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Resolution too long and will be posted in Round 1.

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Started: 2/10/2010 Category: Arts
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Resolution: The best orgional (your own work) short story wins.
(Composes of three parts and each round is a part: The Beginning, The Middle, and The End. This is a debate inspired by the epic story of Koopin and his debate: Let's begin!)

(This is a metaphorical story about a young girl who turns to magic to save her from her own existance, the situational deplority of her own life.)

Title: They

I walked into the golden room, bathed in the omnipresent glow of eternal twilight. The room itself was unremarkable; it was just an ordinary sitting room with bookshelves, an incadescent lamp-stand, and an old, worn chair. I smiled. This room was the room that I had spent so many feverish afternoons watching and waiting.

I walked to the table to open the book that rested with its cover face-up on the shiney, polished table that reflected the glow of the sun, making it seem like an island amist a burning sea. Beside of it lay the binoculars that I had placed there the other night, spying to see if I could discover Them. I traced my fingers over the silver embossed symbol of Wicca, one that suggested an eminence of the strange, mysterious, and the supernatural.

Then I picked it up tenderly and opened it, closing my eyes and breathing in the smell of the aged, brittle pages and inhaled the aroma of the it, as if their knowledge and experience could be transferred to me as easily as the breath which gave me life. I opened my eyes again to behold the brown painted room. I loved brown, for it reminded me of a rich satisfaction and all the pleasantness of a cool, autumn afternoon.

Suddenly, I sensed a great fear, as if events unforeseen had been set into motion, and the result of the catastrophic motion was a ticking timebomb. I glanced furtively about. I despised the sense of unpresidented dread. there never was a calm before the metaphorical bomb exploded, for I had experieced it far too many times. No, there was only fear and panic. Then....

I ignored the feeling casually, but just because I had chosen to ignore it did not mean that the feeling was willing to go away. No, it lingered. I looked out of the clear windowpane, still clutching the book as I sat down in the chair heavily. The sun was dying, but in a beautiful way, settling just over the trees, so that it looked as if the entire forest were ablaze, burning in a rightous glory. The grass swayed gently in the summer breeze, as did the trees. It fanned a fire that burned the image in my mind, an image that I would never forget, especially since They were going to come.

I had looked for Them high and low, but had only heard faint whispers of Them. Most of which I presumed to be pretentious lies. However, there were some that had a ring of truth, of things so strange that they couldn't have possibly be considered a farce like the others. No, the stories had probably been true. I tilted my head in curious thought.

They should be here any moment now. Then, as if on a cliche cue, they were.

(To be continued)


Hello again =P I'm sorry, I saw this and knew I HAD to accept, even if I don't have Time, its worth a shot.
I write in my free time so I hope this turns out to be a wonderful competition =) By the way you are an amazing author =)
Title: Can't Live Forever

I rolled over, the pain circulating through my body. The wooden branch my sister, Keiha, had stabbed through me earlier, was preventing me from healing. I rolled onto my back, and grabbed the end of the stick. It took a bit of twisting and turning before it came out. I took in a shrill breath as the pain worsened. It had splintered. I spent hours pulling each splinter out, one by one. Eventually, the pain began to decease. I sighed. I was miles away from my home. My battle with my sister had caused me to run across the ocean from my home. I got up slowly, not wanting to disturb my already healing wound. I looked out into the trees of the forest Keiha had escaped too. Last night it had looked like an evil menace. Now, it looked calm and tranquil.
"Keiha! I know you're in there!" I shouted, furious that I had let her get away. I limped, realizing my leg had been broken to, towards the Ferrari I had driven down here. I got in and drove, drove back home.

* * *
(POV of Keiha)
A stream of tears ran down my cheeks. What had I become? So evil that my own twin would attempt to kill me, possibly succeeding?
"Keiha! I know your in there!" She shouted. I could hear the despair, and agony in her voice. A second stream of tears left my eyes, and I sat on the ground. The leaves and twigs made no noise under my weight, but comforted me with their silence. Where had it all gone wrong? It must have been long ago, for my memory no longer fades. "But, what could it be then?" I whispered, knowing she was still close. She sighed, wishing I hadn't knocked her out and ran away. She always has loved a good fight. That's it! A fight! She's mad at me for our first fight, the fight that tore us apart. I sighed and rolled onto my back. Up, high in the trees, I saw I figure.
"Surprised to see me?" It snarled viciously. Then the figure descended, and I knew I would die.
Debate Round No. 1


Itsallovernow forfeited this round.


nagrom4881 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Part 2

From the light of the sun, I could only make out silhouettes, but the silhouettes of Them were unearthly in shape and structure. The way They seemed to glide off the ground was eerie and unsettling, for it aoused the suspicion that they were, indeed, gliding just over the soft whispers of wind that grazed the grass. They were tall and slender, fluid and precise in every movement They made, however careless it had seemed to be.

