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Resolved: Gay Marriage should be pushed through and legalized for Biblical reasons.

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Started: 10/3/2012 Category: Religion
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The Church is to monitor it's own. Paul 1 Cor.

The Church did not lobby for governmental enforcement of it's faith during the first century. In fact, it was greatly damaged by refusing to NOT follow the laws of its days, even to Martyrdom.

The Church is to affect changes in the world through demonstrations of Agapao in people's lives, hands on, involved, in the trenches love, not stand offish legislation.

Jesus Christ commanded the Church love it's enemies and provide for them as God the father does, Matthew 5:48.

Marriage existed before the laws of Moses were recorded.

Marriage is a legal institution.

There is a marriage that the Church blesses in God's eyes, but that is a formality,

God will bless what God will bless whatever the laws are.

The Church has married people under privilege of the law, and no marriage done by a church without a legal license is recognized as a legal law.

The Church acknowledges they are under the government's auspices and privilege when they say, "By the powers vested in me..."

The Church is responsible for those in its purview which are those within the Church. The Apostle Paul said he's not responsible for those outside and there are clear guidelines for how to deal with those in the Church. Examples are matt 18 and the pastoral letters.

The Apostle led church has never legislated it's faith against non believers, to do so now is without precedent.

Scripturally the Church is told to obey the leadership of the Govt as they are God appointed.

Scripturally those in govt jobs that were considered sinful were coached to do their jobs, but do them fairly. Concluding on this point that the Government has roles outside of Church standards they are to fulfill.

Scripturally GOD appointed government leaders to do horrible things in the Church's eyes but they were necessary components to His purpose on earth.
The jews sufferings,
ETc... Without ANY of those, there would be no Messiah as we know Him.

The Church, who perceives homosexual marriages as a threat, should consider that an enemy of God, and follow Jesus' commands and see them provided for. They ask for a coat, and the Church currently denies them the coat, rather than giving them the Shirt off their back as well.

Biblically, part of LOVE NEIGHBOR includes loving enemies and that word LOVE/AGAPAO requires a demonstration, not just hollow words. Fighting to deny them their rights, prevents the government, OR HINDERS, or INTIMIDATES the Govt to do their job less effectively than God appoints them to do. The Church works against God to provide for His enemies, thus the Church is Anti Christ.

Historical examples of the same offense is when women wanted equal rights, when interracial marriages were illegal, when blacks were denied equal rights. Yes each situation is different, but the common denominator is bigots in the name of God committed atrocious and insensitive acts that today's Church condemns. They did those acts to protect the world against Devilish plans that would thwart God's plan.

We look back and don't even discuss the Church's role there out of shame.

The Church today will be looked upon the same by a future generation.

You can be part of God's plan to execute his love upon the people in the world, or you can work against Him and claim you aren't Anti Christ.


The Bible clearly states in Leviticus 18:22 "Do not lie with a man as you would with a woman. This is detestable."
Also, the Bible says that in Proverbs 3:27 that we should not "withhold good from whom which is due". That means we should not allow others to do bad when we can do something about it. So, if we allow gay people to get married, we would not be fulfilling God's word.

The Bible
Debate Round No. 1


Really? Why are you wasting my time.

It says you can't lie to, but liars can have equal protection under the law.

There is nothing that says you can, much less should legislate your faith...

There IS biblical reasoning to NOT judge those outside the Church.

But you want to forego all that and legislate against ONE sin, but not all the sins. Sir,/Ma'am there is a word for people that isolate ONE group, and not others and abuse them, apply rules to them and not the rest. It's in the big*** section of the dictionary. If you wish to portray the Church as an abusive, unfaithful, not follow it's own Bible's teaching, oppressive Anti Christ, carry on.

If you wish to address the points above, then we have a conversation. If not, you are rude in joining this conversation because you have nothing to bring to the table.


dfinn475 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Xian-Pugilist forfeited this round.


dfinn475 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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