is positive encouragement, women's empowerment
All of that rappin' you doin', your usin' the wrong equipment it's so indifferent
I'm not tryna rap, it's not workin' cuz i'm sittin' on you cuz i'm the royal king
I told you to kiss my ring n' you refused, so i tossed you, that's your own fling (3)
My Girlfriend's smirkin' cuz i'm lurkin' then like a sea urchin pop you on the ring
Crush your spleen with this lyrical red beam turn you to a white bean at the seem
Knit you into the ideal model so that men can say "this is bangin!" like Charlie Sheen (4)

Yea i talked about what your cat, what you gonna do about it?
Flies are buzzin round your head, so you should just nit pick (5)
Your a human, she's a cat and that's something you don't admit
See, you stick to one Holy book while i'm readin' lots of books
While you fishin' through pages, i'm the one with all the hooks

See i'm spittin' like i'm at Babel, you rabble like your on the top of your babble
So go find a way to let your lyrics unravel, travel n' then come back with the gravel
We're not compatible don't tittle tattle, just paddle maybe then you'll win a rap battle



3. An illicit affair



Wow, this guy, my opponent, nicknames himself truth seeker, it's lame and meeker
But he won't take any truth except drugs that come in a paper bag or beaker
He's too high to think about his past but I know he aint neva been a speaker
His hairs so messed up, the police pull him over before he says 'Ima baser'*
He drives off n' quotes da Bible cuz the last time he was sober was at Easter
Like no other, he acts like bad boy greaser, says he a rapper, looks like a beaver
Da man's so outdated, he's still got braces so he can't kiss female babes, no-un calls him achiever
Seeker's a griever cuz of his life, a retriever of nothing but strife, that's why he's a believer in a God like a wife

I would never want to borrow your mind, even if you sold it for a dime
I'd rather consume a nickel soaked in lil pickles than borrow your slime
Ecclesiastes isn't blasphemy, I wrote on your page only talking bout me
So you can sit back and watch me grow positively while I sprout seeds

Every time I read your words I laugh and then cry with tears at the pitiful fantasy you dream
Before meals you pray to God that you won't die and then you drink pee and breath my crap steam
It's your dream to leave the herd of mindless sheep, same with the thought you're part of the team
Nobody likes you, this is the truth you been seeking so stop wandering around, end this life scheme!

I don't know of any talents you got, at least I'm a ball player, you short bigot
When I rap I don't act like an idiot, God helps me handle your dumb spirit!
My maids come round me, they fan my face and wait on me by the minute
When you befitted the pauper and I the prince, didja know it'd be more than a visit?

What the heck, you say you're the king but "I can't rap"?
I'll check your head, Ima a nurse but got a PhD in being fab
By the way, there's a lot wrong with your zipper n' flap
When's the last time you looked in da mirror, ya mishap chap?

Women are taking over the world of rapping you got to admit
That cig you lit is proof girls have better potential than the current sh*t
MIMS says "I'm hot cuz I fly. You aint cuz you not." how does this permit?
You say "women's empowerment" then "i'm sittin' on you," this is so omit

I'm not going to paddle to win this cheap battle of linguistics
I made myself a motor fo my boat, this is called realistic physics
If we look really closely, we can get up to the critical specifics
You words are horrific, mine at the least are prophetic lyrics

But hey, when you finally realize this rappin aint for you,
Call me and we'll talk - I'll give you a new job to pursue
Nobody said I aint your friend, I'm your boss, now hand me the glue
I'll seal the deal so you can become the garbage man you always wanted to.
During this craziness I'll sit on my throne and watch the news
While my maids like you bring me cocks, what else is there to do?
I could try to change the world but that'd be too much work for Cindy Loo
Make myself at home, you said, I'll do just that you little brat you!

