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Resolved: A 12-0 Boise State team should play in the national championship

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Started: 10/3/2010 Category: Sports
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This will be my first debate on this site, so I look forward to a great round.

Before we begin I would like to set some guidelines for the round to avoid a debate about what exactly we're arguing. I ask my opponent to either agree with them or offer their own and then allow me to present my case first.

The resolution is referring to the 2010 season. It assumes that Boise has blown out its remaining competition, which it likely will. My opponent may choose whether or not to add an Alabama or Ohio State loss into the mix.

I thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate.


If Alabama, and Ohio State don't lose any other games Boise State doesn't deserve to play in the BCS national championship game.

Alabama has already beaten top football programs in Penn State and Florida by at least 21 points, and beat Arkansas by 4 (1).

Ohio State has already beat a top 25 program in Miami and then the last three games against strong programs in Penn State, Michigan (has added pressure due to the rivalry), and Iowa (2).

Boise State's strongest opponents this season are Virginia Tech who also lost to I-AA James Madison(3)(4), and Oregon State who has lost to all its tough opponents (5).

Debate Round No. 1


Well he didnt exactly follow the format I asked for but whatever. I'll attack my opponents arguments then present my own.

His argument is basically that OSU and Bama deserve it over BSU if all 3 go undefeated, with schedules being the main warrant.

Fine, lets make this about schedules.

He references Alabama's win over "elite programs" Penn State and Florida. It should be obvious to college football fans that these two teams cannot be considered great wins at this point in time. Penn State is starting a freshman QB who's only decent game came against Youngstown State. Also, if you're any good at all, you should be able to score more than three points against a team starting 8 bench players from last year's defense, ranked #1 or not. Duke scored more against Bama then Penn State did. And that is not counting Duke's garbage TD against Bama's 3rd string.

Florida is obviously an offensive mess who cant run, pass, or snap with any kind of consistency.

He references OSU beating Miami, Michigan, and Iowa.

Miami is a good win albeit against the most overrated QB in the nation.
I dont care if its added pressure in a rivalry. Michigan was terrible and had the worst defense in their history at the time.
Iowa was playing on the road with their (terrible) backup quarterback, and still almost won.

Also, since he's going to make references to their wins from last year, lets talk about their other games. They got beat at home against a USC team that had 4 losses and was their most disappointing team in recent memory, only scoring 16 points against a defense that gave up MANY more points against supposedly weaker offenses. They also had an embarrassing loss to Purdue, which exposed Pryor and the Ohio State offense in general.

Then he talks about how Boise's opponents are unimpressive.

1. I wont deny, VT's loss to JMU was embarrassing. However, I'm pretty sure its safe to say that Virginia Tech played ten times better against Boise State than against James Madison. VT at their best is a great team. VT brought their best against Boise. You can see that because their players were playing with high energy that night; fighting for extra yards, running harder, playing faster, etc. You could feel the energy from both teams that night. That was obviously missing against JMU. I am not justifying that loss. Im saying that the Hokie team that played against Boise State is not the team that played against James Madison.

2. Oregon state lost to two top 10 teams they are supposed to lose to. That doesnt make them any worse. I will not make the argument that this was an impressive win, but it wasnt unimpressive either.

Since my opponent kept his arguments short I'll do the same.

I will have one contention/point. Boise State has beaten all of their top 25 opponents, top 10 opponents, and unranked opponents in the last 2 years. This includes three top 10 teams and 2 ranked teams (includes Nevada of this year due to the parameters of the resolution stated in Pro 1) Only one other team has done the same, Alabama. Therefore there is no justification for them not being at least number 2 and concequently in the championship. You can make arguments that other teams have better wins than Boise. In addition to that point being highly debatable, those other teams (except Alabama obviously) also have more and much worse losses than Boise does. Since the Broncos have not lost, while other teams that could possibly be ranked number two have, by simple logic they should play in the championship.


sammyc96 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Just to extend a bit, this week in college football proves my warrants even further. Boise has not fallen pray to the upset while Alabama just has. This "quality" Penn State team they beat is now 3-3 with a blow out loss to Illinois. Florida fell as well.

Miami can no no longer be considered a quality win for Ohio State after being destroyed by Florida State at home.

Bose State's win over Oregon State is looking a lot better after the latter defeated number 9 ranked Arizona on the road.

Since my opponent forfeited his round I will not refute anything, only use this week to prove and furthen my points.


sammyc96 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Its a shame my opponent hasnt responded, but I do hope that I gave some non-believers something to think about.


I am sorry for not reading the format correctly and I am also sorry for not posting my round 2 or 3 argument for I have been really busy.

Now that Alabama lost I will ditch my effort to prove them BCS worthy and give that title to Oregon. Oregon has won all of its games by 10 points including a game against then #9 Stanford. Also if Oregon wins out they will also have beaten two top 25 teams in Oregon State on the road (a rivalry game in which anything can happen) and Arizona. They also have to go to USC (South California) which no matter how good or bad the team is it is very difficult to win in Pasadena.

Ohio State is a great team lead by a Heisman favorite, would have went undefeated with a tough schedule, and 34 others agree with me (34 first place votes in the AP Top 25). With OSU going undefeated they would have been then ranked Miami, #18 Wisconsin, #15 Iowa, and have stopped Denard Robinson which has looked next to impossible so far this year.

There is yet a 3rd team I feel would deserve it more...

Nebraska. Nebraska has blown out their easy schedule with the smallest margin of victory being 14 points. Nebraska is 2nd in the country in rushing yards, and 4th in points allowed. If they go undefeated they will have beaten to top 25 teams in Oklahoma State (away) and Missouri (home).

TCU would even deserve it more of Boise. TCU beat then #24 Oregon State by 9, and crushed the rest of their schedule with a smallest margin of victory of 17 points. After an undefeated year, they would have beaten #11 Utah (away) and #23 Air Force (home).

TCU, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Oregon if went undefeated will deserve a BCS National Championship more than Boise State.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Danielle 6 years ago
I might take this, but Pro has it so that R1 says Boise will "blow out" every opponent which changes the resolution a bit. A 12-0 season, I'd say, is not enough to send Boise UNLESS they blow out all their teams.
Posted by Johnicle 6 years ago
The only way I would take this is if I argued that they only deserve to be entered into the playoff system that is overwhelmingly desired. In other words, it would be unfair for their easy schedule alone to get them there... but they for SURE deserve a chance.

In essence, I agree with you lol
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