The legends of Them had been around for as long as I could remember. Ever since I was little I had heard these stories. Though, many had considered them to be children's tales. I, on the other hand, had taken them as truth, nurtured the idea and the studied the occult and had bidden to them countless times. Now, just before the full moon and after the sun had set, They were at their most powerful. The whispers of languages now unknown to society had drawn Them out of the shadows and into the glory of the dying sun.

My breath caught, and my heart pounded. I could hear the blood rushing in my ears and I could feel my face tense. I could barely hear their laughter and mirth caught in the whispers of the wind. They had entered fom the forest beyond and had just begun dancing and playing. Their foreboding figures defied every warming aspect of the comfortable afternoon, seeming chill the air with their high squeals and stop the blood with their cries, which held a note of mourning.

I did not understand the connotation held in their voices, but I did not question it. It was difficult to even think. If I had not been forced to draw another breath, for I had still been holding it, I would not have even remembered to do that. I would have died watching them. Maybe then, perhaps, I could join them.

Part 3

They danced in the grass, over the wind, and under the sun. Only then did I notice that They had no shadows. I immediately reached over and grabbed the binoculars, keeping my eyes on them all the while, for I did not want to look away only for them vanish.I thrust it in my eyes, hoping to catch a glimpse of Their faces.

Mad, burning desire overtook me. It blossomed across my chest and spread like wildfire in me. I couldn't catch my breath. I breathed harder, and harder, and harder. I felt like my heart was going to burst from my chest and join in the wild dance that they were doing. I threw the binoculars to the wayside. I could feel my eyes bulge. I wanted them so badly.

I jumped from my chair and burst out of the familarity of my room. The walls rushed by in a blur. I suddenly found myself outside, unsure of how I had gotten there in my desperate blackout. I searched madly for Them. They had vanished. Then, just when I was about to scream at the agony of losing something so beautiful, I caught them flitting in the twilight. They were in the forest, gliding like shadows and moving farther and farther away, as if They were shadows themselves. I would not allow Them to be shadows, figments of my broken imagination.

I lookd up to theding su above he trees for strength. Then, I rushed into the forest, still hearing the mad laughter as I plunged into seemingly perpetual night, chasing something beautiful that HAD to exist.


nagrom4881 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Itsallovernow 8 years ago
I'm at school and I don't have time to type right now. I sure hope I can get it in before then! Please forgive me, and not penalize me, hopefully, if I don't! I'm well aware I am the instigator of this debate and I set the time limit, but...well, can't hurt to ask. I just hope that it won't come to that.
Posted by Itsallovernow 8 years ago
Erm. Tomorrow, at 4, I will have this up and be running it avidly, so it'll be quick. Until then...
Posted by nagrom4881 8 years ago
hahaha I write as I go, all I need is a plot =) I have my plot so I will reply ASAP =) I can't wait to hear the rest! I already want to know who THEY are =) Hope you like mine too! (Sorry if its kinda girlish =P I do try and avoid that. It does have a great action scene coming on!)
BTW, I forgot to out, To be continued... lol, sorry =) =P
Posted by Itsallovernow 8 years ago
Yey! I hope we can make this a quick one. I've already got my story finished.
Posted by CaptainHersheyBar 8 years ago
Ah! I was so close to clicking it, but then realized I won't be able to use the comp. this weekend... If it's still open by Monday, I'll do it.
Posted by Itsallovernow 8 years ago
Lol. Well, if you did include something like the latter of the two, then I would have to ask the audience not to miscount you for bad conduct. After all, creativity is boundless!
Posted by brian_eggleston 8 years ago
I am toying with this one even though I have'nt written as short story since I was at school.

I doubt I could be as floral or descriptive as Itsallovernow but I think could still win by appealing to the popular vote with the inclusion of car chases, extreme violence and lesbian sex.

Let me think about it…
Posted by Loserboi 8 years ago
I would take this but I can't be that descriptive
Posted by Itsallovernow 8 years ago
OMG my opponent forfieted/dropped out.
Posted by Itsallovernow 8 years ago
Holy cow...I posted this on the wrong debate!!! Lol sorry
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