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Rematch: Truth_seeker vs. ShadowKingStudios

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Started: 8/22/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 5,919 times Debate No: 60762
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screw it, i'm going in

Yo, when i heard your flow, i barely understood a word you said
Hell! with that kind of voice, you will never make any kind of bread
Gotta admit, your lyrics are dope, but your flow is straight garbage!
Disrespect me and you will receive straight lyrical punches, a barrage!

Word up to DDO, if you want to beat me, don't use shallow boring flows
If you want to get murked, don't do anything, just visit ShadowKingStudios
Old man, how in the world did you wake up today? Did you use a blue pill?
With your posture, you need psychological help to become the black Dr. Phil

Don't bring back Tu pac, he's dead, this rapper don't exist like a hologram
Don't counsel me sir, what you need to do is join a good therapeutic program
Your not sick, you and your rap's outdated, your time is already over
Trying so hard to not sit lame n' aimless in the streets just like Grover
Your as old as an old record broken playing over and over again
You need to work your worn out back so that one day it can bend

You slur your words like two retarded birds till it hurts
Old timer tryna be a youngin' but on DDO gettin' no flirts
By your picture, i can tell your near a washing machine
so get in it and cleanse your soul you retro old dope fiend
After that, get in this battle, get laid out on the grass so green

I said, everybody, his studios is cheap and it's on for lease!
Just walk in, but watch out, don't slip on fried chicken grease!
You started from the bottom to the top but fell back to the callous dang ghettos!
Burnt black as shadows, crispy n*gga yo name should be chicken wing studios!


Yo, so you claim my vocalized words are audibly absurd
But you sniff at my verbalism as it shitts on you like elephant turds
And yet we've never heard a single vocal word
From this scrawny wingless, chirp-less extinct bird

Yes, House Nigga, my lyrics are chemically-induced "dope"
Like LCD laced similes injected into your exposed throat
Chokin' you with my ripping rebutal noose-tied rope,
Take note, how I alone wrote a new guideline to vote
Visit my Studio and skunks like you get rolled up & smoked
I roast wheat bread niggas like you like buttered toast
Benedict Arnold bittch, you got no room to nagivate a boast
You let a faggot-@ss ghost punk you with a weak lyrical post[1]

You disrespected Marie Dee: a harmless religious personality
Then willingly dropped to yo knees to a cowardice, immoral he-she
And publicly begged that G-string wearin' Snowbunny "Please!"
"Mommy, don't lynch me, here's my Turn-the-Other-Cheek apology"

I applaud your debate suicide very well as viewers will soon retell
Spendin' 6 bars on age to no avail, check the measuring scale
My battles intoxicate Rap-alcholics like Snake Venom ale[2]
Yo shitt is flimzy like a veil, corroded like a Russian jail cell

It aint a washing machine blind bittch, can't you see!
Its a 6-foot frig loaded with sweet delicious treats
Like these candy bars I eat when I cut 'em like choice prime meat

I'm Batman to your Joker, this Dark Knight you will never defeat
With or without a bat beat, from my Bat Cave or on Gotham streets
In dark silence or in comic-book speak, Cause I speak Sui Generis fluently[3]
Your true feat to complete is to truthfully defeat my vocal unique

Now you wanna nitpick that my rhymes flop like Rockfish cod
But you voted in my favor against them vote-bombing odds
You either fabulously fibbing now or you committed voter fraud
No wonder you believe in a contradictin' false god

Like your biblical views, the Truth is not what you Seek, Ms. Nancy,
But vainglorious idol worship like that namby pamby pansy
You circus chimpanzee you're just a banana-eatin' patsy for that Nazi
Both of you lyin' pixies get back in that plagarizin' Harry Potter fantasy!