Debate Round No. 3


Survival of the fittest and with that skinny thin boned body, your not fit
Rap battling online through your computer with your mouse, it don't click
Your mentally retarded symptom on ya salivary glands shows you can spit
But other than that, you came unprepared for war against this Wordsmith

Makin' fleece from a blemished lamb with no genetic disease caused by the police
so please don't ruin the breeze with your crap pile of cheese, you weak in the knees
I'm so sick that i cause you to sneeze grease then eliminate you, that's a master peace

How did you go from being a kid (1) to being a homeless pig?
You went from being so white to hanging with a clique of a jig
That's a whole lot better than your rap about me with a cig

You talk to me about how i'm like with girls, but as a basic female, you startin a new trend
Prayin' "God please send me a man who listens" he said "i did,but you like him as a friend"

Talkin' about prophetic lyrics, are you seriously tryna be like me?
No matter cuz lyrically, you can't step up to my lyrical proficiency
Pay attention to the following: flow, lyrics, n' biophysics then we'll see

We can talk about rocks n' glocks, pop n' thots (3) blood clots n' body shots with robots
Blowin' off tops with dangerous knots n' knocks at the crocs that we be castin for lots
The cops tryna to stop us from playin with our lives like hop scotch kickin it up top knotch
If you on the writer blocks, shed tear drops, even Thoughts (4)has thoughts and thoughts

Look at me like i'm an army, it's so intimidatin that i be renovatin' the art of eliminatin'
Instantiating initiatin the forces i'm penetratin' embracin' not hesitatin' the calculatin'
Physical lawbreakin' body takin' the nauseatin' as it's aggregatin' so degradin' painstakin
Funny how you veneratin' the lyrics escalatin' emantin' as i'm meditatin' creatin' n' devastatin'

You can check the ancient records, you will never find these lyrical swords
Water boardin' you with a deluge on the war boards, i'm unlike other lords
Cuz when it rains it pours, i'm spittin' fire cuz this the war to end all wars
I'm severin' the chords, defeatin' me is what's gon' to get you in psych wards
With these alien lyrics, you will have to get advanced to kill these hoards

I won't do the minimal, i'm at the pinnacle as a wicked criminal without a principle
Too sick, the melody can't be cynical, remedy can't be clinical so lost i'm not winnable
Cuz i'm deep into this abyss of internal bliss, to defeat me, all is permissible, admissible
Make the missile count don't feel the sting of the thistle cuz i am a substance too immiscible
When you mix miscible lyrical substance in a vesicle, pure chemicals should equal original
But it doesn't matter, notice the pun now get psycho analytical, to beat me needs a miracle

It's lyrical, maybe logical that my mind is astrophysical, i am beyond the thinkable
Your sins are transmittable n' i'm not talkin' biblical, it's this mental image, fictional
Nevertheless you are blessed to get a reciprocal, your not invincible but forgivable


1. A young goat





So now we're conversing about dispersing nursing to your horrible body shapin
When you tried a diet you started a disquiet riot, I'm like Griot exposing namin [1]
We all know you got an awful real title and it's Wyatt, this is what I been preachin
Think of the exercising you could do if you didn't break 3 bones in every trainin!

Do you think I've gotten skin transformation?
Nah you're thinking of your ma who died of ablation last season [2]
Amazing grace is the sound of my heart when I touch my skin
You're a disgrace, you can't sing any hymns in church coronation

You "like with girls," yeah dat's true, but Ima break any friendship between anyone you got
Why you only date online? cuz in real life you're a shot caught clot who ought to be called snot
I'm sick of your mucus flying everywhere, every round you end caught in my snare at Montserrat [3]
I'd destroy you in basketball, why, you'd trip on your own fat by the church's hoop in da back lot

Your prophesy lyrics happens to be of the defeat without barracks that's coming up for you
If it's a win your seekin than you came to a bad spot, you a squander for da wrong interview
If it's a home your seeking then you're already there, you belong in a jail for gangstah slew
This battle aint over but when it is, I'll go back to my throne in home sweet home ballyhoo

In all rap tournaments you never even get past Round three
Why you doin battles like this if you never get far in a tourney?
I'm the best of the best, king of all jests, my laughs make everyone bow
So I'm just gonna whiz past your shrivel, unpleasant body if you'll allow

