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Resolved: Animation is morally wrong for the minds of young adults.

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Started: 5/17/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I offer the Con/Negative Debater the right of first opening arguments. I await a well-rounded debate.


I thank my opponent for the debate.

As Pro and Instigator, it is my opponent's responsibility to affirm the resolution. I shall negate his claims.

I would like to see how he plays this out. I have nothing to refute, so I shall wait for argumentation.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


I will make my contentions short, and sweet.

1.) It is commonly known that children are adversely affected by what they see in early life, and developing stages, thereafter. They are even susceptible to be led into the trend of imitating violence, that is true. Wendy L. Josephson, a Ph.D warrants: "The small percentage of those who continue to believe in the reality of television and to identify with its violent heroes are the ones likely to be more aggressive, especially if they continue to fantasize about aggressive-heroic themes." So it is confirmed that they are susceptible to such nature. Is this truly moral to let it happen? For example, is it good to let a child jump off a cliff just because they believe they can fly, as in the Dragon Ball Anime? Or even punch through walls, nearly breaking their arms, just b/c they believe their super-strong? I'd find that hard to be an acceptable answer.

2.) Anime gives false hope to the children. As stated above, susceptible children will believe anything they see, or hear on their television. They should be watching a normal television show, so they can understand what they can, or cannot do. They need to know that they can't run as "Fast as a speeding bullet" or "fly." Anime gives false ideas, and is most commonly based on false ideas that mean nothing in the real world. In the real world, I don't Kenny the Space Duck ruling Russia, or Spotnick the Talking Polar Bear ruling Canada. They need real morals, thus directly correlating to the topic at hand.

3.) Anime is just wrong. Is it right to fight demons, or evil spirits? In a theoretical sense, yes, but in our standards, no. Anime is the largest thing on Television that removes all morality due to immature, and unlikeable nature. Would we, humans, rather listen to actual people on screen, or a little, talking rabbit doing nonsense. This is my point. Things need to have a limit, and Anime is dangerously breaking that limit, hence forth I urge an Affirmative vote.

I kindly look open to my opponent's constructive, and rebuttal.



1) My opponent only cites evidence of the effects of GENERAL TELEVISION. The quote, everything before the quote, and a couple of sentences after the quote do not apply to this debate at all, simply because they discuss general television viewing, NOT ANIMATION. However, my opponent brings up two little "pieces of evidence." If a kid watches Dragon Ball Anime, it cannot be proven that the kid will try to jump off a cliff because of flying ability. Kids view cartoons mainly for entertainment purposes - just because I watch the cartoon "Avatar" does not mean I will try to bend the elements of earth and fly on a huge beast. That's just stupid. Once again, kids don't necessarily believe that they have abilities of super-strength or super-speed from watching cartoons. Sure, kids get excited over Power Rangers and Scooby-Doo and consequently learn a couple of fighting moves and tactics. However, the children most likely will not have an obsession with Power Ranger outfits, superpowers, etc. It's common sense. You haven't proven anything.

2) "Anime gives false hope to the children. As stated above, susceptible children will believe anything they see, or hear on their television. " You have never proven that children will believe anything they see or hear on television. Most kids logically watch TV animation for entertainment and fun. Kids realize that they do not necessarily have the abilities that some cartoon people have. This is why stores sell action figures - kids can get the feel of imitating powers with a doll while understanding that they themselves do not have that ability. You can't come out and say that anime gives false hopes; anime is simply a method of entertaining an audience. Since when is it immoral to give kids pleasant cartoon shows for viewing purposes? Parents give kids false hopes all the time: Santa Claus doesn't exist, the Tooth Fairy is false, etc. This is only to keep kids in the mood - it's not like kids will be really affected by it. Kids understand that they do not have the abilities that anime characters do; naturally, children keep to watching cartoons SOLELY for entertainment or a means of having some viewing pleasure. You haven't proven anything yet. Your argument is based on false premises.

3) My opponent cannot simply state that anime is wrong because, in our standards, it is not right to fight demons or evil spirits. Once again, my opponent needs to make the perception of morality clearer for this debate. Morality is relative, so it depends on the viewer's outlook of ethics. My opponent hasn't proven that anime removes all morality; the argument that anime is immature and unlikeable is both erroneous and lacking in substance. Adults usually prefer talk shows or sitcoms - children usually prefer cartoons. This does not make anime wrong. How is anime breaking a limit?

I have completely dominated my opponent's arguments. I urge a Con vote. Thank you.

Btw, my opponent's source focuses on general television, not just anime. It should be disregarded.
Debate Round No. 2


TheWheel forfeited this round.


I have refuted all of my opponent's arguments.

Arguments extended. I urge a Con vote. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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