Debate Round No. 1


You call yourself a rapper, n*gga turds and absurd don't rhyme
You wastin' my time, for being hypocritical, you should face yo' crime
This is battle rap, not a sing-a-long blog, so don't get caught in this mental fog
I'ma kill you like i did an old dog so like smaug i violate your being while i rob

Remember the time when you lost to Mikal, ring any bells?
With the way you rap in each song, i think i lost lots of brain cells
lol after that debate with Mikal was over, you messaged me like "the debate is done!"
That just comes to show that compared to me, your under my control like my own son

On your profile, you said you broke your own rap rules, a code of honor
Compared to a real monarch ready to execute, so your a complete goner
You callin me house n*gga? Shadow, you would fit that application
Before you spit, make sure what you spit is truth, get some inspiration
Everyday i represent my God on DDO, live and die for what's true!
That just comes to show i'm ten times more of a gangster than you!
You think you hard?! why can't you be real?! You sit around with all that mic n' tech
Tryna look like a gangsta, when your not! n*gga you need a wake up call! a G-check! (1)

Every time i hear you rap n*gga, you think your so lyrical?!
Please old wrinkled trash, your always up for a negro spiritual!
Now i'ma admit, i did diss Marie Dee, a harmless religious personality
but in the end, with forgiveness, i just harnessed melodious spirituality
so i get on me knees, but where does that leave you, a shallow personality?
I publicly admitted my mistakes, outwitted this indignant imbecile bigot
I'm more pivot than this limit as i grow wicked per minute, you a hypocrite

I got on my knees and faced public humiliation for my actions
Just to show you that love after horrible sins committed just happens
On the other hand, i never seen you do it which means you lack passion!
Maybe you are right, maybe the truth is really not what i seek
at least i came to battle rap, murder then feed you to the weak!




Bittch-@ss nigga wanna battle, so give him the paddle for his lyrical babble
Now watch him run & tattle, split his fragile chin & chop his Adam's apple
Write a new law: that his jaw is to be uppercutted with a heinous haymaker
I expose you fakers to cut ya off like a circuit breaker, cause I'ma game taker

Soon I will globally project my flow, to let you know hoe, my vocal flow can throw deathly blows
All you Michelle hoes will eat crow, right now I beat the truth INTO this nigga to make him say whoa
Shadow you is my King! You came at the end of Spring, now I feel ya dark lord sting
My zing is the theme they sing in Singapore, Bangalore, Sand Springs & Beijing

Objection! Ya phonetic detection is rejected, ejected by my use of clever inflection
Correction: upon inspection & dissection my syllabic selection was the right connection[1]
Yeah I remember my double loss to her vote-bombin' goons, to her goofy lampoons
You a buffoon out of a Loony Tune cartoon unable to bring your facts attune:
I PMed all my friends[2] to attend & send a fair vote, started with a logical listed order
If I'm anyone's child--no not the Father's illegimate son but His only begotten daughter[3]

Yeah, I did break my #2 rap rule, but fool as you can see I'm stickin' to spittin' venomous sting
DDO audience don't want showmanship, they want pure shitt slung at your polka-dotted denim jeans
Claimin' gangsta means you're a member of a crime-committin' squad, nigga this is an oddity!
Isn't it transgression against your God to engage in killin', jackin' & tattooing the body?
Buddy, do you even know yo own Bible? Jesus said you can't bridle yourself to a tribal rival
Seeker ya lyrics are idle with much trifle, recycled recitals, a weak game in denial like Mikal's

We know you dissed her, we know you begged her forgiveness, we know, we know, we know
We also know that it took a fruity vanilla Popsicle[4] to pop yo ego to slow yo roll
I refuse to let a cowardice, cocksuckin' racist cad pull my card & force me to repent to him!
You Jim Crow simp, you dim-witted gimp, that queer forever has on your face his phlegm
You are the equivalence of a house nigga! the Marie Dee controversy exposed it & solidified it
You let a fibbin'-@ss white bittch split yo lip in front of her online clique over another nigga's chick!!!
You ain't fit to sit near my throne when you transmit no grit & emit a hypocritical spirit, bittch

You lack tact & taste, double face you took private words just to spew them to yo gay slave master
Provin' you a house nigga to the fullest, even Marie must admit you a fhuckin' disastrous bastard

1- [#34]
2- The ascending order doesn't lie here. Seeker was LAST, in which only he & Marie responded immediately back. Anybody with a brain will notify potential voters to check out their debate to be voted on.
3- GodChosesHer!
4- A fruity vanilla Popsicle;

Debate Round No. 2


Listen up! I was expecting Shadow to drop audio, but that was a no show!
After a few disses on him, he refuses to admit that he absolutely has no flow!