I'm so good at this that when I dis my opponent drops into abyss
Listen, stop brewin up words in the kitchen and finish rappin before Im pissed
When I'm angry the whole world trembles and I look like a meat eater T-rex
I used to fish with Skrillex but he kept dropping the bass, regression on y plus x

My raps freak everyone out and swipe you from your feet
The currents of this culture wash you clean without a beat
If you wanna live a lifestyle of hip hop clean your life infractions
The Bible's just words, it won't change the past or your actions

You said you'd have an army but you showed up with some cute lil ants
You're the leader of this clan? boy you are rocking those fat ugly pants
I see you tried to dress those emmets up with clothes that are the same
Oh yeah but that's why they're dragging behind lost in a maze of my flame
When you move there's a cloud of dust, I can't understand your chants
I love God's Word but to know you a Bible basher all we gotta do is glance
My fame is gon bust you pride and throne, my castle in Montserrat to reclaim
Disastrous is the right word for intransigence, this is a blasphemous game [5]
Miracles are possible, Ima keep this long string of aa bb rhymes at stance
You talk before you think, this is why you say "I'll win" and do your fake happy dance! [4]

Nothings stopping me now, you got anosmia while I'm incombustible that's trustable
This girl here is on fire, that's what's giving her fuel to go, her opponent's dysfunctional
Truth seeker's stopped in his tracks hoping this ends soon dumbfounded and gullible
The amazing thing about me is I combine love, hate, disses and smarts cuz I'm adjustable

You yodel but your yielding yaps are at least yucky yowlings in yardages
You're not useful or youthful, look at the pictures in the yearbook salvages
The yelps you try to rap make me yawn like Yowie, my rappin is above average [6]
I was makin alliterations for the letter y, yet you're yukked an' I'm at the disadvantage!

To wrap this second to last round right up, your ears'll develop
Ima write a lil rhyme that'll give you sickness, if not the hiccups
This is called snuff, crack, morphine, meth and the plant hyssop
When you wake up from your drug nap, say a prayer, you dollop!






Debate Round No. 4


Yo momma is a hippopotamus, she so fat, she couldn't afford a decent Hippo-Campus (1)
Why? she's so ignorant, the probability of her losin weight died, she wasted all chances

Funny how you call yourself a debater, but with Richard, you were thrown a fit
Cuz when debating, you don't like to lose it when you have a burden to submit
My word of advice is if you can't provide evidence for the Holy Ghost, just quit
Cuz now, you have burden of proof for the Holy Ghost n' you still can't prove it

When i dissed her on her looks, she got mad, said it was gettin old
I was like "pfft yea ha It's the only Truth about the body you ever told"
After our 2nd battle, you were whinin' about how i dissed you in a round
This is battle rap so before you go to hell, you gotta get buried underground! (2)
On a PM, she was regrettin' her sins online then she was signin' a peace treaty
Only reason she can't come up with straight disses is cuz she's such a sweetie

Stop ramblin about music back n' forth, cuz you short on the third note, even the fourth!
Henceforth, i'll pour forth the pain in this battle, you will never hear again thenceforth!
My bars shoot forth like bullet trains sprayin' to ya brains, sendin' you Tenth Avenue North! (3)

All your spittin' is irrelevance that won't be in remembrance but in dismemberments
Ligments torn apart by cadence into decadence, divine elements from Genesis
Will be teachin' you lessons of a superior intelligence in preeminence this the evidence
Free yourself from ignorance, get your inheritance after deliverance during this Exodus

In a rap battle, you were preaching about how you wanted to mention Jesus
Tryna lift yourself up from the dirt, talkin' bout "please i'm with the divas!"
Don't tease us! but praise me cuz i've been makin' so many achievements
Jasper got mad cuz i was usin' props n' exposin' her own weaknesses
She can't deny the truth of her appearance in front of a million witnesses
I'm shredding her reputation like segments within many genetic sequences

Law of superposition should be in ya cognition, the theory is that there's levels to this sh**
I'm the tactician burnin' Jasper in a landfill, exposin' her as a fake musician with no volition
Bring the dictionary and surf in that addiction, i go straight intuition when i rap, i crush ya spirit
Tryna be a logician but it's not about the quantity, it's about quality n' your a limited edition

