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Resolution: The U.S. Government should implement stricter regulation on water quality.

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Started: 12/21/2016 Category: Society
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The fact that anybody would want the gov. to regulate the quality of water is insanity. The U.S. gov. has made enough mistakes already and this doesn't need to add to the list. All they would do is screw it up, currently water quality is decided by the state, but if the gov. would take over full control they would first off be overwhelmed. Also every state is different, you cant have the same regulations in CA as you do in PA, but the gov. would most likely just blanket all regulations under one. Also everyone has a different idea of water quality. There is an 8$ bottle of water that is black with dirt but its considered "healthy". Listen everyone is different so if the people are ok with drinking sh** then I have no problem with it.
(If you have any other aruements in the con of this topic please let me know!)


NO. The word implement is a no. Therefore, this entire questions structure is a no. Implementation seems to portray aggression, and without consideration of states powers. States do have powers within certain limits and those powers must be recognized and respected by the "overall" government of U.S. To implement anything without consulting with-your fellow statesmen, may result in an uneasy power tension struggle. Therefore its not what you say, but how one says it. The U.S Government may push for more effective regulations for greater water quality. This sentence would suffice for attracting positiveness in regulation negotiations.
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Yes the U.S. government does hold more power than the state, but that's not the argument here. The current power over the regulation of water belongs to the state, and to change that would be catastrophic. The system already works, even though there are some struggles, but the gov. can't use one full regulation for all states even though the states are all different in environment. The resolution of the debate states that the government would implement a stricter policy, not just push one, which if it's so important than that's what they should do.
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