Shadow copies my style and tries to mimic my very own multis
Don't believe me? got the proof that he did it after multiple tries (1)
Notice the resemblance with the 1st line, it's something he denies
This black p*ssy cat must really think he has more than nine lives

Your structure is predictable, your lyrics are despicable
Your music is pitiable as your mood downcast from a pinnacle
How are you going to deathly blows when you copy from your deadly foes? (2)
You steal other rapper's flows to get with those who pay for shows til yours grows

I swear! Lookin' at you is like lookin' at the burnt Michael Jackson and the Jackson five!
The heck you doing here!? Your the mascot for honey nut cheerios, get back in your bee hive!

yea claimin' gangsta means i'm a member of a crime-committin' squad, this is an oddity!
I won't kill you physically, but lyrically, i'll be slaughterin' you and performing this lobotomy!
Somebody please give this dude a rifle to trifle so i can teach him to how to stifle
It's such a shame that he has no knowledge of war, so we got my very own black disciple.

Jesus never said "can't bridle yourself to a tribal rival" hasn't anyone taught you to read n*gga?!
This dude thinks that because his pants sag n' he can debate hard that makes his junk bigga
He thinks that because he can spit forth some "verifiable facts" that means he can pull a trigga
It's back to that genetic engineering drawing board, scientists are now working on a new breed!
Someone give this man more raps, so he can stuff it down his throat and satisfy his lyrical greed!

That fruitcake Popsicle didn't do nothin! Loosen that belt, let the blood flow to your testicles!
Like training wheels, you need to perfect your reading skills, keep many books for collectibles!
You talk of my polka dotted denims, but dawg, your pants are all covered in white bird crap
plus some more, the other day you told me about usin' brass knuckles every time you go fap
But it's really no wonder, you go for white women even though your burnt crispy black
You should be singin' country, pop, etc. your generic 90's retro self doesn't belong in rap

Yea so what if i did get dissed by a white chick, i ain't hurt,life's not about rags n' riches!
But one thing we all know is that Shadow loves to hang with snitches who always get stitches!
You like white women, but ironically i got bluesteel n' Cermank, so i totally get white b*****!

You need a black history lesson, lets get back to the time where yo people were linen dressin!
Back at the time you were workin' in them plantation fields, prayin to God for a special blessin!
But you came here to get killed not by the KKK but by a Hispanic who knows more about the MMA!
I'ma slave master, get on your skinny thin-boned black knees and get hit with this switch!
Get burned again, struck with the black death with boils, fever, hemorrhage n' jock itch!
I expect another audio, but Shadow just sounds like he uses auto-tune always in high pitch!


1. ex. "You claim you a metaphysical rationalist, a secular humanist, but i'm a lyrical empiricist
A mental physicist, God is my witness into this dissonance that you call a diss, i'm a pacifist"



Audio? You flirty, filthy hoe, I'm not going to let you masturbate to the sound of my flow
While you nibble of Jell-O in silky laced yellow panties suckling ya long-nailed big toe
Ya sources don't even verify ya rant you can't even plant a clever decisive scheme
Ya bars are scribbled like chants so scant of fire water doesn't bother to raise a stream

If I'm Michael I'm the King of Pop, born to drop hits nonstop & show the world my generosity
You must be Marlon the one nobody even cares to know about like a figment of reality
Nigga, it's not me you need to worry about, it's that nice sunglasses-wearin' Goldie locks fem-knife
Guttin' you to pieces with bars delicious as Reese's, bittch is writin' a thesis on how to slaughter you right

You're being hooked, uppercutted, & body-slammed in her lyrical debut, dude, yo career is through
Forfeit--who the fhuck cares! Her snares got you tangled like yo hair & bruised black, purple & blue
So you are only winning by a technicality, in reality you're facing a fatality, a Mortal Kombat hit
You a trick to her pimp, you got a big tit bittch whippin' the shitt outta you with ya own clit-size dick