That was a sonnet n' if you didn't know what that is then it means i'm on it so you can suck n' lick
If i hit you in ya gut, i'd make your head dizzy n' you'll cough up blood makin' you sick to the subscript
Of my calculations that your physiological make-up needs to be remodeled inside an alien spaceship

I don't prophesy lyrics you wanna know why? Cuz the prophecies are being fulfilled as we speak
Time for you to work that weak physique n' turn the other cheek or get branded with a widow's peak
If you teachin' then you are a person far from the tenants of the Bible, creationism isn't in the Hebrew
I'll rightly divide the Word of Truth like Moses the Jew who parted the red sea, you can call it sea through

Your a common multiple, straight punchable, get ate like a lunchable burnt by a combustible cuz i'm DISS-functional!
Bring you back to life as an untouchable culpable of the destructible you by force because this is what my punches do!

I'm the arch nemesis derived from logical premises, you never heard of what true cadence is, so keep a distance!
Take the path of least Resistance, if you takin' a shot at me, make it with such precision, you gonna logistic assistance!
You can't analyze the brilliance as i am diffusin the lyrics that you be usin' n' the name you been abusin' from experience!
Don't be resistant, just meet your opposition then ignition the remission as you forever imprisoned in a miserable existence!


2. not mainstream



Yo mama jokes are so lame that if I got a dime for every time someone said one, I'd spend it to kill all y'all bozos
My mother might look like a hippo but at least she's got money unlike you and other crazy conspiracy hoboes
You rap on streets for a living, by living I mean eatin mice and rollin dice, you don't get money cause you go solo
Yo beat is messed up, dude you're supposed to dis not compliment, though I know I'm pretty and smell like coco!

It's not common that a gal who's awesome like me can rap so rotten n' long, so Ima warn you and say 'caution'
There's old men here judging this battle and you saggin low - that's not at all considerate, have you forgotten?

Not only do your pants repel a rotten smell but they look like used clothes from GoodWill made of hair cells
Say a short line about your appearance and fragrance, you turn to truth seek elsewhere after sayin a meek farewell!
I, the amazing Jasper F. Shickadance, get da last shot at the money, this round is for all the marbles can't you tell?
This is going quite swell, why you screaming frantically and harshly bantering at me? you don't gotta yell

Now for a bit of clever, innocent, no-nonsense fun
Ima screw your oily hair up in a tight wretched bun
The other raps were getting so long for a rap song
But dey better den yours, you sound like a dam gong!

You fidget with the keyboard as you type those crappy, dumb lyrics
I'm legit bout wanting ta see you admit you don't know the basics
Take those specs off your deformed head, why cantcha pay for Lasiks?
Really, you don't know what a hair brush is, let me just cut those cowlicks

Your nasty head is turning every which way, are you indicating you misunderstand something?
That mic too big for your bony hands and weak arms to hold onto, desperate to stop shaking?
I love when I battle people like this who don't know how to speak English or be liberated
They think they know the truth but it's jist opinion and I'm being utterly opinionated
True love is often mistaken for attraction, like when you had your first girlfriend painstaking
From the way you scream, I pray this isn't the new rap music for the next generation in the making

I'm bigga than you, smarter than you, younger than your fat body an I got less experience
This is no excuse for why I'm beatin you, stop retying you shoe and lookin blue from periods
You acting like the other million people on this earth, I'm 1-in-a-billion and you be disappearance
T_s looks nothin like a swagger and I see right through how he carries a false Bible, I'm serious

All throughout this I've noticed your weariness
But then you try to hit on me, somthin's obviously amiss
Your flawed brain shows me you were not born right
Three rounds ago you used up all leftover strength n might
Guffaw, despite, your left with nothing but my sassy kiss goodnight!

Oh yeah you even said yourself that you're unable to win, you just killable
Ima wait till the last of this torture for you to die, I'll kick your body gullible
You don't have eyes and couldn't see my muscle, otherwise I wouldn't chuckle
Plain trouble rubble, you'll be dead before you can read o hear my last rebuttal

You say "Free yourself from ignorance" but you got the wrong pronunciation
"Ig-no-rance" is not correct, who's the unlearned now? this why you shunned
Here's a some examples of users on DDO who have killed you in a rap battle
ShadowKings, JonBonBon Queen, and of course JFS the ultimate dissing' idol!

