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Started: 4/16/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Republicans use excuses for the past. Hope to repeat Americas mistakes, do it for themselves. They are on the wrong side of time.


Since we're missing a resolution, I'll assume (based by your initial statement) it is: "[Republicans] are on the wrong side of time."

I'll further assume that by "time," you mean they are on the wrong side of history. However, I don't see an affirmative case for that position. Therefore, I'll wait until you make a case that I can actually argue against. Thanks!
Debate Round No. 1


being that there is a huge spectrum for different opinions within the party, i feel that it would be best if you laid out your opinions for me to rebut.


The GOP is the party of the future because it represents the most fundamental necessity of any free society, a thriving middle class and small business sector uninhibited by excessive taxation and burdensome regulation. Over the next decade we will need an even leaner, efficient, and effective government at all levels (municipal, state, and federal). An efficient government also does not interfere with individual rights and privacy, to include the right to love and marry whomever you want.
Debate Round No. 2


the extra taxation only goes to the people who have more money than they could ever handle .

Also, how is there supposed to be a strong middle class when republicans refuse to raise the minimum wage (remember those people, the ones you're defending)?


I think you mean the freedom from extra taxation benefits wealthier Americans, but lower tax rates benefit everyone who earns a paycheck given everyone keeps a larger percentage of what they actually earn. To your point about wealthier Americans not being able to handle their money, I think their successful accrual of income and management of wealth suggests they are able to "handle it."

I see a link to a news article, but no particular argument addressing the substance of the article.

The middle class is not comprised of individuals who make minimal wage nor was the minimum wage designed to assure middle class status, it was created to prevent Americans from slipping into poverty. It is a form of a safety net, one that the GOP supports in its present form with moderate increases that do not disrupt small businesses from sustaining profitability.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by donald.keller 3 years ago
Are you really this close-minded?
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
Mildly interested, but it would take a massive amount of energy to accomplish very little.
Posted by Mike_10-4 3 years ago
Many Republicans support unconstitutional cronyism and big tyrannical government policies, where the Conservatives are trying to clean out that rot and restore the Constitutional fundamentals that made the US unique.
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Reasons for voting decision: A lot of pro's points were dropped such as the argument of rights and privacy. Even as a Republican, calling republicans pro privacy seems a bit absurd, but the arguments were dropped none the less, and con didn't forward any arguments at all, he just stuck with a few bare assertions from round 1, and asked questions as opposed to proposing arguments. Both sides can improve by providing contentions and then providing some very good reasoning as why those contentions are true. Good luck to you guys in future debates, and I hope you keep trying to improve