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Resolved: Burritos Taste Better than Tacos; (2 rounds, .5k Characters)

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Started: 6/24/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Burritos are tastier than tacos. Checkmate.

But really, friends. Look at my buddy, Bubba, how much he likes burritos. Can you argue with this?

Yes, look here. If Bubba likes burritos so much compared to tacos, then we must all agree that burritos are tastier than tacos, regardless of personal preference, correct?

Need more evidence? Everyone agrees with me!



I accept this challenge!

Burritos, may be yummy, I will give you this. But, TACOS are delicious! I'm not talking those wimpy tacos from Taco Bell, no I'm talking classic, handmade, juicy, spicy pork tacos. I have this place I go to every other day or so for such tacos and usually devour my meal with in 1-5 minutes of the plate hitting the table.

Ladies and gentlemen THOSE are some Tacos. Makes me hungry just thinking about how juicy and tender those are.
Burritos are good, Tacos are Fantastic!
Debate Round No. 1


But when I talk about burritos, I'm not talking about your average burrito: I'm talking about those awesome burritos you'd find at Chipotle.

Now, my friends! THAT is a burrito.

And to prove how tasty burritos are compared to those overrated tacos, have a look at the legacy of the Burrito! No other food would have tales and songs written about it, as I have shown here!

Burritos have more quality. Rook to F8.
Burritos taste better than tacos. Checkmate.



But, Burritos have only been on this planet since the twentieth century. And Tacos are never overrated knowing they are an "ethnic snack" and the burrito is merely a twentieth century "innovation".

To eat a burrito you have to be very hungry whereas when you are eating Tacos, 1 can be a snack and 3 can be a meal.

And I found a song! :D

And another pretty picture!

Doesn't that look nice?

Sources Cited
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by TrotskyistRebel 5 years ago
The pleasure was all mine, and I'm always up for another debate with you.
Posted by TheYummyCod 5 years ago
I'd like to thank my opponent for agreeing to debate with me on this topic.
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