You act like the antichrist, telling us to worship you instead of our all-worthy Creator
What kind of brain do you got in that calaveras? Oh wait I forgot your a fake debater
You a man of sin and a false prophet saying the prophesy's being fulfilled, you a traitor!
Tell me you're joking when thinkin your winnin, look to Revelation for proof you a jest hater!

The reason you don't believe the Holy Spirit can be at all proven
Is cuz all the others see Him, you just fake it and this keeps ya cryin
The depression that comes with your religion is whatchoo buyin
I warned you notta waste yo life but the strife and hurt kept comin

So you resort to the prestige and glory of dissin others so you feel good
You fool your own self by tellin others I'm bad and sayin you Robin Hood
Take from the poor and give to the rich, you for Obama n that's what he does
The I. R. S. gets you every time but you still vote for the wrong president buzz
Since you can't tell the difference between near and far, good and bad's probly no better
Maybe the Queen of your dream land aka your ex girlfriend will write you a comfort letter
Cuz you need joy and you're not getting it here, rapping gives guilt dats whyoo drink beer!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Okay. I feel ya. But the ebb is in her flow. Study up.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
Jasper, save up those disses, your going to need them for the next battle :P
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
lol yea she has a mouth since she drifted from purely Christian raps, but i'm coming back with a vengeance like i did in that battle with Yahey.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
HA! She gotcha.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
lol no, i beat the other rappers pretty well, save a few, but there's a few i'm really serious about beating to a pulp in these battles.
Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 3 years ago
Hey wait, hold it, that's what you said about all the other rappers on DDO too, darnnit!
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
lol i'm serious, i will analyze her every angle, study and analyze her raps, and BOOM BOOM BOOM! I'ma start swinging next time. Next time we do a rap battle, i'm coming in full force and she's going to be put in check.

I'ma drop atomic bombs on Blade of Truth the next time we rap battle, that's my word!
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
HA! Nigga I did too. The first rap I saw of hers was weak, weak, weak. AND I'M NOT TAKING CREDIT, but my RFD was really hard on her, ever since she's been putting niggas in check.
Posted by republicofdhar 3 years ago
This is brilliant hahahha
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Liked the 2014/2013 jab. Yeah she nailed:
You better start praying cuz the voters judge on 'best dis'
But God's the Ultimate judge, He gots all the right to dismiss!
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Vote Placed by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Unless u have enmity against the 7 pt sys, Pro, SW is a bad choice on this one. U completely bored me, homie with the 1st few lines of your R1 verse. U gave me a Sunday school sermon! And Con's 1st line threw yo whole verse in complete context: "a kiddy Rhyme Bible". Where U slapped her a few times w/ religious chastening, she went to idiomatic lyrical war on yo @ss. Then she lobbed U with a double rhyming double symbolism: "Or are you just hopelessly lost and waiting for a Heavenly cue or clue?" If anyone paid attention this line repels your religious-based lyrical back at U in a clever diss (cue/clue). And wtf is this suppose to mean "Wordily your hurdle me bout pea". And anytime a person raps about "pee" or "poop" it better be very funny or very insulting. This is neither: "but verbally, you can't pee correctly". If she sits down its going in one direction, if she stands up its going in one direction. And this gotdamn vote is going in one direction, but f**k One Direction! RFD
Vote Placed by lannan13 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Close debate, but I shall judge this as if it were a normal 7 point debate. First is S&G/Conduct I will change this to who had the most influence in the debate as in who's flow and style made the greatest impression on the debate and I'll give this point(s) to Con as his lengthening of his rapping caused Pro to react by increasing his length as well and this continued throughout the debate. For Sources that point goes to Pro, his sources were in greater number and more relivant. And finially for the current 2-2 tie breaker who had the better insults. The winner of that cattegory is Con. If anyone needs me to clarify this RFD please ask.