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Resolved: Donald Trump will be a better President than Hillary Clinton.

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Started: 9/2/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Arguments
Round 3: Rebuttals and conclusions

Rules :
  • no trolling
  • no wikipedia
  • no rude comments about either political party or candidates
  • breaking of any of the these rules will result in an immediate forfeit of the debate

I'm sorry if my rules seem harsh, but I'd like a nice clean debate.


I accept this debate and will be arguing that Hillary Clinton would make a better President than Donald Trump
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate and I wish him luck.

Section 1:
There is just about nothing that we don't know about him. The media has all but scraped the bottom of the barrel of information about him. Plus, unlike other presidential candidates, he's not doing a lot of bad things. This means that we can trust him. Also, he hasn't broken any laws as far as we know.

Section 2:
He's a business man. With that experience, he could easily fix our economic problems. Add that to having friends from businesses in other countries, which, in a way, can help with dealing with other countries. Taking his current well known plans, he'd already help the economy. If he got rid of all the illegal immigrants, more jobs to those of us who've lived here for centuries or even decades, tax will decrease because we wouldn't be providing free schooling for their children. He'd also abolish Obamacare, which would save our country a lot of money.

Section 3:
Trump being himself makes him a good polotic. He's confident and has a strong personality. This causes him to be less influenced and corrupt than the other presidents.

Section 4:
Donald Trump is a fantastic negotiator, which is a necessity for a President. Other than the business deals that he's enacted, he's alos helped congress with making compromising deals and passing bills. This will be very useful if and/or when he wins the election.

Section 5:
He supports free enterprise.

Section 6:
Here are 7 reasons why Hillary Clinton will be a bad President.
  1. She didn't accomplish anything as the Secretary of State.
  2. Her health care plan caused the Democrats to lose control over congress and what little power they had for the first time in 40 years.
  3. She has commited numerous scandals. The most popular one so far is how she released 900 classified files on her opponents to the public back in the 90's. This killed any trust that anyone ever had in her.
  4. She only opposed the troop surge because she knew that she would be going up against Obama.
  5. Hillary's "top advisor" Huma Abedin was offered a special deal with the Clinton Foundation and one of Bill's associates. Huma forgot to disclose the arrangement and everyone found out about it.
  6. She was fired after the Watergate trial. Her supervisor claimed that she was unethical and dishonest, she conspired to go against the Constitution, the rules of the house, the rules of commitee and the rules of confidentiality. These aren't the makings of a good President, they're the making of a traitor.
  7. After the Benghazi incedent, she practically said to the public that it doesn't matter. Obviously she doesn't care about America or American lives. She's pretty much here for her own benefits.

Again I thank my opponent for his time and I look forward to reading his arguments.

*I apologize to those I may have offended. Please do not hold a grudge against me.



I thank my opponent for his prompt response and I will now help outline why Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Donald Trump

1. Frequently lies

Claims that 93 million Americans are out of work. This is a lie

Says that we are the most highly taxed nation in the world. This is a lie

Claims that the Mexican government sends criminals to the United states. This is a lie

Claims that African Americans are preforming worse in every way under Obama. This is a lie

The list goes on but a man who has such a poor grasp of the facts or purposely distorts reality should never be president of the United States

2. Lack of consistency while Hillary Clinton has filtered between centrist and liberal Donald trump has gone the fully range of political parties from a progressive democrat in 1999 to a Conservative republican that he is now. Does someone who changes his belifs so frequently really be trusted on his word.

3. Little to no substance on policy
The only way that Donald trump has purposed to "make America great again" is through a draconian immigration program that would deport entire families even if they were born in the United states.

This attacks the foundation of America as a Immigrant nation and is merely Americas latest footnote in politicians manipulating jingoistic fears to pass radical anti immigrant legislation while avoiding the hard choices that we will need to make to our welfare system and tax system.

4. Corrosive personality that is inclined to insult those who disagree with him
One of Donald Trumps big taglines is that our leaders are stupid and he will be a better negotiator but how does he plan to do so when his magnanimous personality is inclined toward insults and interruption. Whether its calling a ethnic minority rapists or claiming that every country in the world is taking advantage of America.

5.He has offered no solutions to America's economic woes
I have not seen a one way that Donald Trump plans to fix the American economy. If I am wrong please find me a semblance of a economic plan from Donald Trumps campaign.