Better beg Marie to pray for you, for you to get a heavenly blessin' to avail to just one damn vote
Cause she's got her bra stranglin' yo throat, while you write ya suicide note to ya backwater folks
2nd Verse, 5 consecutive Paragraphs left you dizzy, dopey & daft, dumb nigga do the simply math
Her calculated wrath has paved a path that NO FORFEIT can extract her surgically implant graft
She melted you like Kraft Velveeta, drop-kicked yo @ss down a river on a sinking raft
We know you felt that draft when Dani snatched down yo speedos & gave yo mark-@ss the shaft

That's a damn shame you let 2 white dames bring you lyrical rectal pain; David Blaine & disappear, mane.
First, rename ya'self Lame Seeker, you got no skills in this war game as you became the White Man's claim
Heavenly Father, he's facin' a double slaughter: one from a thick chick hotter than an austin fox[1]
And the other by a brother, Seeker's loose, goose-lookin' mother[2] tried to seduce with weaved in locks[2]

Dude ya last paragraph artillery is likely the weakest, incoherent final delivery in DDO Battle Rap history
Too many auxiliary words which will be injury to yo misery, just forfeit, so they hurry up & give me the victory

Debate Round No. 3


ShadowKingStudios eh? I'm gonna ask a few questions so let me get em right
You the n*gga who listens to rap in the car with boomin' speakers, you the stereo-type?
You have a broken pencil supposedly coming in handy, but there's no point, why write?
You got a wife? Have you seen the light? Cuz with ignorance like that, can you really fight?

Homie, why are you droppin white girl names when you never had an interracial affair?
It makes me think about black power and white powder, did King have a dream or a nightmare?
The difference between you and me hmm...lets think about this for a minute, i can use a slant
I can write multis, sonnets, i can create rhythm, cadence, i can freestyle it all in seconds, you can't
I go hard for the riches, bathe and i sleep in it,you a construction worker, you go hard in the paint (1)

1st round, you said we never heard a single vocal word from me, allow me to show my powers (2)
Compared to my song and yours, i did it in about 5 minutes, you were plottin' within 72 hours
The difference between you and me? Let me spell it out, although i might rap slow, i'm original
On your "coward" link description (3), your just an amateur, so we can safely say: you can't flow

The way you sounded made you resemble Yogi bear's grandfather's grand father
This is DDO where writtens are performed, so with those kinds of vids, why bother?
Allow me to give the bigga rap picture, allow me to explain the linguistic trigga!
The white man rules, so Mikal is the master which makes you the house n*gga! (4)
Do you see what i see? I see a self-proclaimed black king with no crown
I see a Malcom-X wanna-be anomaly who fancies himself in a black gown

Correction: Danielle forfeited, right after i delivered torment
I am so morbid, so horrid, that she was swept away by a torrent
I'd rather let 2 white dames give me pain than your two Wacka Flocka Flames
With child-like faith, you log in and construct these alphabetical lyrical games
Here's the story: when Shadow lost to Mikal twice, he never took it light
His anger rose as high as a kite despite the fact that he practiced all night
I comment on his profile saying "Shadow, votes don't matter, you won the fight"
He lightens up his mood, boosts his self-esteem up and says "your absolutely right!"

But in this rap battle, my suspicions are clear, my expectations are clinched
I kept moving this n*gga from the bottom up to the top so he gets lynched
Set aside your pride, spiritually me and Marie are on the same side
You on the other hand have no war bride and as of now, you just died






Busta, this black brotha is no Malcolm,
I eat pork & eat yummy, slim-tummy vanilla honeys
Clumsy dummy you told yo fruity buddies
ya wanted to be a big booty snowbunny
And you the only nigga on DDO claimin' OG thug,
My pants stay buckled above my thighs
My eyes saw a Blade rise, slice & dice you into two truths:
Mythical Folklore and a Historical Lie:

You the fuzzy troll that rolls under a bridge
that little kids target with stones
Hoe we know yo whole family tale
ya father failed to develop a backbone
He bailed on yo tail & yo 300 pound, hound-faced,
pound cake-eatin' hypertrichosis[1] mammy
Is this why you flock to white cock?
hopin' Mr. Charlie[2] will let you call him "big daddy"

Nigga this inference is the difference between me & you
between a Seeker & a Shadow

You straddle camels, anal jackels, & deepthroat cattle,
while jackin' off warm-blooded mammals
I handle you like a champagne glass,
toast my victory, & smash yo @ss to pieces on my mantle
DDO niggas fear me like a phantom menace,
make 'em rattle & spit prattle, cause I am the fhuckin' battle

Do ya still wanna know the difference between me & you
between a Truth & a King. you dopefiend Charlie Sheen
You got caught wearin' Marie's stretch jeans[3]
I keenly shoot verbal disses like a Lyrical Marine

As I break down fraudulent niggas to repetence
with a deadly sentence as lethal as the measles[4]
You make Valentine mooshy gooshy rhymes
while dreamin' of Vin Diesel
Now hear the mothafhuckin' difference between me & you
between an angel & a devil You unable to teleport to my level
it's metaphysical, bro, you disheavel and I'm am shevel

People disassembled & reassembled you
so many fuckin' times ya mental
but I remain labeled the DDO rebel
Fool, you have no groove, you exude dishevel
look, My shadow kingdom is revel

You petitioned for invitation into the white race
that's why you hide yo bleached face
But hey I wanna face that white disgrace
to give him what 260lbs of bad can lace[5]

And that's the difference between me & you
I'm innovative and you are so repetitive
You are so gotdamn tentative
as I remain competitive with many lyrical, empirical narratives
I be the King of Darkness, an Artist of Doom
the vocal boom bitch, hear me fume
Fruity-nigga take off that fairy costume
And face the Shadow of Death in the room

You & Michelle will bow down
you lyrically, she physically when I dance on that @ss like Ali
Hear 'em saying:
"oh, golly, ShadowKing can volley vocal slugs,
this story is a jolly studio glory"
Cause I had mo time to perfect my rhyme
to sow 'em, cultivate 'em, & let 'em grow
T tell ya little bro:
I promise him I won't drop the ball no mo
cause I am the gotdamn show

Back to this ghoulish-lookin' Judas
I was foolish like Julius and turn my back on this Brutus
Clueless little doofus wanna impress
his Jewish lover with inside juice it's useless
The cuteness of ya bromance
make you two rotten pears fruitless
with tales as kiddie as C.S. Lewis
Vocally ruthless, my muscus,
I spit on this tulip, pluck him up,
and punch him toothless

Now everybody knows the difference between me & you
between the Regime & Cousin It
You been roundhouse kicked with a vocal hit
so hard it has split yo spirit into billions of bits
I remain the same high-quality emcee,
ya game is dookie & deficient of a persona
I manufacture sweeter bars than Snickers,
you pen penniless memes like Hakuna Matata
Get nuked like Ramen Noodles, compared to you,
I'ma serving Rigatoni pasta,
That's the different, you wannabe Rasta,
you my Simba, and I am yo mothafhuckin' Mufasa

1- (aka werewolf syndrome)

5- #4 & #5

*A capella & a beat track will be posted in last round.
Debate Round No. 4


I spark intellect n' wisdom, while Shadow is just brawns, but no brains, the internet tough guy
Went to Burger King, talked about Mikal, i asked "I got real beef, why you want the small fry? (1)
You fool, you just can't pick on someone your own size especially with those overweight thighs
If you think this n*gga is a debator, it's all lies, in reality, he's just a soft gay bully in disguise

Shadow is out here tryna rap battle n' debate on the stadium
The heck are you doing on DDO? You should be in a gymnasium
You say that your the king of darkness..i already believe that
It's cuz i burned you black after you got roasted in battle rap

dumb n*gga, get back in the gym, cuz your bars are out of shape
When you get home, bathe, get them hot wings n' cake off your plate
If you really think you can rap: wait n' meditate, don't be like Drake: fake

That muscle mass in your head is crushin' your oxygen levels n' killin' your brain cells
Make yourself useful, be a man, grow some balls and go help in the war, drop some shells
Let me reveal the Truth about ShadowKingStudios and bout the mics n' how he got those
He went to a gay bar, stripped down naked, went to the back, sucked it all as he swallows
That's how he got signed, he gets raped by his own manager as he loves BDSM (2), he wallows