6. No political experience in passing or accomplishing anything

Now to reasons why Hillary Clinton should be president
1. Has a vast array of experience as a former senator and secretary of state

2. Offers series of polices such as a college funding for students embroiled in debt, ambitious goals for climate change, and a reinforcement of Immigration polices that will allow people to enter the country easier and legally

3. Will be able to work with countries around the world due to her vast knowledge of diplomatic inner workings

I thank my opponent and will wait for his rebuttals.
Debate Round No. 2


Section 1:
I'm sure a lot of people agree with my opponent on this, as do I. All politicians lie. Hillary Clinton more so than Donald trump. Hillary has lied so much over the years, that she's becoming bad at it. The top 7 being:
  1. Cheslea Clinton wsa jogging around the World Trade Center during 9/11
  2. She landed under sniper fire in Bosnia
  3. She was named after Sir Edmund Hillary
  4. Her family was dead broke when they left the White house
  5. She claims to have been instrumental the the Northern Ireland peace process
  6. She's just like us
  7. Benghazi

When it comes to lies concerning Donald Trump, they're about him more than they're coming from him.

Section 2:
While we are one of the most highly taxed countries in the world, Germany and Belguim are the most. This is because both of them are undergoing inflation. Both of them are mass producing money to pay off debts that they've made too much for they're currency to be worth something. So we're one of the lucky ones.

Section 3:
This may be true. We can't say it's a lie because we neither have proof that it is or isn't. All we know is that there are criminals here from Mexico, and there is no way for us to know why or how they managed to get here.

Section 4:
This is actually true. African Americans have been worse off with Obama in charge. In 2009 the African American povery level was at 25.8%, but in 2014 it reaced 27.2%. This was caused by higher income drops for them than the White Americans. We can expect the same thing with Clinton but on a much larger scale.

Section 5:
If Donald Trump has such a poor grasp on facts. How come he's winning the elections? How come more Americans believe he can help the country more than Clinton? We will explore this in these next sections.

Section 6:
I find it funny that my opponent would say that Trump is not trustworthy. I find it funny because there hasn't been one occasion when Hillary Clinton showed that she can be trusted, while if you google lies Donald Trump has told, you'll only get something he said in a speech for the elections. Lying once does not make Trump worse than Clinton who's spent her entire life lying.

Section 7:
Donald Trump has a 5 part plan for "making America great again".

  1. Foreign interventions must require cost-sharing plans to reduce U.S. costs and guarantee veterans and their families are protected.
  2. Pass NOPEC to break OPEC's grip on energy prices
  3. Crack down on China's currency manipulation by calculating taxes on imports based on how much a manufacturing country's currency is undervalued
  4. Spur job and wealth creation through a 5-point tax plan
  5. Finish the border fence, boot out criminal illegals, and reform America's immigration system.

My opponent claims that Donald Trump doesn't have a plan to make "Amerca great again", but it looks like he does to me.

Section 8:
As I have explained in the last round, building the wall and deporting the illegal immigrants will greatly help our economy.

I think Trump would be a great President, he has plan to help our economy, he's more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton, he know's what's wrong with our foremerly great nation, and he says what everyone's thinking but doesn't want to say allowed because they're worried about "offending" people. When America started out, we didn't care about other people's feelings, after the 60's we still didn't care. We need to get back to not caring and Trump will help us with that. 57% of voters would agree with me. If this weren't true, a poll taken by Quinnipiac University would show different results. Donald Trump is winning for 5 reasons:

  1. The Trump surge continues to amaze
  2. There's still a coveat
  3. Both Trump and Clinton are heavily disliked
  4. The head to head match-ups are everywhere
  5. Trump isn't trusted- but he's more trusted than clinton

Some of these may seem bad, and make it seem like the elections will be a close call, but at the moment Trump is zooming past his opponents and will probably continue to do so. Only a great man and President would be able to rack up votes like this.

I thank my opponent for their time and I look forward to reading their rebuttals and conclusions. I would like to ask the viewers to vote with 100% honesty at the end of the debate so we can see who really wins. Thank you.



sidewinder forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DeadEnd 2 years ago
Clinton's an utter fool and Trump is an a.s.s. hat. I'd prefer the a.s.s. hat over a fool in running a country although i wish neither of them to actually be president.
Posted by jewelz 2 years ago
Anyone who actually entertains the idea that this can presently be argued is utterly mistaken. Clinton has yet to offer any real insight to what see would do as president because the democratic party has not held a debate amongst themselves. Moreover, although the debates have begun for the republican party, we have not yet seen what Trump really plans to do; that is, other than the lite discussions that cover immigration and such. I will say that that so far I would consider him to be profoundly inept of holding the political position of the leader of the free world. He doesn't have the capacity to read and understand the constitution for himself. Instead, he relies on sources that tell him only what he wishes to hear.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
You should probably add definitions to prevent against semantics.
Posted by asi14 2 years ago
Hoooooo this is an interesting debate
Posted by Shrektheboss 2 years ago
Preach my nigga
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