Yo, you on the internet, talking about how who's got the biggest muscles, now that's homosexual
Say your you bench and your going to hit Mikal with a wrench, act like you the officer, a correctional
You think we scared of you, but it's all perceptional, in other words: up here, just very hypothetical
Don't worry people, he's not hard, he lives all the way in a barn, so all threats are purely textual

Instead of flexin' muscle, flex some intellect and claim the set you rep
Instead of gettin' your hustle, get through the struggle then get respect
Stop getting erect over a reject, unlike you, i put others on my neck

I got many tricks up my sleeve, i'ma take some out of my arsenals
Just to show you that you only use jokes, but you suck at personals

Every time you rap battle, you work hard to be fruitful
You separate the good from the bad lyrics, it's a removal
But i'm not afraid to be brutal, i'm just being truthful
While i was gettin' my bars up, you beg for DDO's approval!

We can take this here or in front of a youtube global audience!
either way, your gettin' blown to bits by my ultra sonic violence!
With a flow so sick, a beat so technical, it's pure computer science!

You think being a man is having a bunch of muscle mass?
1st things 1st, open up your ears n' listen during this class

The truth is absolute, you have to salute it's new recruit
Immobilize you as i'm armed to the tooth, an influence to the youth
I'm a mathematically complex brute you just cannot refute or rebuke

Recognize that your just a victim who must realize that his life dies
There will be no allies, there will be only a pain demise as i volatilize
As i vocalize, no one can hear you, not the rabbis, time to proselyte
Against your will, break your voice so no one believes in your lies
Narcotize as it's the army that i organize to terrorize n' victimize

I'm something that you cannot imagine, the catalyst for a hit list
I'm in a blacklist, a lyrical cannibalist, not the holiest with these fists
I am the unstoppable conceptualist who will put you to many rests
Like a kabbalist, put you in a trance by this mystical vocalist

Do you know that the worth of the evil persistence to such a miserable resistance!
no matter how much it is in subsistence is worth nothing in it's entire existence!




I applaud & laud this silly little hoe's impishly limpish lyrical jive
Seeker actually came with the pain kinda gangsta hard in Round 5
Til you ludicrously put yo entity in the same shameful vibe--
Same identical marred car as that hazardous feminine Cowardice Lie
Bittch-nigga hootin' & shootin': "You think we scared of you"
Nigga to the letter ya better not be, so let me tell ya the truth, fool

My blatant DDO debatin' career like you said, dude it's through,
Momma, I challenged a Gangsta Gerbil & a Juicy Jew Shrew[1]
It's two factions with interactions tied to the same goofy loop
Subtracted from a fraction of the most powerful societal groups
My verbal assaults will halt my vault to glorious swoops
As these two sororities stoop & launch upon me their poop troops
My home, my car, my job, bank account will mysteriously vanish
We will be left famish, me & my boo will be banished
The King will be a nobody without a hottie or hobby in anguish
And with a malnourished body in Tijuana speakin' Spanish
Dear God, this clannish loyalty will grant 'em a vain vanquish
The lavish damage could be massively chaotic & frantic
Now I don't need Popeye spinach, I eat cabbage habits
Will manage, slap on a bandage, & like a savage not panic

{2nd Fact, nigga}
I strategically wrote a serendipity destiny with this semen-lovin' enemy fagg
To severally Kennedy his head--red--with my heavily fist deadly jabs
We'll see his penalty will be going mentally crazy like a senile hag
As the recipe to my victory maybe get me a felony on this agg[2]
It will be videotaped to prove with proof, Michelle fell like a goof
My hooks hit hard to the temple or chin like a back kickin' donkey's hoof

{3rd Fact, nigga}
You spit words worse than any random Autistic kid spazzed out on a tantrum
A lot of defendin' Michelle--are you two tandem[3] with her dildo in ya rectum?
Danielle exposed ya parents abandoned ya for a lack of being handsome[4]
You can never be kidnapped cause the 'nappers know they'll never get a ransom
I'm so lyrically strong like Samson, don't need yo Delilah-@ss in my fandom
Go the way of Adam[5] the Lollipop Guild[6] wouldn't let you write 'em an anthem
You suckas believe & preach the more ya say, the more damage you inflict
Similar to mo guns, ammo, & bombs used--you fools think ya won the conflict
But in essence I use evanescence to trap you with ya own adolescent nescience
With an omnipresent weapon erasin' ya past from ya presence to make ya obsolescence
My hard bars scar you like pox, fry ya like lox & shame ya forever like Pac
I rock, cock, & pop, you squawk, drop, flop, & let a cop trace you in chalk
Now what else can be said? Nothing, your dead.

1- #1;
2- #15;
3- #2;
6- Click link, find my comment, click 0:26;
7- Spittin' Bars (Round 4 Verse)
Debate Round No. 5
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
It was but we'll never know who "officially" won it. All the judges didn't vote. Anyhow I'm only doing 16 bar verses one per each 3 rounds (or less).
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
Pretty good rematch
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
She's the only thing we 3 have in common, Richard.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
It's a judge vote, but i'll let you judge next time we do this
Posted by RichardCypher 3 years ago
What is elo? It won't let me vote because elo score.
Posted by RichardCypher 3 years ago
Hey Truthseeker why are you, SK, and Mikal beefing over Marie? I notice I see her name alot in your raps.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
yea i came in strong round 1, but kinda slipped up on this battle, except when it came to round 5, but either way it was pretty good.
Posted by RichardCypher 3 years ago
Con doesn't mimic Pro's style. Voters need to study the lines. Pro's line is written in pacific intent, Con's in literally direct and aggressive. The tones don't match. Second points deals with logic. Out of all rhymes why would Con attempt to copy that one, which isn't all that dynamic to start with? Next Con provides no rules on how to judge this battle so preference is up to us.

First thing I look for is clarity. Pro begins with undeniable clarity but it begins to wane round 3 & is on life support by 4. Con begins and ends with clear intent, alleged Pro is a Benedict Arnold, Judas, & Brutus for taking PMs about Mikal & revealing them. Crap move and girlie between both to talk crap about another person behind back. But Con has made it clear I'll talk the same beef to Mikal's face. Con never reveal anything Pro said in PM, Conduct for Con.
Second is catchy, standout lines. Pro never said a single "catchy rhyme. Something you go tell someone else or repeat to yourself. Con jabbed, "Both of you lyin' pixies get back in that plagiarizin' Harry Potter fantasy!" A very strong ending. And I didn't expect a funny, extremely hard diss as Con's second line in a rhyme="You make Valentine mooshy gooshy rhymes while dreamin' of Vin Diesel"
Posted by RichardCypher 3 years ago
Third is overall hard disses and it is apparent Con dominated. His round 3 diss was so well done that you almost consider nullifying Danielle's ff because, like Con revealed, "2nd Verse, 5 consecutive Paragraphs left you dizzy, dopey & daft, dumb nigga do the simple math; Her calculated wrath has paved a path that NO FORFEIT can extract her surgically implant graft". Pro had many good disses too="Your as old as an old record broken playing over and over again; You need to work your worn out back so that one day it can bend". While it does at first glance seem like Con repeats several words over, they seem more than less like tie-ins to a bigger picture.
Last Con gave a fast flow which did justice to the fast tempo of the song. A chorus would've made the 4 minute play time feel shorter but there still was a harmony with the speed of lyrics and music. Con's last verse is truely the reason why he overall won.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
Jasper bread in slang means money lol sorry forgot to link the definition

"B*#ch a** n*gga you better not be jackin off to my motherf#@*in voice"

Lol funny
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Reasons for voting decision: Truth seeker had better disses and flow just from reading the first round. But some of the stuff Pro said didn't make sense, like "with that kind of voice, you will never make any kind of bread." And I do very much like where both Pro and Con sometimes did double-rhymes for each line in a paragraph, so for me this battle has been well fought and hard to judge. Yet in the same paragraph Pro said 'absurd and turds don't rhyme' he himself tried to rhyme fog and dog. I appreciated Con's mixup of styles for rhythm and rhyme (i.e. his fourth paragraph in round 1), but he made some mistakes that may have cost him and Pro pointed out Con "copied" Pro's style. Technically I think Pro won the debate. I'll vote close just cause I'm not exactly sure and they both did a great job. If I were judging by their raps IRL tho, Con would win lol